The CNAS Faculty Affairs Committee - Winter 2019

Brozzo, Shirley | CNAS

Chaillier, Grace | CNAS

Hamilton, Amy | English - Co-Chair

Medina, Jacquie | Outdoor Recreation

Mead, Rebecca | History

Mittlefehldt, Sarah | EEGS

Ottem, Erich | Biology

Sojourn, Jud | CNAS - Co-Chair

Wascom, Tracy | Art and Design


Ex officio | Lindala, April | CNAS

Student Representative on NAS Curriculum Committee - Bazile Panek

From the Center for Native American Studies bylaws (approved 2014).

The Faculty Affairs Committee will concern itself with the tasks of overseeing matters pertaining to the Center for Native American Studies (CNAS) departmental and faculty concerns, which include, but are not limited to, curriculum, evaluation, grants, and outcomes assessment. Because CNAS is the primary interface between the university and indigenous communities and organizations, the FAC also functions as a university-wide committee to facilitate these relationships.