HS 390, The Historian's Laboratory

Offered: Fall Semester

4 credit hours

Prerequisite: Completion of a minimum of 3 credit hours if 300-level history and junior standing.

Direct experience with archival research using both local traditional archives and digital archives. Students will produce a substantial, thesis-driven essay based on their archival research. Emphasis of course may vary with the instructor.


HS 336, History of the Upper Peninsula

Offered: Contact department for information

4 credit hours

Prerequisite: Completion of a 100- or 200- level history course

Survey of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula from its Indian origins to the present.


HS 490, The History Seminar

Offered: Winter Semester

4 credit hours

Prerequisite: HS 390, 12 additional credits in history and junior standing

This seminar experience brings together historiography and primary source research. Major work consists of researching and writing an article-length, peer-reviewed historical essay demonstrating the ability to integrate primary and secondary sources into a significant essay that articulates and defends an historical thesis. Emphasis of course may vary with the instructor.

For more information, contact Marcus C. Robyns, CA, at 906-227-1046 or mrobyns@nmu.edu