Students and faculty in Salamanca, Spain in 2019

Study world cultures, languages, history, politics, religions, and more, on campus or while studying abroad!

International studies students enroll in a variety of classes across campus, and choose a concentrations -- global, or from four regional concentrations -- based on their geographical interests. Students also gain intermediate t0 advanced language study, and participate in study abroad. 

International Studies Major

International Studies Minor


Arenillas Spanish Class Potluck

Learn a new language!

International studies majors must demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English at the 202 level or higher. At the intermediate and advanced levels, our department offers language courses in American Sign Language, French, German, or Spanish. 

Alternatively, if a student studies a language abroad that is not offered at NMU and only achieves proficiency in that language through the 102 level, the student may demonstrate proficiency in a second language other than English through the 102 level.


Spanish student studying abroad

Study Abroad

All international studies students will study abroad during their time at Northern. Our department offers Faculty Led Study Abroad opportunities, and NMU's International Programs office provides a wide range of study abroad programs across the globe. 

2019 Salamanca
'22 Graduate Tyler Archambault

[When asked what they'll miss most after graduation] I will miss taking classes that gave me new perspectives on the world. I have taken a lot of courses that I never thought I would take (for example, The Holocaust or various linguistics courses), and they have helped me change the way I think about the world or various global events.

Tyler Archambault

2021-22 International Studies Outstanding Graduate