Having children in college can be a very stressful time for parents, but the Student Service Center is prepared to help parents and their students understand NMU’s business processes. The Student Service Center can provide parents with general information they need regarding their NMU student's financial matters. If parents want specific information about their children’s financial records, however, their child must provide them authorization to access his or her records per federal privacy laws..

To allow an individual access to view your account information and make payments on your behalf the student must log on to eBill, click on the AUTHORIZED USERS tab. By adding an authorized the student is giving their written consent that an individual may review his/her account information only. Please note that authorized users DO NOT have access to the students stored payment methods, academic records, or other personal information.

Often, a concern for parents is determining how they’re going to pay for their student's college education. There are many sources of financial aid available to students. We strongly encourage parents to visit NMU’s Financial Aid Web site to learn more about the various options. Payment plans are also available if NMU students are unable to pay their tuition and fees all at once.