Longyear Hall of PedagogyBuilt on the original foundation of South Wing which had been destroyed by fire, Longyear Hall was completed in 1907. Over the years, the building was used for administrative, library, and classroom purposes. A 1933 addition provided for men's gym classes and athletic teams. At some point in Northern's history, a heart-shaped mound was created about a hundred feet from the building entrance. It was believed that good things would follow if a couple became pinned or engaged on that spot. Longyear Hall was placed on the National Register of Historic Sites in 1980. However, the building had been left vacant since 1975 when administrative offices moved to the Cohodas Administration Center and Longyear became home for pigeons and rodents. After a great deal of controversy between those striving to save the oldest building remaining on campus and others with differing viewpoints, Longyear Hall was torn down in the fall of 1993.