Fall 2022


EN 110- Good Books: Queer Literature Through the Ages. This course applies towards the human expression general education requirement. Taught by Zoa Coudret , MW 12:00-1:40. 

EN 110 Flyer


EN 217—New Writing and Reporting. If you have any interest in journalism, this is a crucial course. We are in the process of hiring a new journalism professor, and our finalists for the position are exceptionally well qualified. MW 2:00-3:40.


EN 312—Medieval British Literature. Read about knights, ladies, and peasants. Read Chaucer. Writers during this period were often filled with romance and also quite bawdy. Taught by Dr. David Wood, TR 10:00-11:40.

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EN 316—Native American Novels and Poetry. Read some of the most well-known Native American literature as well as some of the most contemporary and experimental. Taught by Dr. Patricia Killelea, MW 1:00-2:40.


EN 364—Studies in Genre, Film. This is a great choice if you’re at all interested in film studies (did you know we even offer a film studies minor?). What does film do differently than other forms of literature? Taught by Dr. Will Broadway, M 6:00-9:20.


EN 373—American Literature IV: 1930-1970. Some of the best American writing ever was produced during this period. You’ll have a chance to read some of those novels you’ve heard about but haven’t yet read—Absalom, Absalom by William Faulkner, Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, and several others. Taught by Dr. Lynn Domina, TR 11:00-12:40.


EN 378—Early African American Literature. Explore the writing of enslaved and free African Americans from the colonial period through the early 20th century. You’ll read literature from many genres, especially poetry and autobiography. Taught by Dr. Sandra Burr, MW 3:00-4:40.


EN 414—History of the English Language. This course is part of our TESOL minor (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages—the TESOL minor is a great credential to earn if you are interested in an adventurous life working abroad after graduation), and 414 can also substitute for the foreign language requirement.

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EN 520- Animals in Modern Literature. Taught by Dr. William Broadway, Thursday 6:00-9:20pm. 

EN 520 Syllabus and Course Calendar



Summer 2022


EN 283-Survey of British Literature 1. Taught by Professor Robert Whalen.

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