Marcus C. Robyns

Marcus C. Robyns, CA

University Archivist 906-227-1046

Marcus is professor and University Archivist at Northern Michigan University.  He worked professionally in Texas and Oregon before coming to NMU in 1997.  

Marcus is the author of numerous publications, including Functional Analysis in Archival Appraisal: A Practical and Effective Alternative to Traditional Appraisal Methodologies (Lanham, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield, 20...

He is a former Regent for Exam Administration, Academy of Certified Archivists. For Marcus’ complete curriculum vitae click here

Annika Peterson

Annika Peterson

UPLINK Digital Project Manager (906) 227-1429

Annika is a project archivist for the 2 year UPLINK (Upper Peninsula Digital Network) grant. The goal of UPLINK is to help heritage organizations around the UP be able to afford to digitize their records and get them online. 

Annika has a B.A. in history and mathematics from NMU and an MLIS from Wayne State University. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching TV, and hiking.

Samantha Pynnonen

Samantha Pynnonen

Collections Management Assistant (906) 227-1225

Samantha is the part-time Collections Management Assistant. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where she received her MLIS in Library and Archival Administration. Samantha has worked at several Michigan archives and libraries where she has processed, digitized, and researched local collections.


She most recently volunteered with two Detroit-based museums, where she once got to clean a triceratops’s metatarsal bone (but only one). Samantha is excited to be working with paper and digital materials again in da UP, and hopes to keep the archives cool with her underutilized knowledge of Tolkien and bee behavior.

Erin O'Toole

Erin O'Toole

Senior Student Assistant

[A.K.A Number 1]

Erin is a freshman history major with a minor in chemistry from Linden, Michigan, a small farming town on the outskirts of Flint. While at home, she developed a passion for reading, hiking, cats, and becoming a coffee connoisseur. While attending NMU, she hopes to develop these hobbies along with her academics. &...

In the future, Erin looks forward to a career in history outside of the classroom, preferably in the field of conservation since she is incredibly interested in the idea of preserving the past to make it more accessible for upcoming generations. 


Aura Wahl-Piotrowski

Arrangement and Description Specialist

Aura is a sophomore from Hastings, Michigan majoring in Environmental Studies and Sustainability with an Art and Design minor. She enjoys hiking, horseback riding, embroidery, and spinning yarn. Her favorite book is The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.

She is eager to learn new (and old) skills and believes that many problems of today can be solved by studying the past.

Eli Croschere

Elijah Croschere

UPLINK Digitization Specialist

Elijah is a freshman history major from Marquette, Michigan. He is very grateful and excited to be working in the Archives, as work in this field is what he would like to continue doing as a career.

He enjoys reading, writing, organizing things, and catching up with friends- or the latest release from his vast collection of music, video games, or Star Wars shows. Brushing up on movie quotes or pop culture also tends to occur more often than not.

Emory Fouch personal image

Emory Fouch

Arrangement and Description Specialist

Emory, a sophomore majoring in Anthropology with an Archaeology concentration, and double minoring in GIST and Spanish, recently participated in an Archaeological Field School on Beaver Island for a month with NMU. Passionate about understanding human beings, Emory is fascinated by cultural beliefs, language dialects, history, prehistory, human ...

 She plans to travel abroad in her college career, focusing on Central or Latin America for archaeological pursuits. In her free time, you'll likely find Emory on the ski hill, hiking, or with friends.


Personal Image Emma Roach

Emma Roach

Outreach Coordinator

Emma is a third year Anthropology student, with a Forensic concentration and a double minor in Human Biology and Native American Studies. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and doing yoga.

 Emma is interested in the anatomy of the human body and the effects that human pathological conditions have on it. After graduating, Emma intends on pursuing her masters degree in Forensic Anthropology. She hopes to challenge the Anthropological field and pave the way for change.

Personal Image Quille Ronning

Quille Ronning

UPLINK and Social Media Specialist

Quille is a third-year Art and Design student, and currently resides here in Marquette with his dog, Spellcaster. He has a passion for learning new things, and hopes to spend many years expanding his skill set within the walls of the archives.

He enjoys digital illustration, video production, baking desserts, and getting coffee with friends. His special interest is Dungeons & Dragons, which absorbs far too much of his spare time.


Personal Image Abigail Strassburg

Abigail Strassburg

Arrangement and Description Specialist

Abigail is a sophomore from the UP double majoring in Anthropology and Secondary Education Social Studies. She enjoys reading, collecting beach glass, and spending time with friends and family. 

Personal Image Thaden Weeks

Thaden Weeks

UPLINK Digitization Speciliast

Thaden is a freshman earth sciences major from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He started working at the archives to be able to explore his interest in history, especially pertaining to the Upper Peninsula. 

He has a passion for the outdoors, photography, and fountain pens. During his spare time he likes to go hiking, rockhounding, and reading.