Aimee Cree DunnAimée Cree Dunn (unaffiliated Metís or mixed-blood) has taught for the NMU Center for Native American Studies since 2005 and developed several Indigenous environmental studies courses for CNAS.  As a lifelong resident of the northern Great Lakes area, her research and passions include Ojibwe Traditional Ecological Knowledge, the art of forest immersion, rural environmental studies, Indigenous environmental studies, environmental philosophy in pop culture especially in science fiction and animated works, and the practice of becoming deeply rooted to a particular region of land.

With family roots in Bahweting/Sault Ste. Marie as well as in Ireland, France and the Black Forest region, Aimee has lived all her life in the rural wilds of Anishinaabe Akiing, spending time with her family on the land and avoiding civilization as much as possible.  Aimee is also a writer and a dabbler in nature photography.  You can find her online on Facebook and at



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