About the Black Box Theatre

Located in the McClintock building, the James A. Panowski Black Box Theatre is a wonderfully versatile space, providing a more intimate playing space for performers and audience members alike without neglecting any of the technology available in a larger theater.

With seating for up to 100 patrons, the Black Box is an interesting, one-of-a-kind space in which to watch and produce theatre, and is a favorite of the Department of Theatre and Dance students. The Black Box hosts our annual Fringe Festival, a repertory collection of student productions, and is home to many theatre classes including Acting, Musical Theatre, and Directing Theory.

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Why Students Love The Black Box

Featuring a full lighting and sound system and dressing room, this modern space reflects the movement of the current theatre industry and provides a perfect training ground for our students. Working in a smaller theater helps our students learn how to stay in character when they're only a few feet away, teaches them about how important the details can be when it comes to set and costume design, and offers an alternative experience to the main stage.

What a glorious feeling show in the Black Box Theatre

The intimate James A. Panowski Black Box Theatre gives our students a unique space to work.

Technical Specifications

Black Box equipment includes an ETC Insight 72-channel control board with 24 x 2.4k Teatronics Genesis dimmers and a Yamaha EMX 5014c sound console with 2 Yamaha S115V speakers.

This space seats approximately 100 people (exact capacity depends upon configuration). The normal configuration is thrust, but other configurations are possible depending upon the needs of the production.

Regan McKay

"Designing for the Black Box, you have to think a lot more about the tiny details that the audience may notice. Scenery can't have false backs, costumes have to fit perfectly, lighting can't spill into the seating. When I work in the Black Box, I get to create an immersive theatre experience for the audience that depends heavily on my design work."

Regan McKay

B.S. Theatre Design and Technology '19 | Wittenberg, WI

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