Listed below are a collection of publications either written by current or past employees, or have been hand-selected to share online.

Cloverland Article by Former Senior Student Assistant

Cloverland Article by Former Senior Student Assistant Olivia Ernst

This article explores the marketing of the UP as "Cloverland" in the early 20th century. After logging jobs had disappeared, some sought to lure settlers to the UP to farm the now-deforested land. Learn more about this moniker and the ideas behind it with this article!

NMU Burning

The Battle for Shared Governance
This article reviews the formative history of the Northern Michigan University chapter of the American Association of University Professors (NMU-AAUP). The article is reproduced here courtesy of The Michigan Historical Review. For more history on faculty unionization and the faculty’s role in shared-governance, please visit the Archives to examine the records of the NMU-AAUP.


The Kawbawgam Cases

The Kawbawgam CasesThe Kawbawgam Cases

The article, written by Rebecca Mead, discusses the efforts of Michigan Native American Charlotte Kawbawgam to force the Jackson Iron Company to compensate her father, Matji-gijig (Bad Day), for his labor performed in helping discover the Marquette, Michigan, Iron Range. It discusses rulings by the Michigan Supreme Court concerning Kawbawgam's claims, Native American understanding of legal rights and their relationship with Euro-Americans, and the testimony of Michigan Native American Charles Kawbawgam.

Using Functional Analysis in Archival Appraisal

Using Functional Analysis in Archival Appraisal: A Practical and Effective Alternative to Traditional Appraisal Methodologies

Written by Northern's very own University Archivist, this book explains how archivists in other countries are already using functional analysis, an updated method of archival appraising. Functional analysis is a better, more effective, and imminently more practical alternative to traditional appraisal methodologies that rely upon an analysis of the records themselves. To learn more about this methodology, click the link provided to be redirected to amazon's website where this book can be purchased.