Peter White Hall of Science/

Located a short distance from South Wing, Peter White Hall of Science was dedicated and named for Peter White in 1902. The building originally included physical and natural science labs and several classrooms on its two floors. During the fire which destroyed South Wing in 1905, fire also started on Peter White by sparks coming from South Wing. However, these small fires were quickly extinguished and the building was saved. Later, the hill in front of Peter White Hall became a favorite sledding spot for John D. Pierce School students in winter. In 1953, the interior of the building was almost completely replaced during a remodeling project and afterwards included academic departments of Agriculture and Conservation, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Of interest, a son and grandson of one of the building's original masons also did masonry work during the remodelling. Along with Kaye Hall and the first Lydia M. Olson Library, Peter White Hall of Science was torn down in October 1972.