Granite Island Master's Trip

M.A. in English

The Master of Arts in English allows students to develop their critical thinking, textual analysis, writing, and teaching abilities in preparation for further graduate study and for work in diverse professional fields. Offering three concentrations (literature, pedagogy, and writing) and a certificate (TESOL), our flexible program enables students to take a wide variety of courses as they explore the different fields of English. English M.A students work with cutting-edge scholars and writers--and a small cohort of bright and talented peers--in intimate seminars and workshops. Our faculty have expertise in American, British, and world literature (from the early modern period to the present); in all genres of creative writing; and in a wide variety of specialized fields, including:

  • Ecocriticism and environmental writing
  • Digital humanities
  • Postcolonial studies
  • Disability studies
  • Native American studies
  • African American studies
  • Film studies
  • English education
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • Technical writing

Opportunities for M.A. students include:

Program Requirements:

  • 32 total credits (usually taken over four semesters)
  • at least 12 credits in chosen concentration (at least four credits at the 500-level)
  • at least 4 credits of literature at the 500-level 
  • up to four credits in the capstone project (thesis, practicum, or portfolio)
  • EN 504 Principles of Critical Investigation
  • EN 509 Teaching Colloquium (for teaching assistants only)

Recent Courses:

  • Ecocriticism and Environmental Justice
  • TV and Script Writing
  • Teaching Literature
  • Digital Editing and Theory 
  • Bipedalism in American Literature
  • Image and Text
  • British Literature of WWII and the Aftermath
  • American Literature in the Genomic Age
  • Disabled Shakespeare
  • Multimodal Pedagogy
  • Major Authors: Jonson and Donne
  • The Harlem Renaissance
  • Queering the Nation
  • Nature Writing
  • Major Authors: Salman Rushdie

Current and Upcoming Courses

Winter 2021

  • EN 504: Principles of Critical Investigation [WEB]
  • EN 512: Teaching Literature [WEB]
  • EN 517: TESOL Methods and Materials
  • EN 570: Seminar in American Literature (Literature and Spectacle)
  • EN 600: Fiction Workshop [WEB]*
  • EN 602: Creative Nonfiction Workshop [WEB]*

*Prerequisite or instructor permission required.

Fall 2021

  • EN 502: Nonfiction Workshop
  • EN 504: Principles of Critical Investigation
  • EN 505: Genres of Writing: Cartography & Story
  • EN 509: Teaching Colloquium*
  • EN 515: English Grammar and Usage
  • EN 580: Seminar in World Literature (China)

*Required for all new teaching assistants.

    If you have additional questions, contact M.A. Program Director, Lesley Larkin.