Persona Name: Inner City student

Background Information:

High-level overview of this persona archetype:

A student who has grown up in a large city with access to many different cultures and opportunities, but may not have had the transformative experience that the Northern/Upper Peninsula has had to offer (both educationally and personally). This student is looking for a less chaotic experience for college; a quiet, “low-key” environment where they can focus on their studies and be immersed in nature. Wants to be part of a small, tight-knit community. Financial access may be a barrier. Social justice is also important to them. 

Not ALWAYS the case, but many times school systems in inner city areas are underfunded and may not offer the best higher ed may truly be a dream come true for this student, and they may be very focused on improving their education.

Where does (or could) this persona live?

In metro areas & close surrounding suburbs

  • Michigan: Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Warren, Grand Rapids.
  • Wisconsin: Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay
  • Illinois: Chicago, Springfield, Joliet, Peoria, Aurora, Champaign 
  • Ohio: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton
  • Indiana: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Beth, Bloomington

Describe this persona's personality traits:

Open-minded, adventurous, growth mindset, likes the outdoors and nature but hasn’t really had the full experience. Maybe a bit of an introvert , independent - wants to embrace different life experiences and forge their own life path. Wants to be part of a small, tight-knit community that is inclusive and diverse. Fights for what they believe in. 

What sort of things is this persona passionate and/or concerned about (in general life)?

Getting a good education, asserting independence, seeing the world and experiencing different ways of life. Music, art, culture. Diversity, inclusion, equity and promoting social justice. 

Financial access may be a barrier, so access to affordable education may be a concern.

Persona's Perceptions and Expectations of Higher Ed and NMU

What does this persona want their college experience to be like/what do they hope to gain from college?

A place where they can focus on academics while also growing as a person, blazing their own paths: making friendships and connections. Exploring and embracing an environment different from the one they were raised in. Affordable education that will not put them into years and years of debt.

Expanding their worldview in a safe, tight-knit environment.

What sort of academic programs are they interested in knowing about?

  • Medicinal, biology, chemistry, environmental science, environmental studies and sustainability, 
  • indoor agriculture, outdoor rec and leadership.
  • Public policy, social work, psychology.

What sort of extracurricular programs are they interested in knowing about?

  • Anything related to the outdoors (Outdoor Rec) or sustainability focused.
  • BSU
  • Allies
  • NASA

Are there any additional questions they would need answered before requesting more information about NMU, applying or enrolling at NMU?

  • Financial aid and scholarship information
  • Information on living spaces
  • Information on what to do around Marquette

What would surprise this persona about NMU?

  • Affordability
  • Top 50 Outdoor College Status
  • Size and “liveliness” of the MQT community

Persona's Content Preferences

What are three headlines (and/or blog articles) that would make this persona stop in their tracks and pay attention to a piece of content? 

  • Start Your Adventure at Northern Michigan University
  • Find Your “Why” at Northern Michigan University
  • Why NMU was Voted the #1 Best Recreation and Leisure Studies Programs in NMU
  • Out-of-State Tuition at In-State Prices
  • 2nd most affordable public university in MI

What body copy would get them to either click on a call-to-action button or seek out more information about NMU?

Located on the shore of the largest freshwater lake in the world, environment is one of Northern Michigan University’s core values. At NMU, two percent of tuition is dedicated to making NMU carbon neutral by 2030. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and the degree programs that support this journey! >>button<<

Make a difference by joining the NMU community! Intimately interact with, study and appreciate the many aspects of NMU and Marquette’s settings in an outstanding natural environment. >>Apply today!<<

Your adventure begins at Northern Michigan University. NMU is ranked as one of the best providers of educational value in Michigan. Our goal is to minimize the barriers to a rich education. Learn more about Northern’s commitment to accessible higher ed! >>Button<<

Out of state tuition at in-state prices! NMU is ranked the 2nd most affordable public university in Michigan, and our financial assistance can help make your out-of-state experience even more affordable than in-state. >>Learn more<<

What sort of images and video clips would resonate with this persona? 

  • Outdoor
  • Features on sustainability
  • “Day in the Life”
  • Dorm tours
  • Campus life
  • MQT sights