Fitness Challenges and Programs

Movember Step Challenge

Dates: October 30-December 1, 2023 

Step your way through November with five teammates and receive gift cards if your team submits the highest total number of steps for the month of November. To create a team, find five friends who want to compete in this challenge. Create a team captain and team name, and have the captain sign up by clicking here. Once the team captain signs up, they will need to email with the name of their team and team members. Each team member will need to download the Pacer app (iOS or Android) on their mobile device. When the challenge begins, each team member will need to send a screenshot of their weekly step count to the team captain. Team captains will then submit each player’s weekly step count by emailing screenshots to We will reach out at the beginning of December with the winners. Let’s get ready to move!

There is no fee to participate in this challenge, available to current NMU Rec Members only.

Fall into Wellness

Dates: October 30-December 8, 2023

Don’t let the change in the weather deter you from being active, fall into wellness will have you earning points and winning prizes for being active. Earn points by registering for/attending group exercise classes and by scanning your ID at either the PEIF Rec Center or the Fit Zone (NMU students only) AND/or participate in an intramural or a drop in activity (vb/soccer/ultimate frisbee). This competition will last 6 weeks (October 30-December 8) . Participants' scans and attendance at fitness classes/intramurals will be totaled with the highest number of scans/participation receiving a prize. Click here to register.

There is no fee to participate in this challenge, available to current NMU Student Rec Members only.