Guidelines and Procedures

When NMU faculty, staff, or administrators submit proposals for external funding, they are acting on the behalf of the University. For that reason, NMU policy requires that all proposals for external funding be reviewed by the Grants and Contracts Office. The office will conduct a proposal review and obtain the signature of the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) indicating NMU’s overall endorsement of the proposal before the unit or PI submits the proposal to the prospective funding agency. Should the proposal be awarded, the Controller’s Office and the NMU Contracting Official will review any contract developed by the sponsor agency and have sole authority to commit NMU to the contract and/or cooperative agreement. The following documents describe procedures and guidelines for all proposal submissions:

Uniform Proposal Review Procedure

Facilities & Administrative (Indirect) Costs Procedure

Match/Cost Share Guidelines

Mission Statement

The mission of the Northern Michigan University Grants and Contracts Office is to provide support to NMU faculty, staff and students in applying for internal and external funds for research and other sponsored activities and managing awards, bringing integrity, clarity and ease to sponsored programs and grant administration processes at NMU.

Internal Opportunities

Internal funding for Northern Michigan University faculty, staff and students exists to enhance the academic experience and professional growth by providing financial support for new initial research projects, scholarly activities, papers for publication and creative works. More information about opportunities for faculty is available on the Faculty Internal Opportunities page. Additional information about opportunities for students can be found on the Student Internal Opportunities page. Contact Kristin Beck at ext. 1893 with questions.

The Grants and Contracts Office:

  • Facilitates and seeks opportunities for research and scholarly development and supports  programmatic outreach and exposure to help meet the broader goals of the University;
  • Promotes integrity in the sponsored programs enterprise by assuring compliance with applicable regulations, requirements, and policies for sponsored funding. The office is responsible for protecting NMU’s interests by reviewing proposals to external funding agencies (sponsors), initiating and implementing pre-award policies and procedures, providing training and outreach, and serving as a liaison between sponsors and NMU.
  • Advocates for research and graduate education through the execution of policies that support successful proposal development and award administration.
  • The office coordinates with the NMU Controller’s Office to facilitate effective award setup and management of sponsored projects.

Through these activities, the Grants & Contracts Office guides the university’s research and sponsored activity endeavors on a forward path to fostering effective scholarly research, program development, and student success.

The Grants & Contracts Office Services:

  • Providing information about potential federal, state, and private sources of funding;
  • Assistance in the development of high-quality proposals that meet sponsor criteria and university and federal funding policies;
  • Assistance with proposal preparation, including budget development;
  • Providing final NMU authorization on all proposals to be submitted to sponsors;
  • Acting as a liaison between the university and sponsors concerning pre-award issues;
  • Working with faculty and staff to solve pre-award problems before proposals are submitted to sponsors;
  • Assistance with award set-up should a proposal be funded;
  • Working with all necessary parties – Controller’s Office, Office of Finance Administration, Risk & Insurance—for successful post-award management; and
  • Providing training to faculty and related staff on proposal submission and grant administration related issues and regulations.

National Science Foundation is accepting proposals for non-medical, non-clinical-care research related to COVID-19.

During this unprecedented and immensely interesting time, we all are learning as we maneuver this new temporary "norm." While we are doing our part by sheltering in place, we are also remaining accessible to help answer any questions and to help with any and all steps related to proposal development and submission. At least there is something we can count as normal! We will be available via email during this time and can arrange meetings in a number of electronic forms. Additionally, you can be assured to get answers in real-time by messaging via Gmail chats (or using video) during my newly established Office Hours:

MWF- 11 a.m. -2 p.m.

TR- 1-3 p.m.

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Kristin Beck, Assistant Director of Grant Development and Training Coordinator:

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