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NMU's Presidential Scholars Competition

We can't wait for you to participate in NMU's Presidential Scholars Competition! It's going to be EPIC.

To help you prepare, we've included some important information below. 

Good Luck, you're going to be amazing!


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What Can I Do to Prepare Before the Competition?

Great question! Here are the answers! 

  • First, take some time to read through the Presidential Scholars Competition Student Information Packet. There is VERY IMPORTANT information in this document regarding the competition. We highly reccommed printing the Student Information Packet in case you loose your internet connection during the competition. 
  • Double check that Zoom is downloaded to the device you'll be using for the competition. (All portions of the competition will be held virtually via Zoom.) Tap Here to download Zoom. 
  • Test your settings to make sure your video and audio work properly. Both will be required for the competition. Tap Here to troubleshoot any issues. 
  • Double and triple check that you've received your email from NMU with all the zoom links you'll need for the competition. If you do not receive this email by Thursday (before your competition date) please contact NMU's Admissions Office at 906-227-2650 or Please know that the zoom links are specific to you and should not be shared with others. 


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What Do I Need to Know During the Competition?

  • Be Yourself! 
  • Please plan to log into the Welcome and Introduction to Student Small Group Session about 10 minutes before the start of the Welcome session.
  • Write down your breakout room number as soon as you are assigned after the Welcome in case you are disconnected. 
  • Double check your zoom display name includes your first and last name. 
  • RELAX - this is supposed to be fun! 



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Troubleshooting Tips

We love technology, but we know it doesn't always love us back. If you're having any technical issues during the competition, we'll do our best to help. 

Please Note: By participating in NMU's Virtual Presidential Scholars competition, student participants agree that any technical difficulties they experience may be out of NMU's control and could negatively impact a student's competition results. The Admissions Office has taken preventative measures to minimize the risk of this by offering information on how to troubleshoot issues,but please be aware that the situation may be out of our control. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your participation, please contact the program coordinator, Kate Hooper, 906-227-2650 or