Built in 1974, this 8 lane 25 yard lap pool and diving well is home to the NMU Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving team, and currently met the needs of NMU recreational participants, American Red Cross Learn to Swim participants and the greater Marquette community.

The 25 yard lap pool is 4 feet deep on both ends and 6 feet deep in the middle. There are basketball hoops available for use along with kick boards and pull buoys. 

The diving well is 9 feet on one end and 15 feet deep on the diving board end, with the 1 meter and 3 meter diving boards available for use during open swim, Monday-Friday, after Noon.


Community Water Safety Day

NMU Rec Sports in collaboration with the Marquette City Fire Department will be holding a Water Safety Day to stress the importance of water safety knowledge for families in the Marquette community. In preparation for summer aquatic activities, NMU Rec Sports  American Red Cross Water Safety instructors will educate children aged 6-10 along with their parent(s) on learning how to be safe in and around water, the different types of equipment used for water safety, and what resources in the community families can access to ensure that they are being safe in and around water. 

Sunday, April 14 from Noon-2pm

Registration limited to 50 participants. Cost per participant (child age 6-10) is $10 

Parent/Guardian must remain in the facility with their children and will have their own informational water safety session. 

Registration opens March 1 and may be accessed by clicking here 

Open Swim

Open swim is available for members and day pass users to utilize the pool for lap swimming purposes. 
Open Swim hours vary by semester. 

Lifeguard & Water Safety Instructor Certifications

The American Red Cross Lifeguard course is designed so that the participants will become certified lifeguards and be proficient in life-guarding, first aid and CPR skills. Class members must be 15 years of age or older by the first session of the course and who is able to complete the swimming pre-test.

Swimming Lessons

The NMU Rec Sports Department is proud to offer the American Red Cross version of Learn to Swim - swimming lessons. Our certified instructors will guide the swimmer through appropriate swimming levels so that greater safety and swim skills are achieved.

Pool Area Rules

Pool Re-Opening Guide

Northern Michigan University Intercollegiate Athletics & Rec Sports prides themselves with maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our patrons and employees. Safety always has been and continues to be our number one priority. Due to the current pandemic, we will be instituting a number of policy and procedural changes for the Fall 2020 academic school year. Patrons will notice a number of significant changes from our normal operating procedures. These changes are necessary to allow us to open and to be able to provide a safe environment for our community to enjoy our facility. We appreciate the patience and understanding of our patrons and staff as we implement these necessary changes. 


The plan that follows has been created through thorough research, coordination and education with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA Swimming, American Red Cross, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), National Intramural & Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) and aquatic industry leaders along with local government and University health and safety committees. 

The understanding and cooperation of our patrons and the strict adherence by staff to the policies documented will mitigate the risks associated with the transmission of COVID-19 as much as possible in a public aquatic facility. 

NMU Rec Sports COVID-19 Preparedness Plan:

  • Encourages frequent and effective handwashing 
  • Requires use of facemasks/shields for employees
  • Requires use of facemasks for patrons when entering/exiting the facility and when not actively participating or exercising
  • Entails a comprehensive sanitation program using chemicals/solutions shown to be effective against COVID-19 for high-touch surfaces
  • Establishes procedures and capacities that allow for appropriate levels of physical distancing 


Guidelines will be communicated to patrons prior to arrival to the facility via NMU website, social media platforms and local media press releases as appropriate. Signage will be posted throughout the facility to provide clear instructions to members. 

Face Coverings

Patrons are required to follow the same guideline by wearing a face covering while using the facility and speaking to staff. Face coverings, however, may be removed by patrons when ACTIVELY working out. Staff reserves the right to ask a patron to leave if not following guidelines and rules set forth in this guide. Individuals refusing to wear a cloth face mask have two options: 1, submit medical documentation to NMU public safety which will be reviewed and issued accommodation within 48 hours and  2, They may wear their own plastic face shield. NMU Rec Sports staff will be wearing cloth face masks and/or face shields at all times. 

NMU Rec Sports Aquatic staff will be required to wear face coverings. Lifeguards who are in an elevated stand will be wearing a face shield while on surveillance duty. Patrons are required to follow the same guideline by wearing a face covering while in the facility and speaking to pool staff. Face coverings, however, should not be worn in the water. 

Physical Distancing

Guests should respect the physical distance between themselves and other patrons/staff with a minimum of six feet of space. Physical distancing requirements will be enforced in all areas of the facility including the pool deck, locker rooms and while in the swimming pool/diving well. Capacity limits will be put into effect to accommodate physical distancing requirements. Ground markings, signs and staff instructions will serve to remind guests of this policy. Guests refusing to comply with physical distancing requirements may be asked to leave the facility. 

Entering the facility 

  • Current NMU Students, Faculty/Staff and NMU Rec Sports community members are allowed to utilize the aquatic and PEIF facilities at this time. Day passes/punch passes and group guest passes will not be sold. Those who already possess a punch pass will be permitted to use the facility until the 15 visits have been used
  • Members are encouraged to come to the facility “swim-ready” to avoid locker room use, this includes bringing towel/water bottle, wearing a swimsuit and any equipment needed to recreate in the aquatic facility
  • If a member does not present their ID card, they will not be able to access the facility if it is not present
  • Members should arrive as close as possible to when activity begins and should understand that they may be asked to wait depending on facility capacity. Members will be able to see how many people (capacity) are in the facility via a score clock at the rec center desk. A waiting line will be clearly marked with spaces at least 6 ft. apart
  • There will be an area for checking out and returning equipment to avoid direct contact, ID’s will not need to be exchanged at this time
  • Floor markings and signage will indicate where patrons must wait before verifying membership (scanning member card)
  • Disposable face masks will be provided in the event of an emergency (if one breaks etc.)
  • Concession stand will only be selling bottled beverages
  • Memberships will only be sold through the Rec Sports main office during normal business hours
  • Tribal cards are still accepted as “membership” and must be logged accordingly
  • In the event that a card does not scan or an individual uses a punch card-their information will need to be logged on a clipboard for contact tracing purposes
  • In lieu of a hand stamp, PEIF stamps will be given in a paper form which must be presented to aquatic staff for entry into the pool

Utilizing Locker Rooms

  • Day use lockers will no longer be available, members without a locker must bring all personal items with them onto the pool deck
  • Individuals who have a current locker rental may access their locker if necessary but should respect physical distancing guidelines. It is recommended that members come to the facility “swim-ready” and keep their items with them on the pool deck
  • Showers in the locker room will not be accessible to members at this time, a shower head is set up on the pool deck for individual use to rinse off before entering the pool and exiting the facility
  • Saunas are closed until further notice
  • Toilets and sinks will be accessible
  • Towels will not be provided at this time
  • Water fountains are available as bottle fillers only

Entering the Pool 

  • Admission to the pool will be on a first come first served basis
  • Members must show lifeguards “PEIF stamp paper” prior to entering the pool
  • Individuals must rinse off on deck prior to entering either pool
  • Capacity of the lap pool will be limited to 15 individuals: two swimmers per lane in lanes 2-8 and one swimmer allowed in lane 1 (assisted stair entry)
  • Capacity of the diving well will be limited to four individuals with newly designated lanes, diving well lanes may not be shared 
  • Lap pool swimmers will be required to share lanes, with one swimmer entering from the north end of the pool (starting blocks) while the other swimmer will enter from the south end (divider between lap and diving well with chairs set up)
  • Diving well swimmers will have a staggered entry into each lane, utilizing the East (men’s locker room) or West (trampoline) side of the pool. Chairs are set up in the image to show where patrons will enter the water. 
  • Diving boards will not be accessible to members at this time 
  • Basketball hoop will not be accessible to members at this time 
  • It is recommended that swimmers consider limiting their lap swimming time to one half hour in the event that patrons are waiting
  • A waiting area will be available on the bleachers with social distancing guidelines enforced
  • Kickboards and pull buoys will still be available for members and will be sanitized after use, no other toys/noodles/balls/goggles etc. will be available at this time
  • Patrons will need to bring their own US coast guard approved life jacket for use in the pool if necessary

Swim Lessons

Rec Sports Youth Swimming Lessons

  • Participants should come to the pool “swim-ready” and avoid locker rooms, if possible
  • Parents will be required to be in the water for beginning level classes (level 1-2). Instructors will teach from the deck and instruct parents on how to hold and assist their children in the water
  • Instructors may enter the water to demonstrate skills but will mainly be providing instruction out of the water and on the pool deck to reduce contact and further risk of exposure
  • Each participant can have one parent/guardian on deck who must wear a mask and follow physical distancing guidelines
  • Private and semi-private lessons will be available
  • Only one guardian permitted on the bleachers while lessons are occurring

Tentative Plan: Group swimming lessons may take place with reduced class sizes and during designated group/private lesson times. 

HP Classes

HHP Senior Swim (HP 090)

  • Students registered for senior swim will be required to to follow the same facility use guidelines as those using the aquatic facility for open swim
  • Inform students that showers in locker rooms will not be available for use. One shower head on deck to rinse before and after pool use only
  • Students registered for senior exercise will be required to check in prior to each class with the instructor
  • Students should respect the physical distance between themselves and other patrons/staff with a minimum of six feet of space
  • After swim class is complete, students should change and leave the facility with no social gatherings inside the facility
  • Instructors must wear a cloth face mask while on the pool deck and while moving through the aquatic facility. 
  • Course layout will be changed from previous years: 
    • Lanes 1-6 will be allowed to have 12 individuals on the north end and 12 individuals on the south end, with everyone facing the instructor and practicing social distancing. 
    • Lanes 7-8 will be open for lap swimming, with two individuals allowed per lane following the same guidelines as open swim lap swimming 
    • Total capacity for the lap pool will be 28
    • Diving well will be limited to 4-6 participants as described in open swimming guidelines

Tentative plan: Hold class with capacity for senior swim at 34 students + instructor 

HP Scuba

  • Students registered for scuba will be required to to follow the same facility use guidelines as those using the aquatic facility for open swim
  • Inform students that showers in locker rooms will not be available for use. One shower head on deck to rinse before and after pool use only
  • Students registered for scuba will be required to check in prior to each class with the instructor
  • Students should respect the physical distance between themselves and other patrons/staff with a minimum of six feet of space
  • After class is complete, students should change and leave the facility with no social gatherings inside the facility
  • Instructors must wear a cloth mask while on the pool deck and while moving through the aquatic facility 

Tentative plan: Hold class with limited capacity

Wildcat Aquatic Club - (Swim & Dive Sport Camp)

  • Participants should come to the pool “swim-ready” and avoid locker rooms, if possible
  • Participants will enter through door #14 and exit through door #13, 
    • Coaches will prop door open 10 minutes prior to the start of practice 
    • Swimmers should wait in their car or socially distance outdoors until doors open
    • Rec Staff will not be able to allow swimmers into the pool area if swimmers are late for their practice
  • Masks are required to be worn unless in the lap pool or dive tank
  • No parents/guardians on deck
  • Locker room use is limited to restrooms only
  • Coaches are required to wear masks at all times. Coaches will take attendance at the beginning of each session. 
  • Swimmers will be required to shower on deck before entering pool
  • Swimmers will need to keep their belongings with them at all times. Personal belongings should be placed on the yellow bench closest to their designated lane
  • 10 minutes prior to the end of the first group, a second group will be allowed to enter the pool area and wait (socially distanced) on the bleachers

Tentative Plan: Session I will begin with one swimmer per lane in both the lap pool and dive tank. Total capacity for Session I is 12 participants. Session II will begin with two swimmers per lane in the lap pool and one swimmer per lane in the dive tank. Total capacity for Session II is 20 participants.

After Swimming

  • Leave the facility as soon as reasonably possible 
  • Members may rinse off on the pool deck and should wash hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer after leaving the pool area
  • If possible, avoid using the locker room changing areas (shower at home, wear suit to and from the pool)
  • No extra-curricular or social activity should take place (ie. do not congregate in groups after swimming)
  • As a reminder, at this time the PEIF is no longer a “Recreation Center”, we are a workout facility. This means patrons should plan to use the facility only for exercise and not for socializing 

Safe Workplace Practices

A combination of engineering/administrative controls, safe workplace practices and PPE are used to protect the health and safety of staff and patrons. 

Engineering Controls

  • Limit number of staff congregating in lifeguard office 
  • Provide hand sanitizer
  • Promote frequent hand washing/sanitizing
  • Lifeguard staff will be provided with their own hip pack/whistles
  • Adult & Child BVM will be made available to staff to utilize instead of individual face masks for when providing care 
  • Rescue tubes and other equipment used throughout the day by staff will be frequently disinfected. All equipment will be sanitized at the end of each day. 
  • High touch surfaces will be disinfected (doors/ladders/steps)

Administrative Controls

  • Staff will go through inservice training regarding policy and procedural changes prior to their first shift
  • Staff and Patrons are instructed to stay home if they exhibit symptoms of illness, feel ill or have had recent illness
  • Addition of an extra staff member (Aquatic Assistant) to assist in disinfection, member control and policy enforcement (this will not be a certified lifeguard) 
  • All employees will be provided a face shield as a part of their uniform to be worn during each shift


  1. Hand stamps and showers are required before patrons may utilize the pool.
  2. Swimming is allowed only when a Rec Sports lifeguard is on duty.
  3. An adult (18 or older) must accompany any non-member child under the age of 14.
  4. An adult member (18 or older) must be present in the PEIF building if their member child is 12 years of age or less and can pass the swim test.
  5. Children age 5 or under must have an adult (18 or older) with them in the water at all times.
  6. Lifeguards have the discretionary authority to require a parent or guardian to be in the water with a child over 5 years of age whom they judge to be a weak swimmer.
  7. Swimsuits are required. Cut-off shorts, pants, shoes, or t-shirts are prohibited swim attire.
  8. Lap swimmers may be required to circle swim when lane use exceeds two patrons.
  9. The pool may be closed or have restricted use due to competitive events, special events, programs, or rentals.
  10. Life jackets are available for use in both the diving well and lap pool. Personal flotation devices must be approved by lifeguards before use.
  11. Running, rough play, intoxication, public displays of affection, and profanity are prohibited.
  12. Glass containers and food are not permitted in the pool area.
  13. Hanging on lane lines and the use of starting blocks is prohibited.
  14. Only towels, deck footwear, and items necessary for swimming are allowed on deck. All other personal belongings must be stored in a locker.
  15. Rec Sports Lifeguards have the discretionary authority to revoke swimming privileges and/or close the pool when deemed necessary.
  16. Three whistle blasts may signal an emergency. Exit the pool immediately and look to the lifeguard for further instruction.
  1. Individuals with open wounds or infectious diseases or conditions are prohibited from using the pool or diving well.
  2. Casts may not be worn in the pool.
  3. Swim diapers are required for all children not toilet trained. Diapers should be changed in locker rooms or bathrooms, not on the pool deck.
  4. Do not swim when you have diarrhea or other flu-like symptoms.
  1. A 50 yard swim test is required for those under age 14 before diving well may be used.
  2. One bounce is allowed on the diving board.
  3. All dives from diving boards must be forward dives or flips. Diving from the wall must be done facing forward.
  4. Adjustment of diving board fulcrum and use of the platform is prohibited.
  5. Diving boards open daily at 1pm.
  6. Swimming, treading water, or diving under the diving boards is prohibited.
  7. Rings, bricks, and toys are prohibited.
  8. Patrons in life jackets may only use the 1m diving board.
  9. Diving or jumping deemed unsafe, in the judgment of the lifeguard, will be prohibited.
  1. Sauna use is limited to Rec Members ONLY!
  2. Long exposure to sauna temperatures may result in nausea, dizziness, and fainting.
  3. Members should not exceed 20 minutes in the sauna.
  4. Consult your physician before using the sauna.
  5. Members must use a towel or cloth barrier between their skin and the sauna bench.
  6. Members must shower before they use the sauna.
  7. The sauna is a dry sauna; do not throw copious amounts of water onto rocks.
  8. Disorderly or inappropriate conduct within the sauna will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the facility.