The Department of Languages, Literatures and International Studies encourages all students to meet regularly with their advisers for questions pertaining to registration, required curriculum, class schedule and more. Typically, an adviser is a student’s greatest resource; he or she will work diligently to find needed answers to help you solve problems that may arise. 

If you are unsure of who your adviser is, or you would like to change your adviser, please visit the Languages, Literatures and International Studies at 145 Whitman Hall or call.

A few tips for registration and advising:

You should meet with an adviser well before registration in order to verify that the schedule you have created meets your program and financial aid requirements and to be certain that no holds have been placed on your account which will prevent timely registration.   


Andrew Mady - Student Success Specialist

Student Success Specialist

Andrew Mady
(906) 227-2742

After one year at NMU with an ACAC advisor, students declaring a major within our department will be assigned our Student Success Specialist, Andrew Mady!


Photos of LLIS Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors

Students will assigned a full time faculty advisor if:

  • They are declaring a minor in our department; or
  • They declared a major in our department and began attending NMU prior to the Fall 2021 semester. 

Click here to view a list of our faculty. 

For more information on academic advising, click here.