NMU Student Pass Rates

All students with 6 or more credits in class will be automatically billed a $90 Student Recreation Fee for fall and winter semesters. If you do not wish to have a student recreation membership, you will have the choice of opting out of this fee until the 5th day of each semester. After the 5th day of the semester the Student Recreation Fee will be a permanent fee on your account.

To Opt Out of the Student Recreation Fee: Sign into your mynmu account, click on the Fee Opt Out tab, find the Recreation Membership box, click on the click here to option and press opt out.

Note: To opt back into the student recreation fee, please email ssc@nmu.edu with your name, IN #, and request to opt back in for the student recreation fee.

  Credits Rates
One Semester Pass 6 or more credits* $90*
Undergraduate 4-5 credits  $109
Undergraduate 1-3 credits Resident Fee

*All students with 6 or more credit hours in class will be charged the student recreation fee during fall and winter semesters on their student account. If you are taking online courses, you can register for the rec pass in the PEIF during open hours.

  Credits Rates
One Semester Pass 6 or more credits $90
Graduate 2-5 credits $109
Graduate 1 credit Resident Fee

Spouse and child passes must be added at Rec Sports Office 126 in the PEIF building

One Semester
Student Spouse $109
Family (includes spouse and children) $166

One Semester: $32


Daily Passes: $10


Punch Card - 15 Visits, Expires in 6 Months: $120