MVB team 2022

About the Team

The Men’s Club Volleyball team is seeking athletic individuals interested in competing on a travel team at NMU. We are seeking members who are willing to learn and can commit to practices, tournaments, and team events during both fall and winter semesters. Experience is highly recommended but not necessary. Tryouts are held at the beginning of each semester.

Conference: In 2021-22 our team joined the Wisconsin Volleyball Conference (WVC) where we finished #20 in the nation for Division II this season and #14 in the nation at our highest. The WVC is filled with other nationally ranked teams and is a great opportunity for high-level tournament dates. 

For more information about the WVC:

Dues: Club dues vary based on the size of our roster and the number of play dates. Approximate costs are $0-100 for the whole year.

Eligibility: Must be a full time student at NMU and have a PEIF Recreation Pass for fall and winter semesters.

Practice: Practice times for the 2022-23 season are TBD. Historically, our team practices Tuesday and Thursday nights in the Vandament Arena. Practices are not mandatory but are highly encouraged.

Contact: Jaden Young, President,