Technology innovation award

Northern Michigan University's Annual Student Technology Innovation Award

Applications for the 2022 Award due March 11

Application Instructions and Deadline

This award program is open to all currently enrolled NMU students (undergraduate and/or graduate) or teams of students (up to 5 people). Submit application materials via email to the Office of Graduate Education and Research (

The application must include:

  1. A completed Student Technology Innovation Award Application Form. Email this form and your materials to
  2. Letter of Support from one NMU faculty or staff member. Contents may include, but not limited to, 1) the difference or uniqueness of the uses of this technological innovation from ordinary academic work in the department, and 2) students’ academic improvement by using this technological innovation. 
    1. Note to writers of the Letters of Support: These are not recommendations of the students; these are letters certifying the innovations and products prepared by the students.  Please focus your comments on why the project was innovative and clarify the novelty of the project for people outside your field.
  3. Sample products/supporting materials (to be attached at the bottom of the application)


Please include the items below to make a stronger application:

  • Innovative/creative application or use of technology within your field
  • Technological sophistication in the context of your discipline
  • Service to the university and/or the surrounding community
  • Significance or impact of this project
  • Integration across disciplines
  • Preference is given to completed work or work where a significant portion has been completed
  • If this project is completed with assistance from an NMU faculty or staff member, clearly differentiate between the students and faculty/staff member’s contributions
  • If multiple entries are submitted from the same project, clearly differentiate each individual’s work contributions


The Student Technology Innovation Award recognizes students’ creative use of technology and innovation in their academic disciplines. The purpose of this award is to identify and reward exemplary students who have utilized innovative technologies in their specific subject areas at NMU. Up to two winners of the award will receive $750. This award is given once every year.

Evaluation Procedure

The Educational Technology Resources and Policy Committee (ETRPC) will review applications and submit a list of winners to the Office of Graduate Education and Research in late March or early April. Students will be notified upon approval. 


The essays and outputs from the winners can be used by the University for information and promotion purposes. Winners are required to present their works at the Celebration of Student Scholarship and may be asked to present to other groups/audiences associated with Northern Michigan university. The 2021 Celebration of Student Scholarship will be a virtual event. Student Technology Award winners for 2021 will be required to create a short recording that presents their project and demonstrates it if possible.

Questions should be directed to the chair of the ETRPC Rick Mengyan at