Studying Abroad is a life changing experience that is usually the highlight of most students four year degree. In order to study abroad though, there are steps that have to be taken. Besides the steps there are university guidelines that students who study abroad must follow. Those resources and guidelines are attached below. Please review each one, and verify with the study abroad coordinator that you're filling the correct forms and related information in order to proceed in the process.

After choosing your program, and being accepted to study abroad there are additional things to consider. These are course evaluations, acquiring a visa/passport, CDC vaccination reccomendations, and other related content. Below are linked websites and documents that you may need for your study abroad experience. There will be fillable PDF's for all PDF files. Please consult the IPO or the Study Abroad Coordinator if you have any questions.

Preparing to Study Abroad

As you begin the study abroad process, there are files and forms you must fill out. Both the university and the individual programs applications have to start somewhere. After you've attended Study Abroad 101 you will be directed to fill out the appropriate forms in order to start the process. Attached below are documents you will need in order to start the process depending on the program you're planning to attend. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Study Abroad Coordinator in the International Programs Office (Cohodas 203) for clarification.