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Social media is constantly changing. University Marketing and Communications has a full-time social media manager on staff to oversee Northern's official accounts and assist university departments or groups with their own social presence.

If you have social media questions that are not answered here, contact NMU's social media manager

Vlog Competition 2020 Winner | Josie Hodges

"To me, a 'Day in the Life of a Wildcat' is one full of adventure, a theme repeated throughout this vlog. Not only is there an emphasis placed on growing academically, but there is also an emphasis on growing as an individual." -Josie Hodges, NMU Student

Vlog | NMU Dorm Tour

Northern Michigan University student Josie Hodges shows different ways to configure your room and walks through the laundry, kitchen and study areas in the on-campus residence halls.

Vlog | What it Means to "Be Northern"

Northern Michigan University student Josie Hodges adventures around campus asking students what it means to "be Northern". From skiing to rock climbing, to studying, hear from students in different majors including environmental science, bio-physiology, technology education, math, neuroscience, and medicinal plant chemistry.

Be on NMU's Social Media

University Marketing and Communications allows current students or alumni to takeover our official Snapchat account throughout the year. The goal of takeovers is simple: showcase the experience of Wildcats, both on-campus and off. 

NMU's snapchat reaches thousands of prospective, current and past students, while also bringing together the Marquette community and other university supporters. Snapchat takeovers give current students the opportunity to highlight what a day in their life is like, while also sharing an authentic image of Northern Michigan University.

Note: Not all individuals who submit an application to host a takeover will be selected. Decisions regarding takeovers will be made at the discretion of University Marketing and Communications.

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External Social Media Resources

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