Export Controls

For reasons of national security, foreign policy interests, and intellectual property protection, the U.S. regulates and controls sensitive technologies. When NMU researchers are engaged with international collaborators in the sharing and development of products, goods, hardware, software or materials, the work may be subject to US export control laws and regulations. NMU’s Office of Sponsored Programs oversees export control compliance working in conjunction with university research investigators. OSP staff, along with the research investigator, conduct a thorough review of a research projects’ scope and contract provisions to determine whether and how a particular research project is impacted by export control regulations. NOTE: Export Control laws apply to research and other activities regardless of the source of funding.

  • Timely communication with OSP (i.e. well in advance of commencing research) to determine whether their research is impacted by the controls or requirements contained within export regulations.
  • Consult OSP regarding a projects’ change of scope, project staff, or collaborators to re-evaluate export control determination prior.

Northern Michigan University is a public institution of higher education and committed to open dissemination of scientific endeavors and research results through fundamental research. However, faculty, staff and administrators are individually and collectively responsible for complying with export control laws and regulations.

If U.S. export control laws are violated, both the University and the individuals involved may be liable. Penalties for violating the export control regulations can be severe and may include civil and criminal penalties.