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Take your language skills to the next level.

Our alums know that second language skills are important in the hiring process. In fact, second language skills enhance job opportunities and combining language skills with virtually any major can open many intriguing doors for you in the future.

Your high school language study can help you earn free advanced placement credits at NMU.

The key to enhancing job prospects and getting free advanced placement credits is to

  • Register for a language class this fall. To identify the right class for you this fall, please take our online placement exam. Ask an academic adviser to get you registered for a language class right away. Many first-year class blocks have a spot for an elective—use it for your language class. If your block does not have an elective slot, ask your adviser to drop a course so you can register for a language class.
  • Plan to study abroad while you are at NMU. Our faculty regularly lead study abroad programs in Salamanca, Spain and Vienna, Austria. Plus, the International Programs Office has a wide variety of short- and long-term opportunities to choose from.
  • Join us for our live Zoom orientation sessions at 3:00 eastern on June 10, 17, 24, and July 1, and 7. Or contact either Dr. Tim Compton or Dr. Rebecca Ulland at any time. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Here’s how it works

Students who complete French, German or Spanish 102, 201 or 202 with a "C" or better can receive credit for the course that precedes it. 

NMU is also offering a Fast Track French Course. Here's how it works:

FR 200 Fast-Track French Course, New course for fall 2020

The newly adopted FR 200 Fast-Track course accommodates students with previous French experience who place out of NMU’s FR 101. Take a placement test here.

Successful completion of FR 200 provides the following benefits to students: 

  1. Puts students on a Fast Track Path to French, and direction into French 202 the following winter, which counts as a General Education course in the Integrative Thinking category.
  2. Provides advanced placement credit for French 201.
  3. Freshmen who take the Fast Track path to French, can earn a MAJOR IN FRENCH by end of their junior year, a MINOR by end of sophomore year.