Upcoming & Yearly Events

Ongoing | PI (Principal Investigator) Training is required for Faculty and staff who wish to apply for funding, whether internal NMU awards or external awards. We will provide training opportunities throughout the year, and will be notifying faculty of dates.  


October 24, 2024 | Time and Location TBD| Faculty Buzz Session is a platform for new faculty to quickly present their research in three slides or five minutes. Everyone is welcome to attend this interdisciplinary research event held annually on the Thursdays before Halloween and St. Patrick's Day.


Date TBD | Jamrich | Celebration of Student Scholarship | The Celebration of Student Scholarship is an annual event held on the NMU campus to recognize the academic contributions of undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines. Students share their work with the NMU and Marquette communities by presenting research posters, recording oral presentations, and submitting creative written work, and artwork.


Date, Time and Location TBD | 3MT (Three Minute Thesis) is a fast-paced research competition where student scholars present their research in three minutes. Everyone is welcome to attend.