German Students

Study German culture, history, politics, and more, on campus or while studying abroad!

German Studies is a transnational and interdisciplinary program that encompasses the various German-speaking regions of central Europe and offers an intellectually diverse program—covering literature, history, politics, the arts, and philosophy.

In addition to our German Studies major and German minor, we also offer 4 types of 8-credit certifications, including the new Certification of Competency: German-Speaking Cultures.

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'21 Graduate Hannah Mahn

My favorite moments as an LLIS student were almost always in Dr. Sherman's classes. He is an enthusiastic and humorous professor who is passionate about teaching German while keeping it exciting. We read Graphic novels, listened to German music, and watched German movies and television shows. This is something I would have never had the opportunity to experience if it wasn't for Dr. Sherman.

Hannah Mahn

'21 German Studies Graduate