Naturalization records document the process of becoming a US citizen. They are very valuable for genealogical research. The amount of information on the record varies widely, but can include the exact hometown of the individual, the names of their wife and children (typically, only adult men naturalized until the mid-1920s), their occupation, their address, the exact date of their immigration, the ship that they immigrated on, a description of their physical appearance, and the names of character witnesses (which are helpful if you practice the FAN—friends, associates, and neighbors—method of genealogical research). Occasionally, naturalization records have even included photographs!

The NMU Archives has all of the naturalization records for Marquette County. This includes Declarations of Intention, Petitions for Naturalization, and Citizenship Certificates.

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  • Click on Naturalization Records and then Marquette County. The index is organized alphabetically by last name

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