Students working in Jamrich

The departments of Art and Design, Communication and Media Studies, Economics, English, Languages, Literatures and International Studies, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology and the College of Business cooperatively sponsor the international studies major. This broad major provides students with a basic understanding of modern world history, international relations, world cultures and world religions. Part of this learning, as well as intensive language instruction, takes place abroad.

As students advance in the international studies major, they deepen their understanding of particular parts of the world and specialized issues of international importance. The study abroad and language requirements of the major ensure that NMU students experience internationalism rather than just learn about it in classrooms.

The capstone course for the international studies major, IP 490 International Studies Seminar, offers students the opportunity to make comparisons and contrasts that integrate their study-abroad experience into their academic program.

Academic direction for the international studies major and minor as well as the Latin American studies minor is provided by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, which also provides advising for the program.