All incoming students will be “evaluated” for English placement for the following:

  • Composition placement in EN 111 or EN 090
  • Support course recommendations for EN 103

EN 111 College Composition

New students who have a 2.0 HS GPA or higher  OR transfer students WITH a 2.0 may enroll in EN 111.

These students will be able to sign up for EN 111 on their own when they register.

EN 090 Basic Composition

Students who have less than a 2.0 OR are missing HS GPA data will not be able to enroll in EN 111 and will be REQUIRED to take EN 090.

Students will be allowed to appeal this decision.

EN 111 Conditional Waiver Process


The Department of English grants a waiver without credit of the EN 111 requirement provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The student enrolls in EN 111 in the following semester if he or she fails to complete EN 211 with a grade of C or better.
  2. If under General Education (after Fall 2017): Upon successful completion of EN 211 with a grade of C or better, the student satisfies the Written English University Competency Requirement. The student still needs to complete a total of 6-8 credits in the Effective Communication Division. 
  3. If under Liberal Studies (prior to Fall 2017): Upon completion of EN 211 with a grade of C or better, the student takes one of the upper division writing courses* listed below to satisfy the 6-8 credit hour requirement under the Foundations of Communication. 

                    EN 215 Intro to Creative Writing
                    EN 217 Newspaper Writing & Reporting
                    EN 300 Creative Writing: Fiction
                    EN 301 Creative Writing: Poetry
                    EN 302 Nonfiction Writing
                    EN 303 Technical & Prof Writing
                    EN 309 Teaching of Writing
                    EN 400 Narrative Writing Seminar
                    EN 401 Poetry Writing Seminar
                    EN 402 Nonfiction Writing Seminar
                    EN 403 Drama & Script Writing Seminar
                    EN 405 Technical Writing Seminar
                    EN 407 Feature & Magazine Writing
                    (*Enrollment in any of these courses is subject to the prerequisites stated in NMU’s Bulletin.)

Note:  Subsequent evaluation of a student’s transcripts may result in the award of credit for EN 111.  If so, this agreement will be superseded by the award of credit.

To start this process, contact the English Department's Director of Composition at