Persona Name: Legacy Student

Background Information:

High-level overview of this persona archetype:

The legacy student is someone that comes from a family of Wildcat alum. They most likely grew up with trips back to Marquette (if they no longer reside there), attending NMU sporting events, and visiting. Their parents and family members share fond memories of their time at Northern, which inspires them to pursue the same journey. 

Where does (or could) this persona live?

  • Marquette and throughout the Upper Peninsula
  • Downstate Michigan
  • Wisconsin (emphasis on Northern)
  • Ohio
  • Illinois

Describe this persona's personality traits:

Is familiar with and enjoys Marquette; already has a lot of Northern spirit! Is close with family (tradition is important) and wants to be very involved in the campus community MQT community at large. A social butterfly looking to leave behind a legacy of their own. 

Wants to make NMU a better place.

What sort of things is this persona passionate and/or concerned about (in general life)?

  • Family and maintaining close relationships with family members.
  • Getting a good education and becoming part of a larger community. 
  • Forming meaningful relationships.
  • Being active and involved in the community outside of academics.
  • Sustainability, keeping Lake Superior pure

Persona's Perceptions and Expectations of Higher Ed and NMU


What does this persona want their college experience to be like/what do they hope to gain from college?

They want something new but familiar; they want it to be like the years their parents rave about! They most likely have a pretty idealistic view of NMU and the college experience. They want to get an education while attending all of the events and making friends.

Again, affordability. I’m sure the scholarships we offer legacy students do not hurt.

What sort of academic programs are they interested in knowing about?

  • Marketing, Business, Public Relations
  • Bio, chem, psychology, pre-medical
  • Clinical studies

What sort of extracurricular programs are they interested in knowing about?

All of them!

Those associated with their degree (PRSSA, Pre-Medical Club, etc.), greek life, student government, CVP.

Are there any additional questions they would need answered before requesting more information about NMU, applying or enrolling at NMU?

  • Information on living spaces
  • Clubs, organizations, and how to be involved
  • Leadership opportunities

What would surprise this persona about NMU?

For a legacy, I think the ways in which NMU has changed; focus on the environment and working towards a more diverse, inclusive, equitable community.

Persona's Content Preferences

What are three headlines (and/or blog articles) that would make this persona stop in their tracks and pay attention to a piece of content? 

  • NMU Offers in-state tuition rates for non-resident children and grandchildren of alumni. 
  • Leave Your Own Legacy at NMU
  • Welcome Home, Future Wildcat
  • Get Involved! NMU has 300+ student organizations to become involved in

What body copy would get them to either click on a call-to-action button or seek out more information about NMU?

  • Build your legacy at NMU! Are you the dependent of a Wildcat alum? We offer scholarships and tuition rates unique to Northern legacies. Learn more! >>button<<
  • Make a difference by joining the NMU community! The world is constantly changing and progressing, and NMU would like to be a part of that change. How can you help? >>Apply today!<<
  • Your adventure begins at Northern Michigan University. NMU has all bases covered with over 170 degree programs and over 300 student organizations. Join the fun today! >>Book a tour today<<

What sort of images and video clips would resonate with this persona? 

  • Student experiences
  • Alumni features
  • Events sponsored by student clubs or orgs
  • Sporting events (crowd shots)
  • Dorm life
  • New campus buildings