Information on the upcoming "Learning to Walk Together" Pow Wow is coming soon!


Pow Wow 2023


The Pow Wow is generously supported by many sponsors. If you would like to learn more about the Pow wow or to become a contributor, contact the Center for Native American Studies at or 906-227-1397.

We hope to see you at the Pow wow in November 2023!


Learn to Walk Pow Wow

The pow wow begins with the Grand Entry and the Flag Song followed by Veterans' Honor Song.  All Veterans - male/female, Native/non-Native are honored this way.  The Emcee will provide information on the dances including:  male and female traditional dances, jingle dress and grass dance, and male and female fancy dance.  Social dances, such as the inter-tribal, round dance and two-step, are also featured and the audience is invited to participate.  Artisan and vendor booths provide a variety of craft items, reference materials, and food.  A pow wow can truly be a cultural learning experience.

With any new experience, it may be helpful to know certain cultural protocols as you participate in or watch the events unfold before you. The Emcee will provide some information and we also put together a Pow wow Etiquette sheet to help. 

Volunteer and Vendors


Any questions, please contact the NASA President Kateri Phillips ( or NASA Member Shelby Boggs (, or feel free to call the Center for Native American Studies: (906) 227-1397




Walk with Us Pow Wow

If you would like to learn more about the pow wow or to become a contributor, contact the Native American Student Association at or 906-227-1397. 

See our photo album.

NASA invited Keith Secola to perform in concert on the Friday before the pow wow. See photo highlights of W16 Keith Secola Concert. Allison Kublin created a unique poster to promote the concert - see Keith Secola Poster
See the W16 LTWT Poster. See photos at the CNAS Flickr site: W16 23rd LTWT Pow wow

This two-day event marked our 20th annual pow wow!  It was held on Saturday, March 17 - Sunday, March 18, 2012 at the Vandament Arena.  See the LTWT Poster! 


Kahurangi and Pow wow poster here

Kahurangi Maori Highlights

Pow Wow Poster here

Photo album