Giveaway Program Overview

Giveaway items are ordered and distributed by the University Marketing and Communications Office for the sole purpose of recruiting future Wildcats. Priority is given to individuals or groups requesting items to take to events where potential students will be present.

UMC stocks a variety of items in price points to suit the overall needs of requests received. Items may include but are not limited to, pens, pencils, pennants, stickers and lanyards.

Please use this form to request marketing giveaways, keeping in mind:

  • Requests must be submitted at least one week prior to the date they are needed to ensure adequate time to fulfill them.
  • Your fulfillment will not be delivered. You must pick up your item(s) in the university marketing and communications office (409 Cohodas).
  • For admissions-related materials (viewbooks, brochures, inquiry cards, etc.), you must contact the admissions department directly.
  • A limited number of giveaways will be set aside for each campus department per academic year to ensure equal distribution. Once a department hits its threshold of 100 items, it will no longer be eligible to receive free swag from UMC for the duration of that year, except under special circumstances.
    • If additional items inventory are desired, UMC will split the cost of the swag 50/50 with the requesting department.*
  • Due to limited inventory and budgets, all requests will not be fulfilled.

You will be notified via email if we are able to fulfill your request and to arrange a pickup time.

*Only applies to existing UMC inventory, not additional swag orders. 

UMC stocks the following items for on-campus departments to use at recruitment-related events. 

Item Description Department Cost Per Item
Lanyards $0.75
Pens $0.25
Pencils $0.10
Pennants $1.00
Yowies $1.00
Stickers $0.15