This digital collection is dedicated to recording the stories and spirit of the region.  The Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal by recording, transcribing, and posting the oral histories of the area's residents. Interviews are cataloged into subject specific categories and maintain a brief description to accommodate research and interest.  To search this information, try our search page


Dedicated to capturing the stories and spirit of the region, one way the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal is recording the oral histories of the area's residents. Each interview is done in person, recorded and then transcribed for ease of use. On this page, find interviews surrounding athletics. 




Axel and Barbara Anderson

May 23, 2009

Axel and Barbara Anderson discuss their lives and their time at Northern Michigan University, particularly Axel's athletic career at NMU. Includes discussion of their childhoods in Escanaba, how they got to NMU, Axel's involvement with Tri Mu fraternity, Barbara's experiences at the nursing school, Coach Money, and Axel's experiences as an athlete.

Jack Bietila

November 13, 2001

Jack Bietila, son of Anslem Bietila of the original Flying Bietilas.  Discusses growing up skiing in the Cleveland neighborhood, schooling, and ski career in Ishpeming, Michigan.

Ralph Bietila 

November 13, 2001 

Ralph Bieltila discusses his career in ski jumping most notably during the Olympics of 1948 and 1952. 

Rob Boss

November 15, 2009

Rob Boss details his football experience thus far. After excelling on his small-town Charlevoix High School team, Boss advanced to play Division II football for Northern Michigan University from the years ’02 through ’05. After some consideration, Boss left NMU his senior year to play Arena II football for the Green Bay Blizzard, where his breakout season landed him a spot on the Arena I football team, the Chicago Rush. After the Arena Football League folded, Boss returned to finish his degree at NMU and began a position coaching NMU football.

Amanda Caron September 21, 2018 Amanda Caron, as the president of the Aquamen, describes the game of underwater hockey rugby and describes the goals of this organization. 

Allan Chapman 

November 7, 2001

Ishpeming native and ski jumper Allan Chapman discusses his ski career and trips throughout his life. 

John Croze October 21, 2018

Calumet High School Head Coach John Croze talks about his career as a coach and his life around football. He talks about his childhood growing up in Deer Lake location Ishpeming, MI. He also talks about his playing career, how he thinks the game of football has changed and his current season as a coach.

Dale Fredette

November 8, 2001

Dale Fredette describes ski jumping career ranging from 1950-1986 as well as points system, judging criteria, Federation International to Ski, history of Ishpeming Ski Club, Suicide Hill, and National Ski Jump Hall of Fame.

Zach Gauthier

November 30, 2009

Born in Ishpeming, Michigan, Zach Gauthier grew to be the largest of three brothers and excelled at football. His college football career began at Michigan Technological University before transferring to Northern Michigan University his sophomore year. At the time of interview, Gauthier had just completed his senior football season and welcomed the arrival of his third son.

Matt Granstrand

October 14, 2015

Matt Granstrand describes his upbringing in soccer and later return to the game as a men’s and women’s coach.  He discusses what brought him to NMU as the Women’s Soccer Team Coach.  He also describes changes the game has encountered since the start of his career, as well as the differences in coaching men’s and women’s teams, challenges of recruiting, and the future and needs of the Women’s Soccer Team.

Roy E. Heath

February 22, no year given

Dr. Roy E. Heath discusses the development of Northern Michigan University's United States Olympic Training Center. Topics discussed include economic effects the USOTC would have on the upper peninsula, differences between this site and others in the country at that time, and some of the political processes involved.

Coy Hill

December 18, 2001

Coy Hill describes ski jumping career spanning 36 years, as well as his involvement with the Ishpeming Ski Club, officiating, coaching, and development of Suicide Hill and Al Quaal recreational area.

Dave Holli  December 18, 2001 Ispheming native Dave Holli shares his autobiography and involvement in the ski-jumping community including his vested efforts in the continuation of the Suicide Ski Jump. 

Scott Husak

August 1, 2003

Scott Husak discusses how he came to be Wildcat Willy, duties involved, expected behavior, and his perceived decline in the "status" of Wildcat Willy.

Don Hurst

November 12, 2001

Don Hurst begins by describing his personal education history and his involvement in skiing, beginning at age six.  Explains various tournaments, as well as his involvement with cross country skiing.

Norman Juhola December 18, 2001 Norm Juhola shares his background and how he 'accidently' became involved in the ski jumping community of Ishpeming, Michigan. He discusses his involvement in the Suicide Jump and the development of cross country ski trails. 
Jeffrey Klienschmidt  No Date Given  Jeffrey Klienschmidt discusses the beginnings and development of the Olympic Training Center at NMU including the establishment of the Great Lakes Sports Academy, relations with Governor Blanchard, and the success of the Superior Dome. 
Sasa Kostic October 29th, 2018 Interview with Sasa Kostic, Director of Coaching at Marquette United Soccer Club. The Interview covers Sasa's upbringing in Serbia, his move to the United States, and relocation Marquette, MI. He details he soccer training, coaching expertise and what he hopes to do for Marquette soccer. Sasa and his wife also run a local coffee house which he details.

Jack (Roxie) Lawson

November 13, 2001

1922-2001 Interview previously indexed.  Briefly discusses his nickname origin, family, and growing up in Ishpeming.  School, work.  Skiing: Bietilas, Duluth Ski Jumping Tournament, 10th Mountain Division, Colorado, Texas, Italy.  Shrapnel hit and “walking wounded”, opera in pajamas, baseball, discharge November 29, 1945.  Jumping after the war: Travels in US, record jumps, Duluth Tournament.  Technique: wind pressure and ride the air, guts.  Nickname “Hammerlegs” for Ralph Bietila.  Ski Technique: old v. new. Equipment: old v. new, hill transportation, hill grooming, setting the track.  Prizes.  Marriage: wife and daughters (gave no names).  Women in the sport.  Life now: breakfast group, deer camp.  Trip to Finland for 80th birthday in 2002.  Ski Hall of Fame.  Ski professionals: Walter Hantz Anderson and Matt Heikkenan in 1920’s.  Demise of Ski jumping.  Wife’s liver transplant.

Rudy Maki

November 21, 2001

Rudy Maki discusses his time with the Ishpeming Ski Club in the 1940s and 1950s as well as his subsequent participation in various Olympic, International, and National Competitions as an official.

Joe Matiskiel  August 30, 2009 NMU Club Hockey player Joe Matiskiel discusses the details of being on the team, his love for hockey, and other details about being a student-athlete. 

Monsignor Lewis Meyer

November 1, no year given

Monsignor Meyer discusses the history of the CYC with an emphasis on sports - soccer in particular. Also included are the topics of integration, ethnic soccer teams, and Monsignor Myer's personal history. NOTE: Transcription ends abruptly.

Ellsworth "Pinky" Mitchell  December 18, 2001 "Pinky" talks about his personal background and his skiing career including being a jumper and a coach. 

Robert "Bob" Money

May 26, 2009

Bob Money discusses how he came to live in Marquette and his involvement with athletics and the academic community at Northern Michigan University.

Carl "Buck" Nystrom

January 7, 2013

Coach Carl "Buck" Nystrom, born in Marquette, MI, discusses how he became involved in sports as a player throughout his education and then coaching afterward. He speaks about various influences in his life and some of the ways he was involved in the community in the Upper Peninsula.

Jerry Pangrazzi

May 21, 2009

Jerry Pangrazzi discusses his involvement with the Barrack's Boys at Northern Michigan University as well as his experiences in athletics and coaching.

Joe Perrault

November 12, 2001

Joe Perrault describes coming into skiing at a young age, the Flying Bietilas, living in the Cleveland area of Ishpeming, his ski first tournament, skiing in `48 and `52 Olympics, Ripley Ski Jump, 10th Mountain Division experience, proudest accomplishments: setting American Record in Iron Mountain in 1949 and placing 15th at 1952 Winter Olympics, taking a bad fall in `58, the Ishpeming Ski Club, advice to young skiers.

Tom Peters April 5, 1995 Tom Peters discusses the Olympic Education Center at NMU. He talks about the initial idea, influences,  student athletes, training programs offered, and the future of the USOEC. 
Tom Sodergren  December 18, 2001  Tom Sodergren talks about his involvement with the Ishpeming Ski Club, ski jumping in general, ki jump engineers. 
Dylan Stesliki September 28, 2018

Dylan Steslicki, one of the captains for Northern Michigan University’s Ultimate Frisbee Club, starts the interview explaining just how he got into Ultimate Frisbee and the long journey that put him on NMU’s Frisbee team. He goes on to describe the growth of the club through the years he’s been involved, from a small team only capable of fielding a mixed men’s/women’s team to a club fielding both men’s and women’s teams. After a description of Ultimate Frisbee and its organization at the college level, Mr. Steslicki continues by explaining what he wants to do in Ultimate Frisbee, both personally and for the club. In doing so, Steslicki explains the draw of Ultimate Frisbee, especially for those high school athletes who wish to continue competing; he also describes the nature of the community around the sport. After a brief explanation of the growth of the sport, Steslicki touches on the potential injuries that can occur. Finally, the interview closes on an organizational note: Steslicki outlines his hope that this winter, he will be able to keep participation up during practices.


April 1995

An unknown man who is associated with the Northern Michigan University Athletics Department discusses the facilities including Hedgcock Feildhouse, the PEIF and Superior Dome. He also talks about participation in recreational sports and the Recreation Facilities Services department. 

Dedicated to capturing the stories and spirit of the region, one way the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal is recording the oral histories of the area's residents. Each interview is done in person, recorded and then transcribed for ease of use. On this page, find interviews surrounding the history of education and schooling. 


Name  Date Summary 
Wiliam Boda May 21, 1999 William Boda discusses teaching at Hannahville Indian School in Wilson, Michigan; faculty; curriculum; funding; school technologies; traditional Native American ceremonies; inclusion of Native American language; athletics; NMU's Center for Native American Studies; and working for the Board of Education (Orbis).
Dortha Bordeau September 10, 1979 Dorotha Bordeau recalls teaching in 1921-23 and discusses education in Chocolay Township, Michigan.  Mentions Cherry Creek School, Harvey School, Beaver Grove School, Green Garden School
Esther Dawe April 22, 1989 School teacher Esther Dawe tells the history of the Longfellow School from her time as a elementary student there and general education in Foster City, Michigan in the early 1900s. 
Brenton Fitzpatrick October 17, 2018

Brenton Fitzpatrick discusses his time teaching in the Superior Central School District, describing the school, a typical day of teaching, extracurricular activities, and some of the challenges he finds teaching in the Upper Peninsula. Discussion then moves on to curriculum and technology expectations, and concludes with technology's role in the classroom.

Mrs. John (Delcie) Frisk April 16, 1981 Mrs. John Frisk discusses teaching in Ely Township and Michigamme, Michigan country schools during 1911-1920, her qualifications and training, interaction with County Commissioner of Schools, and differences in teaching then and today.
Ragene Henry  No Date Given  A 5th grade teacher on KI Sawyer Base, Ragene Henry discusses the history books she has written. She also elaborate on her experiences being a teacher on base while it was active and inactive.  
Sandy Longhini No Date Given  A teacher on the KI Sawyer Base, Sandy Longhini describes the school structure on base as well as the developments the system has had in regard to special programs and services since the closure of the base. 
Leo Niemi  March 19, 1989 A native of Gwinn, Michigan, Leo Niemi talks about growing up during the Great Depression and attending Gwinn High School. He also discusses importance of education in the community along with ethnic tensions. 
Cecelia Loch Parrett  October 9, 1997   A county teacher, Cecelia Parrett discusses her career teaching in Stevenson Township and the small county schools there. She also briefly discusses farm life and the early days at Northern State Normal School. 
Schaefer June No Date Given June Schaefer, a NMU grad describes how NMU helped prepare her for a career in education, specifically in the ISD setting. June also describes some of the changes in education through the years and how she transitioned from being a teacher to being on administrative side of education.
Jim and Kathy Stelzel June 22, 2018 Jim and Kathy recall their time being in the the schools in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. Jim tells of his time being a high school teacher in Rudyard, Michigan, while Kathy touches on her time as a speech pathologist and special education in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. 

Dedicated to capturing the stories and spirit of the region, one way the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal is recording the oral histories of the area's residents. Each interview is done in person, recorded and then transcribed for ease of use. On this page, find interviews involving people from different ethnic communities and their immigration to the Upper Peninsula. 




Frankie Andriacci 

No Date Given 

Native of Ishpeming, Michigan Frankie Andraicci explores his family's settlement in the Upper Peninsula from Italy and his life growing up in the Great Depression. He discusses the ethnic groups he was surrounded by and his experiences centered around The Venice Supper Club. 

John Argeropolus & Mary Graphos

January 18, 2011

1916- 2011 Greek immigration to and life in Marquette, Michigan.  Occupations, return migrations, Greek family and extended family connections in other regions of the Upper Peninsula, Greek restaurants, candy shops, billiard hall, vending cart products, community celebrations, religion, Greek school, holidays, and ethnic traditions.  

Jessie Beattie

August 23, 1980

Jessie Beattie discusses her upbringing on her German grandparents farm in Ingallston Township, Michigan; Reichert farm; life during the turn of the 20th century; work in lumber camps; farming and canning; livestock; home steading; education in a log schoolhouse; selling goods in Cedar River and Menominee; and purchases from Montgomery Ward's.

Leonardo Beiler

December 2, 2014

Leonardo Beiler discusses his life before and after immigration to America; His family and educational background in Brazil; exchange student experience at East Kentwood High School in Kentwood, Michigan; the actual process of how he came to U.S.; his working experience; advantage of getting into U.S. as a student; difficulties of getting visa as foreigners; unique social problems that he noticed in U.S.; how he went through the citizenship process; suggestion to somebody who want to get the citizenship; difference between Brazil and the U.S in terms of economy, education; thankful feeling to American government for the benefits he has got; double-sided ness of allowing immigration in U.S.

Demos Demosthenous

February 12, 1982

Demos Demosthenous discusses his immigration from the Greek island of Cyprus to Canada. Topics include his background and family, his career with Holiday Inn, his involvement with the Greek church, a man named Father Meletios, and the Greek community in Sault St. Marie, Ontario and Sault St. Marie, Michigan.

Lucille Dolan

March 27, 1987

Lucille Dolan discusses her father's immigration from Canada to Marquette, her Marquette born mother's brief British citizenship, French-Canadian culture in the Upper Peninsula, history of Marquette people and the area, and her own life and education.

Leo Doucette April 24, 1981 Canadian immigrant Leo Doucette gives details on his life growing up in Big Bay, Michigan. Note: only first half of interview is quality enough to transcribe. 

Halldor Egilsson 

July 25, 2010 

Icelandic immigrant Halldor Egilsson discusses his heritage and growing up in Marquette, Michigan in the 1960s. Also included are details of his life and culture throughout the Upper Peninsula. 

Hugo Eyzaguirre

November 25, 2014

Hugo Eyzaguirre explains his experience coming to the United States from Peru. Eyzaguirre lived in Peru's capital city of Lima before emigrating to the United States to obtain his masters degree and PhD. During his graduate studies Eyzaguirre lived in DC, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Miami. At the time of interview Eyzaguirre is living in Marquette and teaching at NMU. Eyzaguirre compares/contrasts United States v Peruvian concepts of poverty; educational institutions; social/cultural norms.

Camilla Fassbender

November 23, 2014

Camilla Fassbender discusses her life in former Czechoslovakia and her immigration from Slovakia to the United States. Topics include life in Czechoslovakia under Communism, the Velvet Revolution, her education, her family, the immigration process, her life in Marquette, languages, the current state of immigration and health care in the United States, and life in the United States vs. life in Slovakia.

Pete Gianekura

February 1, 1980 Pete Gianekura discusses his time in and around the Greek Orthodox Chrurch in Sault Saint Marie, Michgian. He aslo explains different customs and hoildays within the Greek community celebrated in Sault Saint Marie. 
Gertrude Gruber February 21, 2002 Gertrude Gruber discusses her Cornish heritage and her grandparent's immigration to the Upper Peninsula from Cornwall in the mid-1800s. She discuss the impact her heritage had on her life growing up in Hancock, Michigan in the early 1900s including religion, food, education, and entertainment. Insight is also given on the impact of the Great Depression on the Copper Country. 

Glenda Hiltunen

May 1, 2010

1913-2010, founding of Aura, Michigan community, Aura Community Hall, Scholarships, Aura Jamboree: advertisement, event records, food, facilities, health regulations, musicians, history of the Jamboree.

Milton, Merton and Sidney Holman  December 21, 2001 The Holman brothers vividly recall their childhood growing up in Negaunee as a Cornish family. They tell about life inside their family home along with their interaction with the many ethnic groups that were tied together by mining. 

Annti Jaar/Virta

March 10, 2015

In his March, 2015 interview Annti Jaar/Virta discusses his life and career in Finland and the Upper Peninsula’s Copper Country. Annti began his career in metal research as lab technician in Finland before emigrating and continuing his research in New Jersey for the American Climax Company. Later, Annti moved to the Upper Peninsula and continued his work for notable ore mining companies including the White Pine Mine, Calumet & Hecla, and the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company under the direction of Tsu-Min Han. Annti is the last living technician to have worked with Tsu-Min Han, and during the course of the interview he explains what working for CCI and Tsu-Min Han was like from an inside perspective.

George Javor

August 17, 1983

George Javor discusses Italian Fishermen in Alaska and his work experience there. Topics included are Dr. Javor's immigration to the United States, his work in the dining room of the Alaska Packer Company, his experience with the Italian fishermen and the Alaska Packers' Union, the foods he served, and the operations of the fishing company.

Martha Johnson 

April 10, 1981

Martha Johnson discusses her life, starting with her schooling in Sweden, then immigrating from Sweden to Lathrop, Michigan, what life was like in Lathrop and the surrounding areas, and what life was like during World War I and World War II.

Peter Juntunen

February 3, 1987

Peter Juntunen narrates the early history of the Herman, Michigan community. He describes his life growing up, life during the Great Depression, farming and logging in the Upper Peninsula, and his job with the Department of Agriculture.

Rudy Kalchich  August 15, 2002 Rudy Kalchich gives his own life story growing up in Ironwood, Michigan discussing his Croatian heritage and his fathers immigration from Croatia in the early 1900s. Details include sharing stories from the community and aspects of Croatian culture. 

Rudy Kemppanen

January 19, 2012

Pastor Kemppanen discusses his Finnish background; his grandparents’ migration to the United States; their farm (located in Salo, MI); the Finnish community in the Upper Peninsula; mining; the Quincy mine; life growing up on his family’s farm; the process of milking cows; how he became interested in the ministry; his schooling at Hancock High School and Sumi College; his knowledge of the Finnish language; his seminary studies; the different branches of the Lutheran Church; the LCA; the Lutheran Church in the Upper Peninsula; his career; giving Finnish services; the Finnish culture; Finnish Christmas celebrations; Finnish traditions; Finnish socialists; the Toomies publishing company; Finnish communists; Finnish newspapers; preparing sermons; and the Finnish ethnic community

Alex Kloster January 12, 1989 First generation German-American Alex Kloster gives an in depth look into the lives of German immigrants in the eastern Upper Peninsula in the early 1900s, specifically surrounding Brimley. He discusses the various families, farms, customs, and foods of his upbringing. 
Sasa Kostic October 29, 2018

Interview with Sasa Kostic, Director of Coaching at Marquette United Soccer Club. The Interview covers Sasa's upbringing in Serbia, his move to the United States, and relocation Marquette, MI. He details he soccer training, coaching expertise and what he hopes to do for Marquette soccer. Sasa and his wife also run a local coffee house which he details.

Zuang Zhong Lehmberg

December 3, 2014

Dr. Z.Z. Lehmberg biographic interview.  She describes coming to Marquette, MI from China near her twentieth birthday, emigrating to the U.S., and teaching career at Northern Michigan University.  Discusses the involvement with U.S. China People’s Friendship Association, founded by Dr. John Saari.  Working toward a middle of the road meeting between the Western and the Eastern philosophies and cultures.

Olive Liikene

No Date Given

Born in Finland in 1914, Olive describes her family’s immigration from Finland to Canada, then to Ironwood, Michigan.  Describes growing up in Ironwood, Michigan 1920s-30s, and Norrie mine location, Iron ore mining, depression, WPA, home and family life, traditions, holidays, being a Finnish immigrant, Finnish spoken at home growing up, travel, education. 

Katherine (Kathryn) Liimatainen

March 4, 1987

Katherine Livermore discusses life growing up in a Finnish community in Aura, Michigan. She describes the many jobs she held as a companion and caretaker, working at the L'Anse boarding house, and as a cook for the Friedmans in White Pine. She describes the Finnish practice of cupping and other Finnish home remedies. Katherine describes the Finnish foods and handmade goods made by her parents. She discusses events that happened in her life and the lessons she learned from them.

Bertha Livermore

June 4, 1983

Bertha Livermore describes the Michigan Timber Worker's Strike of 1937 at the Newberry Lumber and Chemical Company, the relations between the Finnish and the Swedish in Newberry, the combining of the Finnish and Swedish churches in Newberry, and other aspects of life in Newberry during the mid twentieth century. 

George Mahalic

No Date Given

George Mahalic briefly discusses his Croatian - Yugoslavian heritage and associated aspects of these immigrants in Escanaba, MI.

Helga Mansfield

November 13, 2014

Helga Mansfield describes her immigration experience, moving from Germany to the Chicago area in the 1960s.  Beginning with a civil service exchange program between police departments, she describes her experience with the lengthy immigration-naturalization process.  Interviewed by Maranda MacMaster, her granddaughter, for Immigration History.

Ray Maurin

August 15, 2002

Ray Maurin briefly discusses his Croatian heritage, including the lives of his parents and grandparents and Croatian food.

Father Meletios Christofou February 16, 1982 Father Meletios speaks of his mission work and travel all over the world. 
Father Meletios Christofou February 23, 1982 Father Meletios discusses his travels all over the world including, Africa and the Middle East and the main differences between life in Africa and life in the U.P.
Father Meletios Christofou February 5, 1982 Father Meletios explains the difference between the Greek Orthodox Church and other churches in the Sault Saint Marie area. He explains the different denominations within the Orthodox faith as well as an Orthodox school he has helped set up. Please note that although he has the same name as Father Meletios Christofou he is in fact a different person. He and Father Meletios were very close so he took his name as a symbol for respect and appreciation. 
Mary Miketinac June 8, 1988 Mary Miketinac  discusses her life growing up as a Croatian in Hermansville, Michigan. She tells of their life after immigrating to the United States and the culture of Hermansville because of the immigration consisting of foods, holidays, the lumber mills, and memberships to the Croatian lodges.

Anna Josephine Therese Murvich

February 15, 1983

Anna Murvich discusses her Slovenian heritage, how her family immigrated to the Calumet area, and some of the cultural aspects that were preserved.

Carl Pallompaa

November 19, 2002

Carl Pallompaa discusses his work in television and radio in the Upper Peninsula, specifically his work on the Finnish television program “Finland Calling.” Also a biographical interview, discussing his parents’ migration from Finland to the Negaunee/Ishpeming area, working in the mines, and being Finnish in the Upper Peninsula.

Michelle Pehlman

November 29, 2014

Michelle Pehlman lived on St. Croix Island until the second grade when she attended school in Trinidad.  Following Hurricane David in 1978, her family moved to Riverside California.  She studied at Oral Robert’s University in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has since lived in Baltimore, MD, and currently resides in Birdsboro, PA.  She discusses her perception of life in each of these places, why her family moved to California and Hurricane David, her immediate family’s employment, her family’s transition to American culture and life, the effect of racism, the difference between heritage and culture, cultural pressure, her faith and its influence on her transition, and her opinions regarding current immigration issues.

Frank Plautz No Date Given  The son of a Slovenia immigrant, Frank Plautz talks about his heritage and family history of immigration to the United States in the late 1800s where they finally settled in Calumet, Michigan. He discusses ethnic customs, work, religion, and relations between the different groups of, at the time, Yugoslavia. 
Frank Plautz November 22, 1982 Frank Plautz talks about his Slovenian heritage and what it was like growing up in Calumet, Michigan with 14 siblings. He talks about the pastimes, important holidays, and other aspects of general life.

Domenaca Russo and Vincent Villa

November 15, 2007

Domenaca Russo and Vincent Villa discuss their family and parent’s origins from San Jorjo Canavese near Torino, Italy to the Copper Country and later to New Swanzy, Michigan during the Depression.  Additional Italian last names and origins are mentioned, speaking Italian at home, moonshine, death of father, bootlegging, foods, and family history.

John Rodman June 8, 1988 John Rodman, a Croatian immigrant, tells about his life in Hermansville, Michigan. John explains about some of the difficulties he faced coming from Europe but mostly how much better the United States was compared to his old life in Croatia. He adds some stories about the Hermansville community as well as his many years of involvement in the community's lodge.
Mary & Anna Rodman June, 2, 1988 Mary and Anna shares stories of growing up in Hermansville, Michigan. These two sisters share how different Hermansville is now compared to when they were growing up. Yet despite all of the changes, they still are proud of their Croatian settlement  and their Croatian Heritage in the Upper Peninsula.

Adorno "Babe" Salani

August 23, 2010

Adorno Salani discusses his family's immigration to the United States and the Upper Peninsula from Italy, how his family made it through the depression, and his involvement volunteering at Marquette hospitals.

Glen Seaborg  March 21, 1996  Ishpeming native Glen Seaborg discusses the many interesting aspects of growing up during the early 1900s including many details of Swedish culture incorporated into daily life. He also discusses ethnic diversity in the town, his education, ski jumping, community, and food. 

Bodil Soderberg

April 19, 2011

Bodil Soderberg speaks with Dr. Russell Magnaghi about her Finnish and Swedish heritage, customs that have been retained or eliminated, and how she came to reside in the Upper Peninsula.

Monsignor David Spelgatti August 5, 1993 Monsignor David Spelgatti discusses the boarding houses in Negaunee in the early 1900s that were populated by mainly Italian immigrants. He talks about daily life, the boarders, his family, and the Italian heritage of the area. 

Tanya Stanaway

May 5, 2010

Tanya Stanaway discusses her interest and history as a musician, as well as the Aura Jamboree in Aura, MI.

Juanita Velasco

February 22, 1995

Juanita Velasco discusses life in the small villages of Guatemala, how the rural culture has been changing over the years, and how those local economies thrive through textile trade. She speaks about some of the Mayan traditions that are still held today and some that are gradually being lost due to tourism and the influence of American and European culture in those communities.

Helen Waisanen

April 22, 2010

Helen Waisanen discusses the development and her participation in the Aura Jamboree.

Pauline Wolf and Anna Hayson June 8, 1988 Pauline Wold describes her immigration to the United States from Croatia in the early 1900s. She also talks about her life here in America, with her parents and then eventually with a family of her own. Anna Hayson discusses parts of her life in the United States and about the family she raised.

Dedicated to capturing the stories and spirit of the region, one way the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal is recording the oral histories of the area's residents. Each interview is done in person, recorded and then transcribed for ease of use. On this page, find interviews pertaining to general Upper Peninsula history. 





Richard Adams

December 9, 2015

Rich Adams discusses his career as an air traffic controller for the Air Force, particularly his experiences during the Vietnam War and while working at K.I. Sawyer Air Base.

Gertrude Bailey

November 9, 2010

Gertrude Bailey discusses life on Drummond Island in the 1920's and years that followed. She speaks about general life, some of the economic issues that faced such a rural community, and what they did for entertainment.

Greg Banks

March 24, 1989

Greg Banks discusses the Green Party, including its creation, values, and basic beliefs.

Myron Basal

November 2, 2015

Myron Basal describes growing up in and early settlement of Beaver Grove, Michigan.  He discusses trapping, tending horses for the construction of M-28 from Marquette to Munising, Integration during Korean War, Marquette Branch Prison Riot of 1980, integration of women as Corrections Officers, farming pumpkins.

Jessie Beattie

August 23, 1980

Jessie Beattie discusses her upbringing on her German grandparents farm in Ingallston Township, Michigan; Reichert farm; life during the turn of the 20th century; work in lumber camps; farming and canning; livestock; home steading; education in a log schoolhouse; selling goods in Cedar River and Menominee; and purchases from Montgomery Ward's.

Ernie Beck May 24, 2006 and June 6, 2006 North Marquette historian Ernie Beck shares his expiriences growing up and attending the John D. Pierce School in Marquette, Michigan. In two juxtaposed interviews he talks about his Finnish roots, ethnic communities, housing development, streetcar lines, his family, and the overall history of North Marquette. 

Thomas Beber

May 29, 2009

Thomas Beber discusses his brief time at Northern Michigan University before joining the Marine Corps for four years and then finally graduating from Michigan Technological University.

Glen Binoneimi

No Date Given 

In his interview Upper Peninsula native Glenn Binoneimi recalls his lifetime work history. Born in 1936 Glen recalls his earliest job as working on a farm in Clayton Mills, Michigan. Glenn also worked in a smelt factory, wire mill, and served in the Army from 1959 through the early '60s. After returning from the Army Glenn got a job as a railroad clerk typist and was quickly trained to work on keypunch computer programs. Glenn then continued to work on computers until his retirement.

Sarah Bottrell

November 15, 2005

Sarah Bottrell discusses her family background; growing up in Ishpeming in the early 1900s; being part of the mining community; attending Northern Michigan University; her experience with professors Kaye, Chase, Hunt, and Lowell; her brother's work with radios; past presidents of NMU; influenza and polio; and her teaching career.

Roland H. Bramer

No Date Given 

Roland H. Bramer  describes the Village of Nahma, Michigan during 1920s-1980s. Details include the Bay de Noc Lumber Company, American Playground Device Company, working at the sawmill, the General Store, the Great Depression, Nahma School, the transition from lumber company town, and the future of Nahma.

Will Brideson March 29, 1989 Will Brideson is a Gwinn native that describes the history of Gwinn, Michigan. Will focuses on how Gwinn is called a model town and how that has effected the town over the years.

Rev. Louis Cappo

January 29, 1997

Reverend Cappo discusses his life growing up in Baltic, MI; his parents’ migration from Italy; his studies at St. Lawrence Seminary and St. Francis Seminary; his career as a priest; his work to promote industry and development in the Upper Peninsula; working for American Motors; the discussion of natural gas in the Upper Peninsula; the tax system of the mining industry; the creation of Indian Head Ski Resort in Wakefield; unions and mining companies; his father’s activity in the mines and local politics; the Depression; the closing of the Sunny Lake Mine; UpCap; The Lake Superior Jobs Coalition; his family’s Piedmontese origins; their traditional Italian foods; the making of saltisa (a Piedmontese sausage); his Italian origins; traveling to Italy; and meeting the Pope.

Agnes Carlson 

March 29, 2002

Resident of the Daggett/Stevenson area but native of Menominee, Agnes gives her autobiography and perspective on growing up in the UP in the early 1900s including the development and modernization of the area. 

Newton (Newt) Chapman

October 16, 2008

Newton (Newt) Chapman discusses the industrial and economic aspects of northern lower Michigan such as logging and shipping around the 1950's as well as a specifically local card game to the Alpena/Onawa region called Spitzer.

Evelyn Cieslick

March 18, 1989

Evelyn Cieslick discusses her recollections of World War II. Included are memories of Pearl Harbor, the United States entering the war, her work at a battery factory, rationing, what life in high school was like during the war, the process of writing to and receiving letters from soldiers, reactions to news of victory, the atomic bombing of Japan, and concentration camps.

Willard Cohodas

November 13, 1995

Willard Cohodas, nephew of Sam Cohodas, gives a description of various artifacts depicting the Cohodas family history as they moved through Poland, Houghton, Hancock, and Marquette. 

Edwin Charles Colleur November 20, 1984 Edwin Charles Colleur discusses his life at the Holy Family Orphanage in Marquette in the 1940s. Includes discussion of food, clothing, schooling, and activities at the orphanage. 

Melvin Cousineau

No Date Given

Melvin Cousineau discusses his family’s homestead a few miles northeast of Hardwood, Michigan.  He discusses his father’s career and discusses the Ford Motor Company plant in Kingsford and Kingsford Charcoal Briquette plant.

Fred Dagner

October 17, 2008

Fred Dagner tells the story of how his grandparents came to live in the Alpena area and what life was like in a small Upper Peninsula town. He also discusses his time in the Marine Corps.

Robert G. Davis

March 31, 1989

Robert G. Davis discusses life in the Upper Peninsula during World War II and the German bund operation in Manistique. Topics included are his famliy life, vacationing in the Upper Peninsula, what he learned about the German bund operation in Manistique from German-American acquaintances, and life in both Detroit and the Upper Peninsula during World War II.

Geraldine Defant

March 22,1990

Geraldine Defant discusses her life spent working for the organization of unions. Topics include her personal history; her beginnings working for the Chicago Relief Administration; her work at unionizing the H.W. Gossard garment plants in Ishpeming and Gwinn and the difficult process of unionizing these two plants; and her current job as Marquette County Commissioner.

Margorie Deges

No Date Given 

Margorie Deges discusses life in the Copper Country during the 1930s including family life, economics, and transportation. 

Joe Drobney

August 31, 2010

Joe Drobney describes the origins, operation, and manufacturing of the Munising Woodenware Company in Munising, Michigan, and his work as a bowl painter in 1949.  Discusses the workers’ strike of 1949 due to pay inequality, The Piqua Handle Company in Marquette and subsequent fire at company.  Mentions painting technique, different brushes used, and patterns utilized.

Jack Dueweke

No Date Given

Jack Dueweke, 9-1-1 Emergency Coordinator for Houghton County, Michigan briefly discusses the decision to move their dispatch from Laurium, Michigan to the Negaunee Regional Dispatch Center.  He also discusses issues with the faxing of run reports from various agencies.

Tom Dummer 

December 6, 2009

Co-founder of the Hiawatha Music Fesitval Tom Dummer discusses the inception and development of the festival starting with the communal living efforts in Deerton, Michigan during the 1970s. 

Nita Engle 

June 27, 2003 

Nita Engle gives her biography from growing up in Marquette County, Michigan including details of the Swedish culture of Ispheming and Negaunee. She also dives into the details of her career as an artist starting in the 1950s. 

G. Fortin

December 1, 2001

G. Fortin describes life growing up on a farm in Calvin, Michigan to interviewer Karl Shunk.  Interview appears to take place while driving and looking deer sign, and describes various former sites and camp locations.

Ken Fowler

May 21, 1982

Ken Fowler discusses “Old Times in Algonquian”, a neighborhood location west of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  After quitting school, Ken got a job for a local store tending and driving horses, he later took a job inside, and eventually opened up his own store.  He discusses the meat business, being Post Master in Algonquin for forty years, along with reminiscing with the interviewer about the area.

William Fretz

March 2, 1990

Newberry, Michigan resident William Fretz discusses a wide range of subjects related to the history of the Newberry News, the family business, and the future of Luce County. 

Mrs. John Frisk April 16, 1981 Mrs. Frisk recalls the movement of the KKK in Marquette County and the social stigmas around this in the early 1920's. 

Bishop James Garland

September 13, 2012

In his September 2012 interview with Russell Magnaghi in Marquette MI, Bishop James Garland details some highlights of his then 20 year career within the Diocese of Marquette. Bishop Garland begins telling of the life and career of the recently passed Father Gauthier, whose many professional titles included Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Director of the Propagation of the Faith, and long-time pastor of St. Louis Parish in Harvey. He also tells of his trials and achievements associated with closing, and restructuring institutes and parishes within the Diocese of Marquette. History of the Diocese of Marquette before Bishop Garland is also discussed by both Bishop Garland and Russell Magnaghi.

Father Lawrence Gauthier December 20, 2006 Father Gauthier discusses his life, his French-Canadian heritage, his family history, Prohibition, and the history of the Catholic church and Catholic schools in Marquette and the U.P.

Dorothy Goetz, Betty Mullins, and Dorothy Painter

October 16, 2008

Dorothy Goetz, Betty Mullins, and Dorothy Painter all sit down with Russell Magnaghi to discuss growing up in rural Upper Peninsula near the end of the depression.

Estelle Gustafson

May 17, 1983

Estelle Gustafson discusses living in the Newberry area and St. Ignace areas during the 1920s.  Boardwalk from Dollarville to Newberry, riding passenger trains, labor riot, lumber camp children, farming at State Hospital.

Cody Hanson

November 18, 2009

Cody Hanson talks about his company 906 Technologies; computers; website design; jobs held at Northern Michigan University; NMU Football; future plans.

George and Vivian Hauswirth

March 5, 1993

George and Vivian Hauswirth's grandson interviews them about their experiences living in the Hancock area during the Depression.

Russel Hayner

October 16, 2008

Russel Hayner is interviewed about his life in the rural upper-Lower Michigan town of Onaway in the years that followed the depression.

Carlo Heikkenen

May 1, 2010

Carlo Heikkenen discusses his life and experiences in the rural Upper Peninsula towns of Aura, Pequaming, and L'Anse, as a member of the local co-op and board member for the REA.

Jack Henkala & Donna Lehto

August 17, 1998

Interview for U.P. Ethnic Folklore.  Donna Lehto discusses the folk-skill of making rag rugs in Crystal Falls, MI.  Needed equipment, materials, preparation, and processes of making rugs are covered. Interviewer follows up in Amasa, MI with Jack Henkala who discusses his family’s Finnish heritage and personal history of making rag rugs.

Henry (No last name given)

March 22, 1989

Henry discusses what it was like growing up in the upper peninsula with an alcoholic father and some of the effects it has on his life to this day.

Gordon Hervela

February 2, 1989

Gordon Hervela describes spending summers on his grandparent’s farm outside of Calumet, Michigan during the 1920s at hay-making time, living and working in Detroit in the 1930-40s, attending the Henry Ford Trade School graduating in 1936, and working in manufacturing sector during World War II.

Frank Holmstrom

November 11, 1989

Frank Holmstrom describes the family and immigration history with Todd C. Holmstrom.  Families came from Sweden and Finland, dating from mid to late 19th century.  Family names mentioned include Holmstrom, Waara, Torkola, Sorson, Sorssä, Kelvie Sorssä, Toivo Gustafson, Juusola.

Eva Jones Date Unknown Eva discusses growing up in Beaver Grove and tells about her family history being French Canadian and having a large extended family living close together. 

Theodore Karamanski

April 10, 1995

Theodore Karamanski discusses his academic works including published papers and books in the area of history, as well as how he came to be a significant historian and professor. His works generally focus on the area from Chicago to Eastern Canada.

Helen Kaurala

May 13, 2015

Helen Kaurala discusses cooperative stores in Mass City and Greenland, Michigan which were operated by her family.  White Finn versus Red Finn Coop Stores, John Deere Implement store, and other coop locations.  Speaks of Finnish American identity and local ethnic makeup of Mass City-Greenland Michigan area.

Robert Kekke May 13, 2015 Green, Michigan native Robert Kekke talks about his childhood growing up in the rural Upper Peninsula in the 1940s and 50s. Details include Finnish culture, community life, the Leftist leanings of the town, and the many families in the surrounding areas. 
Gayle LaJoye April 22, 1981 Gayle LaJoye a clown from Marquette, Michigan shares his story of how he became a clown and his experience in the Ringing Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus. 

Gerda and Mabel Larson

Fall 1982

Gerda and Mabel Larson discuss life in Pequaming and the transitions Pequaming went through of Hebard, Ford, and becoming a ghost town. They describe growing up and playing as part of a family musical group for town dances and Ford's dance school. 

Leo Lassard  June 28, 2001 Leo Lassard discusses growing up in Sault St. Marie in the 1920s and 30s including his time spent in an orphanage, the bootlegging business of his father, and the jobs he held throughout his life. 

Robert Liimatainen

August 10, 2014

Bob Liimatainen Part I: Early life, growing up in Aura, MI and career at Argonne National Laboratory and education career.  Part II: Continuation of work at Argonne, and later for the US Foreign Service in Cairo, Egypt in 1966 until the Six-Day Arab-Israeli War and later in Tehran, Iran during 1967-1970.

Ruth MacFarlane

May 13, 2015

Ruth MacFarlane briefly describes her education and career background as a botanist at Eastern Michigan University’s Herbarium, what brought her up to the Upper Peninsula, living on a small farm near Mass City, Michigan, and her writing career for local newspapers.  She mentions Red and White Finns, Cooperative Stores, her work with the local 4-H writers group, Olaf Rankinen from Suomi College, and the long-lasting impression left on her by the generosity of a snowplow driver in saving her snow-scoop.

Arvid Maki

July 15, 2005

Arvid Maki discusses growing up in early Marquette near the blossoming NMU campus, where his family comes from, and some of the activities and jobs he was involved in through the years.

Russell Magnaghi November 16, 1979 Russ Magnaghi discusses the exhibit on Lew Allen Chase at the Marquette Historical Society as part of Upper Peninsula Today. 

Joseph Markantony

April 7, 1987

Joseph Markantony discusses his employment at both the Dow Chemical Plant and Marquette General Hospital as a grounds keeper in the '40s and '50s, as well as other related stories including his time in the service.

Myles McCormack and Donald Poupore

March, 2006

Officers Myles McCormack and Donald Poupore discuss some of the challenges associated with law enforcement on K.I. Sawyer after the Air Force left the base, an increasing population, and a declining budget.

Monsignor Nolan McKevitt June 6, 1989 Monsignor Nolan McKevitt tells of his time in the priesthood, through seminary and the many locations he had experiences with throughout the Upper Peninsula.
Pete Minneau  No Date Given  Gladstone Native Pete Minneau gives an insightful look into life in the town in the early 1900s. Pete discusses growing up during the Great Depression and the programs in place, the lumber and mining companies, as well as the general sense of helpfulness in the community. 

Brynhild Mitchell

July 7, 2009

In her July, 2009 interview Brynhild Mitchell discusses her life experiences which span more than 100 years. Born in Munising, MI in 1903, Brynhild Mitchell discusses what major historic events such as World War I, The Great Depression, and World War II looked like in Munising. Bryhild also tells of major industries and works within Munising during her lifetime including leather tanning and woodenware. Mitchell also spends some time explaining the significance of the Munising landmark, The Beach Inn.

Robert Monck

June 2, 2009

Robert Monck discusses his life and what brought him to Marquette, including his involvement with athletics and graduating from Northern Michigan University, his enlistment in the Army, and his subsequent career.

Robert "Bob" Money


Professor Robert "Bob" Money discusses prostitution in Sault Ste. Marie along with its implications and causes in the 1950's.

Audrey Moser

November 8, 2010

Life on Drummond Island, Michigan.  Biographic and local history interview, Mrs. Moser a fifth generation islander, born 1930, relates family, employment history, and life on the Island. Ancestors came to Drummond as homesteaders.  Discusses island development by Tom Monaghan, quarries, Fort Drummond, Drummond Island Museum, commercial fishing, tourism.

James Nostrant  June 7, 1982 James Nostrant describes his year as a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps around Germfask and Whitefish Point in 1940. He talks about the details of the camp, the work he did, and his overall impression of the program. 
Deborah Nyquist and Bridget Stafford October 27, 1989 Deborah and Bridget interview each other about their views on tattoos and tattooed women. Both girls have tattoos and share their experiences when telling their parents and some of the other reactions they received from friends and family about their tattoos. 
Dominic Ombrello December 12, 1988 Dominic Ombrello tells of his time growing up in Ishpeming, Michigan. He gives his experiences growing up through the great depression, and eventually serving in WWII and life upon his arrival back home in the Upper Peninsula.
Jim Robertson  Date Unknown  Jim Robertson discusses the history of Sault St. Marie and his laundry mat. He also talks about his father's tannery and general information about the area. 
Gretchen Roberts November 13, 1989 Gretchen shares her story of being robbed in Marquette, Michigan in the summer of1988.

Richard "Rich" Ryan

October 14, 2011

Richard Ryan describes living at the Holy Family Orphan’s Home in Marquette, Michigan from 1962-1967.

Fred Rydholm

December 11, 2008

Fred Rydholm begins by giving a brief background his family’s migration from Sweden and their life in Marquette in the early 20th century. Rydholm then moves on to discuss his childhood and schooling in Marquette. He discusses how, despite his background in science, he has written several volumes about local, Upper Peninsula history. He discusses why he is so interested in this subject and how he became so knowledgeable about it. Rydholm also discusses his tree farm, Prohibition, the books he has written, and his love of stories and storytelling.

Frank Sarvello November 29, 2009 Frank Sarvello describes his experience growing up in an Italian American community in Ishpeming as well as his time overseas during and after World War Two.

Lucy Savard

May 6, 1998

Lucy Savard describes her ancestors coming to St. Ignace area.  Great-grandfather was Louis Belonga, French-Canadian, and “was the first white settler in Carp River, MI.”  Describes life and upbringing on family farm in Carp River-St. Ignace area, folk and Native medicines, folktales, food, special occasion foods, mentions moonshining; carp, sucker, and smelt fishing.

Marie Sauer November 8, 1997 Marie Sauer discusses life in Gwinn, Michigan and Marquette, Michigan. Marie spent her childhood living in front of the jailhouse in Marquette when her dad was sheriff. She then moved to Gwinn where she spent most of her life teaching Physical Education and Kindergarten at the local school. 

Spencer Shunk

November 30, 2000

Spencer Shunk’s interview focuses on the settling of the Shunk Road family farm outside of Sault Ste. Marie, MI.  Describes crops farmed, making hay, lumbering in winter, driving teams of horses, moonshining, origins of Spencer’s butcher shop and segue into appliance sales, cattle raising, dances at the Grange Hall, wrestling matches at Fort Brady, family anecdotes.

Neil "Grandpa" Store August 23, 1998  Neil Store talks about the origins of the naming of Cranberry Road and an overview of general Green, Michigan history including the families in town. 
Time Capsule  July 24/25, 1987 In a radio spot recording, Tom Baldini, Gibb Butler and Ann Wilson share details of the time capsule placed at the bottom of Lake Superior in 1987 as part of the sesquicentennial celebration to be opened at Michigan bicentennial in 2037. 
Bob Thomson Sr.  April 23, 1988 Bob Thomson Sr. tells about being the co-owner of Johnson's Sports Center and the early days of his sporting goods shop in downtown Marquette. Having been around since 1945, Bob describes how Marquette's business district has not changed very much, but the way business is conducted has changed. Bob also mentions a few other local businesses that have helped him with his success over the years. 

Ida Thornberry

March 25, 1980

Garden Village, Kingsford, Michigan.  Early Ford days, came to Garden Village in 1925.  Former buildings’ locations, Garden Village Schoolyard, temporary barrack school, school in shifts, expanding student population, Garden Village School and Lincoln School, East Kingsford, Michigan.  Grocery shopping at the Ford Store, Kingsford incorporation, Ford Plant land sale, WWII and effects on Garden Village.

Note: Briding should be corrected to Breitung.

John Tobin  July 19, 1996 John Tobin describes his early upbringing in Marquette, Michigan and includes fantastic details of what seems to be a "lost history of Marquette". He tells of this history by using vivid and joyful memories of his childhood and includes details like sledding down the streets of Marquette, wooden sidewalks, the reveal of electricity and radio in the city, and the street car. 
Mary Allen Turino  Unknown  Mary Allen Turino is 20 years old and works at WLUC and describes what it is like to be behind the TV camera. Mary discusses office relations, sales, and some of the benefits of working at WLUC at such a young age. 
Michelle Vinoski March 20, 1989 Michelle Vinoski discusses her views on the Catholic school system in Ironwood, Michigan. Michelle focuses on disproving the myths about Catholic school and some of the reasons she enjoyed attending a Catholic school.
Keith Wachter April 24, 2007  UP Native Keith Wachter discusses the process of getting and elk permit and his experiences with hunting throughout his life. 

John Wasmuth

August 5, 2015

John Wasmuth describes growing up in the U.P., World War II participation, and later return to Upper Peninsula.  Describes career and education as Underwriters Laboratory investigator.  Explains involvement in Civil Air Patrol.

Julia Westman

May 10, 1983

Julia Westman describes growing up in Newberry, Michigan during the 1920s.  Briefly mentions parent’s immigration from Sweden around 1900, the Suomi, Augustana, and United Lutheran Church merger in the `60s, the local labor riot in June of 1937, changes in the community, World War I and II war rationing.

George Windsand April 13, 1981 George Windsand, an Ishpeming native shares stories from growing up in Ishpeming in the 1930s. Some of his stories include: the first car that was driven in Ishpeming, Radios and how much they changed life, the many adventures at the local airport, the effects on the town during World War Two, and his mining experience for Cleveland Cliffs Mining Company. In addition to childhood stories George also goes into detail about being a businessman and the business environment post World War Two.  George also adds some stories from his time overseas in Norway, where his mother was from.

Ike Wood

February 4, 1987

Ike Wood discusses Marquette in the 1940's, some of the developments he witnessed as the town grew and evolved, as well as working and living in the area at that time.

Wade Youngman  November 2, 2009 Wade Youngman talks about going to Gogebic College for ski resort management, his adventures around the UP, and the various volunteer activities his is involved with in Marquette. 

Dedicated to capturing the stories and spirit of the region, one way the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal is recording the oral histories of the area's residents. Each interview is done in person, recorded and then transcribed for ease of use. On this page, find interviews discussing hospitality, food and spirits. 




Ray Bauer

June 23, 2014

Soo Brewing Company Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Origins and interests in brewing, home brew kits, types of beer, customer base, community drinking habits, craft beer market, growlers, Clear Chanel Broadcasting, community involvement, customer base/ clientele, Upper Peninsula micro-brew tours, history of original Soo Brewing Company circa 1906, mass beer production, and mug clubs. 

Brad Barren and Ted Bogdan  No Date Given  Faculty members of the NMU Culinary Arts program, Brad and Ted discuss the origins and details of the beloved pasty. 

Ted Bogdan

June 3, 2003

Ted Bogdan discusses his friendship with "Anatomy of a Murder" author and Ishpeming native John D. Voelker; Voelker's favorite meals; Voelker's favorite Ishpeming establishments; mushroom hunting & cultivating; fishing; seafood; spirits; and Voelker's old fashioned recipe.

Lark Ludlow

June 22, 2014

Lark Ludlow discusses how came to be own, operate, and brew their own beer at a rural tavern and some of the unique challenges this presented.

Loriann Lyons

November 30, 2004

Loriann Lyons discusses growing up in Trenary, Michigan. She describes how her father, Hans Hallinen, set up co-ops throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. She discusses her family's business, Trenary Home Bakery, and its history, its products, and its future. She relates the history of Trenary toast and its Finnish influences. 

Sean Murray  April 7, 2007 Sweetwater Cafe founder Sean Murray talks about the history and startup of the innovative restaurant in Marquette. He discusses the general operations of the cafe and the menu. 

Christine Pesola

January 23, 2012

The Landmark Inn, Marquette, Michigan. Mrs. Pesola describes process of investment in and development of, as well as the history and ownership/operation of a prominent hotel.  Discusses individual themed rooms named for prominent local figures, individuals.

Wayne Seaman April 14, 1981 Wayne Seaman is a commercial fisherman who fishes on Lake Huron out of Fairport, Michigan. Wayne describes how he got into the fishing business with the help of his dad, brother, and granddad. Wayne also explains in detail the difference between trap net fishing and gill net fishing as well as some problems he has faced with the DNR restrictions on gill nets and restrictions on when he can fish.

Scott and Sally Searle

January 13, 2015

Scott and Sally Searle were born in Detroit.  Scott moved to the Upper Peninsula in `65 and Sally came up in `76 to attend Northern Michigan University. They discuss marriage and opening a barber shop, the Lion’s Den, in Marquette.  Having to leave the profession, they purchased B.G.’s Bar and Grill and called it the Fillin Station in 1989.  They discuss their experience as new bar owners, as well as their purchase of the Red Horse Ranch in Gwinn, Michigan.  Remodeling followed for a four-story, 12,500 sq ft building including twelve rooms and seventeen bathrooms.  Property included two cabins, a ranch house, and a barn on 40 acres.  Changed the name to The Up North.  Provided snowmobile and ATV rentals, rooms, and a bar/restaurant among other services.  Destroyed by fire in 2005.  Reopened a mile up the road under same name.

They describe their bar’s contributions to the community, difficulties, regulations of running a bar.  They discuss giving back to Gwinn with charity benefits.  Motorcycle, snowmobile, motor culture.  One Percenters club, motorcycle groups.  They discuss the differences and changes in perception and crack-down of drunk driving, and importance of role of bar in community.

Ursula Stock  April 7, 2007  Proprietor of Sweetwater Cafe in Marquette, Ursula gives her back story and how she came to the UP and the history of the restaurant. 

Jason White

April 18, 2000

Fudge, Mackinac Island.  Joann’s Fudge. How to make fudge, different flavors of fudge, popular flavors, and other candies made.  Local competition between shops, business operation on the Island.

Dedicated to capturing the stories and spirit of the region, one way the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal is recording the oral histories of the area's residents. Each interview is done in person, recorded and then transcribed for ease of use. On this page, find interviews surrounding the history of Northern Michigan University. 





Arnold Aho 

November 22, 1994

Dr. Arnold Aho discusses his early growing up in Gran Marais as well as his time at Northern in the late 1950s as a student. 


Chiara Alto 

September 2, 2009

Freshman student Chiara Alto talks about her experiences on campus at Northern Michigan University and discusses her hopes for her time remaining. 


Josh Anderson 

September 1, 2009

NMU student Josh Anderson explores what attracted him to NMU and reflects on his time so far as an undergraduate. Focusing on campus life, he gives a great insight on dorm life, food, classes, and troubles he faced as a transfer student. 


Lukas Anderson  

September 2, 2009

Senior NMU Student Lukas Anderson discusses his career goals as a Philosophy and Writing major, as well as the appeal of NMU to him as an academic institution and community. 


Walter Anderson and Jim Dehlin 

March 31, 1995

The head of the Aviation Department at Northern Michigan University Walter Anderson and Associate Professor Jim Dehlin discuss the beginnings and development of the department. 


Maureen Andrews

April 9, 1996

Dr. Andrews reflects on her time as part of the NMU Department of English and serving as the adviser for Sigma Phi Delta and the purposes the society serves on campus. 


James Appleberry 

May 5, 1995

Dr. James Appleberry reflects on his background, educational career and time served as President of Northern Michigan University in the 1980s. He discusses the problems he tried to overcome and developments of the university including budgetary issues, expansion, enrollment and the Olympic Training Center.  


Patricia Appleberry 

May 4, 1995

Former First Lady of Northern Michigan University, Pat Appleberry reflects on her impressions, accomplishments, and interactions regarding campus life. 


Charlotte Asikainen

October 17, 2008

Charlotte Asikainen briefly discusses her experience coming to Northern Michigan University in the 1940's, some of her living arrangements, and how she met her husband while attending.


Judith Bailey 

September 11, 1998

Dr. Judith Bailey talks about her own personal history and unusual journey that brought her to be President of Northern Michigan University from 1997-2003. She discusses the problems the university faced in regards to state funding, the development fund, and student enrollment. 


Judith Bailey 

February 8, 2000

Reflecting on what has happened at Northern Michigan University since a previous interview in 1998, Dr. Judith Bailey discusses new sources of funding, infrastructure improvements, the centennial celebration and the increased use of technology at NMU including the Teaching Learning Communication Initiative. 


Judith Bailey

October 19, 2001

President Judith Bailey continues with her open discussion of her projects and accomplishments at NMU since her prior interview. Topics include facility improvements, state funding, and student recruitment. 


Judith Bailey 

June 5. 2003 

The last of a four part interview spanning her time as president, Judith Bailey discusses Board of Trustee changes, more building renovations, general changes to campus, budget issues, and an overall reflection on her time and accomplishments at NMU.  


Becky Beauchamp 

March 14, 1996

Becky Beauchamp recalls her memories of the structure of the NorthWind student newspaper when she served as editor from 1975-1977. She also discusses reporting the high tension issues surrounding campus in the 1970s. 


Phillip Beaukema

July 22, 2002

Academic Vice-President of NMU Phillip Beaukema gives his autobiography and discusses his accomplishments in the administration during the 1990s. Main topics include the 5 year programs at the university and the First Year Expedience program. 


David Bonsall 

June 7, 1995

David Bonsall reminiscences about his time at Northern Michigan University in 1969 as a student including campus life, classes, and controversy. He also talks about his position as Director of Student Activities and Leadership Programs and the development of the office. 


Don Bottum 

August 2, 1994

Don Bottum gives his autobiography and the events leading to how he came to Northern and served as Dean of Men, Director of Housing, and principal of the John D. Pierce Laboratory School between 1923 to 1959. He talks about the past presidents of NMU and his relationship with them. 


Gildo Canali 

March 5, 1996 

Gildo Canali talks about the developments of the athletic and health departments at Northern Michigan University during the 1960s and 1970s when he served on the faculty. 


Neil Carlson 

September 6, 1994

Dr. Neil Carlson discusses his life and career as a Professor of Economics at Northern Michigan University. Details include his time as a student at Northern in the 1950s and as a faculty member in the 1960s regarding the controversy surrounding the developments of the university. 


Kenneth Chant 

April 6, 1995 

Former director of Northern Michigan University Public Safety, Kenneth Chant gives his insight on the department in a series of interviews. 


Don Chosa

January 28, 2002

 Don Chosa gives personal background on how he came into teaching Anishinaabe Language and Culture at Northern Michigan University.  He discusses his personal path to teaching, having moved from L’Anse to Northern Minnesota, and later having returned to teach at Northern Michigan University.


Lauriann Gant Coeffey 

June 30, 1995

Lauriann Gant Coeffey, daughter of Luther Gant, discusses her father and both of their years at Northern Michigan University during the mid-1900s.


Brian Denman, Robert Hendrickson, and Michelle Lee

September 21, 1994

Three Northern Michigan University students discuss their own opinions on campus life and developments.


David Dickson 

February 18, 1997 

Dr. David Dickson gives his biography and discusses his career at NMU as a professor of English and his role in administration as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1966-67. 


Martin Dolan 

December 14, No Year Given

Martin Dolan talks about his ideas to bring a chapter of Phi Alpha Theta to Northern Michigan University in 1968 and his involvement with the group as faculty advisor.  


Martin Dolan

December 16, 2013

Martin Dolan gives his in-depth perspective on many political and social issues that faced Northern as it grew into the University it is today.


Hal Dorf 

April 12, 1995

Hal Dorf discusses the beginnings, history, and requirements of the International Studies program at Northern Michigan University. 


Pryse Duerfeldt

March 22, 1996 

Pryse Duerfeldt, head of the Northern Michigan University Psychology Department in the 1970s, gives her opinions and discusses the history of the department including it's development and faculty. 


Hope Dunne

August 21, 1997

Hope Dunne discusses her husband James T. Dunne's role in starting the Business Department at Northern Michigan University along with Dr. Harden. Also discussed are her recollections of the university when she first came to Marquette in the mid-1960s, her experiences as a teacher in Marquette schools and at Northern Michigan University, and her Young Authors' Program.


Aida Dutmer

June 14, 1995

Aida Dutmer was a student at Northern Michigan University in the 1920s and served as a secretary from 1930-1963, her biography and memories from NMU are described.  


"Faculty Brats"

July 26, 2011

NMU "faculty brats" (aka family members of prominent figures at NMU) reminisce about their time at Northern with many familiar faculty members and share their stories.


Pat Farrell

March 29, 1995

Pat Farrell discusses the history and development of the Geography Department at Northern Michigan University during his time as a professor and department head in the 1960s and 1970s. 


LTC Frank Fiala

March 14, 1995

LTC Frank Fiala discusses the history of the ROTC at Northern Michigan University.


William Henry Ford

October 19, 2009

William Henry Ford visits Northern Michigan University and speaks about the economic climate of Michigan, where it's headed, and its ties to the auto industry. 


Leslie Foster 

April 23, 2001 

Leslie Foster talks about her time at Northern Michigan University as a faculty member in the 1960s and 1970s in relation to the beginnings of the AAUP. 


Olive Fox

February 1973

Olive Fox served in many positions within the Northern State Normal School and John D. Pierce school as a critic teacher and administration. She reflects on her time in the early days of the teacher education program.


Olive Fox

July 19, 1994

Olive Fox expands on an previous interview describing her time as a student at Northern State Normal School in the early 1900s and as a faculty member later on. 


Elspeth Gibbs

February 23, 1984

Elspeth Gibbs discusses her life as a student at Northern Michigan University in the early 1980s and her major in outdoor recreation. NOTE: Interview ends abruptly due to problem with the tape. 


Robert Glenn

March 11, 1996 

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Northern Michigan University from 1971-74, Robert Glen discusses his perceptions and activities during his time at NMU including goals of the college and administrative challenges. 


Allen Good 

October 10, 1979

Allen Good gives his own biography as well as discusses his impressions being a student at Northern in the late 1920s. Details include his relationship with Professor of History Allen Chase and NMU campus life. 


Robert Goodrich 

March 19, 2007 

Professor of History and Honors Program Director Robert Goodrich discusses conflict and outcomes of the merging of academic departments at Northern Michigan University. 


Robert Goodrich 

April 23, 2007 

Robert Goodrich provides details on the founding and development of the Junior Faculty Group at NMU.  


Richard Gorski 

February 18, 1992 

Richard Gorski gives his autobiography and reflects on his time as head of the Art Department at Northern Michigan University in the 1960s and the restructuring of the department. 


Amanda Goss

February 17, 2007 

Northern Michigan University student Amanda Goss shares her background and her opinions of NMU courses and campus life. 


James Greene

September 18, 2000

James "Jim" Greene talk about the attempts at unionization at Northern Michigan University and some of the struggles and challenges they faced in the early days of the development.

James Greene September 18, 1998 James "Jim" Greene discusses the early days of unionization at Northern Michigan University and the challenges they faced in the first years.    

Kim Green 

No Date Given 

Kim Green talks about her training and duties as a Resident Adviser for Spalding Hall in 1988-1989. She go into the details of housing events, resident issues, and differences from year to year. 


Jack Greising

February 3, 1989

Dr. Jack Greising discusses the origin of the History Club at NMU and his role as adviser for them as well as Phi Alpha Theta and some of the challenges they faced.


Anthony T. Grudnoski


Anthony Grudnoski discusses life at NMU in the early 1960s and his opinion on the present state of the university. Topics include some of Grunoski's early life and career, his days at Northern, professors and students that he knew, his involvement with audiovisual and radio and television, and finally the changes, both physical and administrative, that the university has undergone since his undergraduate days.


Pam Grundstrom, Jackie Schneider, and Connie Williams

June 23, 2009

Pam, Connie, and Jackie discuss their many years as secretary to the presidents of Northern Michigan University. They share stories and comment on the personalities of the presidents that have come and gone.


Robert Hanson 

April 10, 1996 

Robert Hanson talks about the beginnings and developments of the Criminal Justice Department and Public Safety at Northern Michigan University in the late 1970s. 


Richard Harbick 

March 12, 1996 

Richard Harbuck talks about his time as manager of the NMU Bookstore from 1966-1993 and the changes that occurred during his time there. 


Martha Hatch

September 26, 1995 

"Northern's Nurse" Martha Hatch gives her personal background and talks about her time at NMU in part of Health Services starting in 1942.


David Haynes

May 13, 2013

David Haynes discusses his tenure as President of Northern Michigan University and some of the goals, challenges, and accomplishments of those years.


Joseph Healy 

September 30, 1998 

Senior tradesman in operations management at Northern Michigan University Joseph Healy talks about the general maintenance of the university as well as unionization and struggles with the administration in the 1960s/70s. 


C.B. Hedgcock 

No Date Given 

C.B Hedgcock discusses his career at length, giving his biography and describes his accomplishments as  head of Northern’s School of Health and Human Performance from 1922 to 1956 and served as football, basketball and track coach.

Norman Hefke  April 7, 1995  Norman Hefke discusses his career at Northern Michigan University in his positions starting Assistant Dean of Students in 1968 and his transition to Director of Teacher Education Services.   
Don Heikkinen  July 29, 1994  Northern Michigan University's longest Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from 1974-1992 Don Heikkinen gives his autobiography and shares his thoughts on Northern as well as his accomplishments throughout his career.   

Clair Hekhuis

July 10, 1997

Clair Hekhuis discusses how he came to be at Northern Michigan University and his role, some of the more important events and developments in and around his time here in the 1960's and 1970's, getting Northern more widely known in the area and its transition to university status, increasing student enrollment, the development of NMU's seal, and finally his choice to leave NMU.


George Helfinstine

April 15, 1987

George Helfinstine is interviewed by John D. Wrathall about his role in trying to bring collective bargaining to Northern Michigan University. He speaks on his feelings about the AAUP vs. MEA representing NMU's faculty and some of the challenges they faced doing this in the 1970's and the effect the McClellan affair had on this process.

James Hendricks February 22, 1995 James Hendricks gives his personal background and shares his career as a faculty member in the education program at Northern Michigan University starting in the late 1960s including details of the Mott Program, John D. Pierce School, changes in the department and his views on the future trends in education.   

"Hilton Party" Part 1 

"Hilton Party" Part 2 

No Date Given  Earl and Miriam Hilton, K. and Myrle Wahtera, Dick and Louise O'Dell, Roland and Marion Schwitzgobel, and Allan and Marcella Niemi share memories of their times at Northern. Topics range from past presidents and deans, early athletics, administrative issues, and the general community of the university.   
Tom Holmstrom  November 11, 1994 Professor of Economics Tom Holmstrom reflects on his early years at Northern as a student, living in "Vet Ville" housing, building development, faculty interactions, and general student life.   
Cameron Howse March 15, 1996  Cameron Howse served as head of the Physical Education (now known as the School of Health and Human Performance) at NMU starting in 1978. He talks about the development of the Physical Education Instructional Facility (PEIF) as well as the changes in the department as a whole.   
John Hubbard March 23, 2010 Former Exhibit Director John Hubbard talks about the start of the art museum on campus in the 1970s as the Lee Hall Gallery and how the museum came to have university funding.   
John X. Jamrich   July 25, 1994 John Jamrich gives his autobiography as well as delve into the details of his career at Northern. Topics include his relationship with Edgar Harden, the McClellan Controversy and student unrest, academic programs, the demolition of Kaye and Peter White Halls, the balance of athletics and academics, and the McGoff controversy.   

John X. Jamrich

August 9, 2011

Previous NMU president John Jamrich discusses the political side of running a university and getting new programs established.


John X. Jamrich

July 26, 2013

John Jamrich continues his discussion of the political nature of presiding over Northern Michigan University, and some of the issues that arose with unionization.


June Jamrich

July 14, 1997

June Jamrich discusses her life as first lady of Northern Michigan University for many years. She talks about how she met her husband President Jamrich, moving her family to Marquette, the transition from 'K House' #1 to #2, and her involvement with students and some of the trying times she and her husband faced during their tenure.


Nicoletta and Ronald Janson

July 9, 1999

Nicoletta and Ronald Janson discuss their lives at NMU in the 1940s and 1950s. Topics include living in Ronald's service in the Navy; Ronald and Nicoletta's careers; their experiences living in the "Vet Ville" apartments at NMU; their experiences with NMU faculty such as Dr. Wahtera, Don Bottom, and Ethel Carey; and life at NMU during that time.

Mickey Johnson  July 25, 1994 Former NMU student Mickey Johnson discusses early student life in the 1920s including athletics, Professor Allen Chase, student teaching at John D. Pierce, academics, and facilities.   
Fred Joyal  April 30, 2007  Faculty member Fred Joyal talks about his time at Northern as a professor in the geography department, his community involvement, and details about his time as Provost including his involvement in the TLC laptop initiative.  
Georgann Jukuri February 19, 2007  NMU student Georgann Jukuri briefly shares opinions and stories of NMU student life.   
Joshua Jungsworth  April 10, 2007  Joshua Jungsworth, a blind student at Northern, shares his biography including his experiences with the accommodations that NMU provides for disabled students.   

Eric Kane

March 22, 1995

Eric Kane discusses the International Study Abroad Program and how beneficial studying abroad can be.

Gerald Keller  June 15, 1995  Residence hall custodial worker Gerald Keller discusses his position and job duties, and the general details for working in Magers and Meyland Hall during the 1970s included the scandalous activities of students.  
Jean Kelly (Pearce)  June 2, 1995 Daughter of Webster Pearce, Jean Kelly discusses the early days at Northern and her father's position.   
Nancy Kenock  November 10, 2009  NMU student Nancy Kenock talks about her study abroad experience in Mexico, Model United Nations, and general life as a senior student at Northern   
"Kent State Shootings" No Date Given  Two unidentified male former students describe the reactions to the Cambodia Invasion and Kent State Massacre of 1970 on NMU campus. Details include dorm life, community, and student political activity.   

John Kiltinen

November 30, 2012

Dr. John Kiltinen discusses his career and how he came to be employed at Northern Michigan University. He speaks about his role as a mathematician on campus and various financial analysis he did as the campus was seeking to develop further. He also played a large role in the Seaborg Summer Science Academy.


Sylvia Kinnunen

October 29, 1997

Sylvia Kinnunen describes attending Northern Michigan University in the 1930s, being a professor at Northern, life during the Depression and World War II, and growing up in the Upper Peninsula.

Thomas Knauss September 29, 1998 Former student from 1950-54, Thomas Knauss gives a brief depiction of Christmas activities and Dean Carey's rules.   
Barry Knight  January 13, 1995 Barry Knight served as a professor as well as  head of the NMU History Department. He goes into details about his own life story and what brought him to Northern, his thoughts on the McClellan Controversy, unionization, and teaching out on the K.I Sawyer base.   

Susan Koch

June 1, 2011

Susan Koch discusses her time as provost at Northern Michigan University and some of the accomplishments and programs she had a hand in developing.

John Kronquist  September 2, 2009  Nontraditional student John Kronquist talks about the his first experience at NMU in the 1980s and his return to get his degree in education. He discusses his favorite professors, food on campus, activities in Marquette, WiMax, and the general differences between the '80s and '00s.   
Bob Kulisheck  March 31, 1995  Head of the Political Science Department, Bob Kulisheck discusses the details of the department.   
Michael Kuzak  March 14,  1996  Michael Kuzak discusses working at the NMU Bookstore as both a student employee, assistant manager, and manager through the many changes and remodels that occurred in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.   

Christine Landen

No Date Given

Christine Landen discusses life in the residence halls, student government in the residence halls, and the housing requirement.

Susan Larson  June 3, 2002  Susan Larson talks about her time at Northern from 1957-61 as a social work student and then later coming back as a faculty member. She discusses the changes in campus and the program.   
Jeffery Lemerand  No Date Given  Jeffery Lemerand gives insight into student life at NMU in the late 1980s. Details include comparisons to Central Michigan University, dorm life, academics, social life, and parking,   

Wayne Lengrave

September 8, 1997

Wayne Lengrave discusses his time at Northern as a student and cafeteria worker in the late 1950s. The interview is a transcription of a tour he gave Dr. Russ Magnaghi of Lee Hall as he describes how the cafeteria and kitchen used to be arranged. 

John Limback  March 27, 1996  John Limback briefly talks about the introduction of computers to NMU.   

Brian Lindberg

March 28, 1989

Brian Lindberg was interviewed by a student in HS 211. He discusses his childhood vacations, religious views, his pre-med major, and life at Northern Michigan University.


William and Barbara Lyons

April 16, 2012

William and Barbara Lyons discuss what brought them to the Marquette area and reminisce about their journey through the medical field and finally the role they played at Northern Michigan University.


Russell Magnaghi

April 1, 1987

Dr. Russell Magnaghi discusses the Oral History Program and the importance of students getting involved in interviews locally, as well as his hopes for the program.


Russell Magnaghi 

April 20, 1988

Dr. Russell Magnaghi discusses how the Bureau of History's Living History Program came to Northern Michigan University in 1986.


Russell Magnaghi

February 1, 1989

Dr. Russell Magnaghi discusses the formation of the History Club on Northern Michigan University's campus and his role with the club as well as Phi Alpha Theta, some of the issues he and others encountered in that role, as well as potential sources of conflict between the two groups.


Russell Magnaghi

November 28, 1989

Dr. Russell Magnaghi discusses his involvement in the creation of the Northern Michigan University Archives.


Russell Magnaghi

December 2, 1997

In a talk on the campus of Northern Michigan University, Dr. Russell Magnaghi discusses Northern Michigan University history. The talk includes the school's founding and early days; people such as John Longyear, Peter White, Dwight Waldo, Forest Roberts, Ethel Carey, and John Munson; the creation of the school mascot and flag; and early traditions such as Evergreen Day and Ivy Day.


Russell Magnaghi

October 3, 1998

During a workshop, Dr. Russell Magnaghi demonstrates a taped interview and briefly discusses why he became a historian, how he became historian at NMU, and advice for up and coming historians.


Russell Magnaghi 

November 20, 2001

Dr. Magnaghi talks about his educational upbringing and travels that influenced his area of interest. He discusses coming to teach history at NMU, specifically focusing on Native American Studies classes.


Russell Magnaghi

December 6, 2001

In a detailed interview about his academic career, Dr. Magnaghi discusses his beginnings at Northern Michigan University, the topics of his research, and his publications.


Russell Magnaghi

February 4, 2011

Russell Magnaghi discusses an event that occurred on Northern Michigan University's campus that involved threats of violence, but turned out to be an internet hoax.


Russell Magnaghi

March 20, 2012

Russell Magnaghi discusses how he became involved with the Oral History Project that is now source of these various publicly accessible interviews.


Clifford Maier

December 2, 1987

Dr. Clifford Maier discusses the start up of the Phi Alpha Theta organization and archives at Northern Michigan University. 


Robert Manning

November 19, 1997

Robert Manning discusses how he came to live in Marquette and work at Northern Michigan University and shares many stories about his time with the Audio-Visual department and also his experience sailing with Spruce Hill for university research outings, and the politics behind many of the decisions associated with those two endeavors.


Michael Marsden 

July 17, 1999

Dr.  Michael Marsden discusses his own educational history, how he came to be the Dean of The College of Arts and Science at Northern Michigan University from 1992-1999, and his career as a scholar.  


Elwood Mattson

October 9, 1995

Elwood Mattson discusses his education and involvement at Northern Michigan University.


Marcey McCardell 

September 30, 1994

As a non-traditional and commuter student, Marcey McCardell talks about her experiences at Northern Michigan University in the Art Department as well as an employee of the Development Fund. 


Robert McClellan

November 16, 1989

Robert McClellan discusses race relations at Northern Michigan University in the 1960s, '70s, and '80s.


Robert McClellan 

February 2, 2001 

In a telephone interview, McClellan talks about his lawsuit against the NMU administration regarding his termination including details of the North Marquette conflict and the subsequent termination of Fred Harris. He also discusses at length his attempts and eventual success in unionizing the NMU faculty in the '70s. 


David McClintock 

June 29, 1995

The son of former faculty member Wayne McClintock, Captain David McClintock discusses the breadth of his involvement at Northern Michigan University. Spanning from his childhood in Marquette in the early 1900s to his role as Director of Development in the 1960s and 1970s he discusses faculty, staff, students, building projects, and his career as a Navy Captain during World War II. 

Shirley McKasey October 9, 1998 Shirley McKasey discusses her time as an older student at Northern Michigan University, her Native American background, and her career as a substance abuse counselor.  
Marjorie McKee February 19, 1995  Marjorie McKee discusses her time at Northern Michigan University and describes her experiences in the Northern Michigan Department of Education as a Professor.  
Mike McKinney  February 24, 2003 Thomas Fine Arts staff member Mike McKinney recounts the death and paranormal experiences of Perry, the ghost that is said to haunt the building and theatre on campus.   
Anita Meyland  April 16, 1992 Anita Meyland discusses the early days at Northern Michigan University, her involvement in teh Jobs Corps, building on campus, and her husbands career in the Department of English.   
Anita Meyland No Date Given  Anita Meyland and Miriam Hilton talk about the etiquette between NMU faculty members and the community, including social gatherings. Meyland also gives insight to some student life like sororities, the Winter Sports Carnival and the Penny Press. Note: not complete transcript.   
Lola Morrison  March 11, 1996  Former Northern State Normal School student Lola Morrison reflects on her time at the school in the 1920s. She talks about the faculty members, the development of the school, student life, rules, and the social scene of Marquette.   
Max Muelle  June 23, 1994 Max Muelle talks about his position in ground and maintenance. Details include the nursery, planting trees on campus, roads, and building developments throughout the mid 1900s.   
Mary Nault April 20, 1987 Mary Nault talks about her time as a secretary in the Department of English in the 1960s and 1970s. She discusses the building and program changes as well as faculty members.   
Arthur Neiger  April 5, 1996  Arthur Neiger gives his autobiography and talks about the beginnings of the Criminal Justice program at Northern.   
Howard Nicholson  October 8, 2009  Dr. Howard Nicholson talks about his own background and his tenure as a member of the NMU Department of History and as part of the teacher training program.   
Robert Niemela  March 27, 1996  Robert Niemala gives insight to the beginnings of the computer center in the basement of Longyear Hall in the 1970s and how the functions of the center developed over time.   
Allen Niemi September 30, 1994 Dr. Allen Niemi reflects on his 32 years as a faculty member at NMU. He discusses his own background, the music department and his efforts to expand music across the UP, his transition into administration, discipline, and his role as the first Vice-President of Student Affairs.    
Allen Niemi  September 8, 2005 Allen Niemi expands on his previous interview on his time at NMU. He shares his thoughts on music education, President Tate and his wife, the improvements to music on campus, and his accomplishments in student affairs.   
Yvonne Niemi  September 23, 1998 Yvonne Niemi served in the registrars office starting in the 1970s. She shares he experiences at Northern with unionization of secretaries and her time as president of the union.   

Sean O'Brien

February 4, 2011

Sean O'Brien discusses an event involving a threat to campus security on February 2, 2011.


Richard O'Dell

May 11, 1988

Richard (Dick) O'Dell discusses his career as well as many issues concerning the country, education, and Northern Michigan University as they were in the late 1980s.

John Ogren  July 1, 1996  John Ogren reflects on his experiences as a student at the John D. Pierce school in the late 1940s and the interactions with NMU. He also talks about his transition to being a student at Northern and his personal scientific career.   
Tyyme Ostlund  July 23, 1994 Ispheming native Tyyme Ostlund discusses her time at Northern in the 1930s. Details include specific faculty members (Spalding and Carey), commuting to classes, and her own career.   

Bertha Pangborn

July 26, 2006

Bertha Pangborn discusses living in post WWII housing in Quonset huts on the campus of Northern Michigan University. G.I. Ville, Vet Ville.


James Panowski

February 27, 2012

James Panowski discusses his life and career in theater and fine arts. He talks about some of the challenges facing theater students, how to overcome them, and some of the highlights of his time at Northern Michigan University.

Robert Pecotte March 29, 1995 Robert Pecotte tells of his time at Northern as the Financial Aid director. This includes information on the workings of the department, how it has changed, and his experiences at Northern including the 1967-68 protests by minority students, and also the returning home of many Vietnam War veterans.  
Lewis Peters April 15, 1987 Dr. Lewis Peters talks about his life and career at NMU starting in 1961 in the Department of Biology. Details include the character of Dr. Luther West, changes in the department, and general thoughts on the future of Northern. He also talks about skiing and the overall community of Marquette.   
Lewis Peters  March 29, 1995 Biology professor Dr. Lewis Peters expands on an earlier interview about his thoughts and observations of Dr. Luther West. Details include both their professional and personal relationship, student opinions, and teaching styles.   
Tom Peters  June 24, 1994 Tom Peters gives insight to his own background and his time at Northern as a student post Word War 2. He talks about student life, buildings, athletics, and housing. He also discusses the beginnings of the Alumni Association, the creation of athletic facilities under Mr. Money, and general administrative problems after he became a member of the administration   
Tom Peters  July 18, 1994 Tom Peters, Assistant to the President of NMU, expands on his previous interview. He talks about the Wildcat Club and promoting football, the battle for recognition by the state legislature, the sports complex, vocational training, and the music department.   
Jane Phillips March 23, 1995 Jane Phillips served as one of Dr. Luther West's assistants in his work on the annotated bibliography of the house fly. She talks about their work and Dr. West's overall personality and the time they spent together.   
Rob Piecach  April 11, 1995 Student Rob Piecach discusses the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity on campus. He talks about their brief history, his experiences with the frat, and what it means to be Greek at NMU.   
Steven Platt  November 17, 1994  Dr. Steven Platt of the NMU Department of Psychology discusses his beginning in 1970 including details about buildings, faculty student relations, developments and needs of the department, and the McGoff incident.    
Donald Potvin  March 14, 1996  Don Potvin talks about his time as the manager at the NMU Bookstore. He discusses his job descriptions and the challenges of running the university book store.   
Mary Ellen Powers June 10, 2004 Mary Ellen Powers discusses her time at Northern as a professor in the nursing department at Northern Michigan University. She talks about how things have changed in the University as time has gone on and also the changes in her field.  

Judith Puncochar

November 12, 2013

UNITED Conference, Uniting Neighbors In The Experience of Diversity.  UNITED in art, in food, in diversity, in service, in music and dance, in theatre, in research, in film.  Biographic, Dr. Puncochar came to Northern Michigan University in 2004.  Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Committee, President Les Wong, Domestic Diversity Institute. Origins of UNITED Conference, first held in 2006.  King Chavez Parks Foundation funding. Multi-day diversity conference.

Robert Quinn  March 22, 2007 

Associate Professor of Economics, Dr. Robert Quinn discusses the merger proposal between the economics, political science, and history departments. He talks about his own opinions, the period of merged departments, and faculty opinions when the merger was ended.

Harry Rajala July 12, 1995 Former student and Registrar, Harry Rajala accounts him time as an undergraduate at Northern in the early 1950s and details of his tenure as the registrar through the '60s and '70s. He details President Tate, student activities, housing, enrollment, and record keeping processes.   
James Rapport  October 7, 1994

James Rapport talks about coming to Northern as a faculty member in the new Communications Department in the 1950s and 60s. Specific details include the theatre program, his impressions of President Harden and other administration, building renovations,the Dome, his tenure as department head, and the four course plan.   

James Rapport No Date Given  Dr. James Rapport gives insight to the planning and construction of the Forest Roberts Theatre. He talks about the changes in funding and design, practicality of the theatre, ane the hopes that he has for the future.   
Bruce Raudio January 30,1997 

Director of Facilities at NMU, Bruce Raudio talks about his job details, developments on campus, renovations, skywalks, the heating plant, and other physical aspects of campus.

Jay Reed  November 5, 1989 Student Jay Reed talks about her own background coming from Detroit to Marquette to attend NMU. As a black student, she discusses racial tensions in Marquette and in the country. Many stories involve the culture of Detroit and the black community.   
Steve Reed June 17, 1995 Includes discussions about the Dome, PEIF, and intramural sports programs at NMU. Also briefly touches on the importance of the recreation center in students lives on campus and strategies to reach non-traditional students through these programs.  
Marilyn Robbert  September 22, 1998 

September 22 1998 NMU Registrar Marilyn Robbert gives her background as well as insight into faculty unrest, unionization, and budget cuts. Note: transcript incomplete. 

Forest Roberts  July 20, 1994 

Forest Roberts discusses his association with the speech department and theater at NMU. He talks about his time between 1928 and 1966. Details include the faculty, physical layout of campus, faculty relations, the theater program, and the growth of the school.

Marcus Robyn October 9, 2003 Marcus Robyn one of NMU's archivist explains what it is like to be archivist and some of the challenges that he faces along with some political activity that he has been involved in around the Marquette area.  

Ruth Roebke-Berens

October 25, 1989

Dr. Roebke-Berens of the NMU History Deportment discusses the creation of the NMU Archives.

Jerome Roth January 1, 2001 Jerome Roth, a NMU Chemistry professor discribes the creation of the AAUP chapter here at NMU. Roth played an active role in the creation of the chapter,which was no easy task. He and others had to fight to bring the faculty together and get enough votes to unionize. Prior to the vote there were a number of  questionable events that helped fuel to the fire to unionize according to Roth. Roth describes these events in detail, including a number of legal battles with the university, then continues to explain the need for AAUP on campus and the values this union holds and how it changed the way the university is run today.  

Michael Roy

October 21, 2010

Michael Roy discusses his life, career, and how he came to be at Northern Michigan University. He talks about his perspective on many issues from a financial standpoint, successes and challenges he and others faced, as well as his time as interim president of NMU.

Jon Saari Febuary 19, 2001 Jon Saari, a NMU History professor was another active supporter of the creation of the AAUP chapter on campus. Saari begins discribing the difference between the MEA union and AAUP and how he and others felt AAUP better represented NMU's faculty goals. He along with others felt the university was not being run properly and that the vaules of the AAUP union would help change the direction the universtiy was going. He too describes a number of poltical events that occured that solidified the formation of the union and how that changed the universtiy as a whole.  

June Schaefer

August 25, 2010

June Schaefer discusses the origin of gifts of George Shiras’ photographs to NMU’s Devos Art Museum.

Timothy Scheneman October 30, 1994 NMU sophomore Tim Scheneman shares his experiences at Northern including classes, the community, and dorm life.   
Christopher Secord  January 29, 2007  Student Chris Secord talks about his time at Northern and perspectives of campus including many details of how house governments in the residence halls operate.   
Robert Sibilisky April 15, 1998 Robert Sibilisky describes the interesting duties of what it was like being the head of the Purchasing Department at NMU. Robert explains that his job was not always just purchasing but also printing services, transportation and trash pick up to name a few. Robert was also involved in a number of the campuses' sports clubs such as hockey and basketball.  
Thomas Skoog July 29, 1994  Marquette native Thomas Skoogs talks about many aspects of the John D. Pierce Schoo, Marquette, and Northern as both a student in the 1950s and a staff member. Details include faculty, the Heart of Northern, buildings, classes, clubs and fraternities, student life, conduct, legislative issues, working in the registrars office, and the adjustment to the computer age.   
Thomas Skoog July, 1996 Expanding on his earlier interview, Thomas Skoog goes into more depth about his time as a student at the John D. Pierce schools. He talks about classes, specific teachers, mischievous activities, sports, and the social life.   
David Slick  November 19, 1998 David Slick talks about his father, Carl Slick, who was an instructor at Northern in the 1920s. He also discusses attending the John D. Pierce school, the changes on campus, and his own academic career.   
Richard Sonderegger July 19, 1994  Faculty member in the Department of History beginning in 1958, Dr. Sondregger gives his own background, impressions of Northern, early faculty, a depiction of the history and development of the department, and his depiction of past NMU presidents.   

Sonderegger Symposium I


First annual Sonderegger Symposium, NMU Campus, Marquette Michigan.  Part 1: Presenters Tom Friggins, Keith Widder, Paula Stofer, and David Krause field questions from Symposium Panel.  Part 2:  Opening remarks by Dr. Terry Seethoff, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences.  Presentation by John Anderton on the historic use of fire by local Native Americans and its impact on the environmental landscape.  Dr. Keith Widder speaks of the important role of Metis people of the Upper Great Lakes area.  Dr. David Krause discusses early mineral exploration of the Upper Peninsula.  Judy Demark’s presentation focuses on Finnish immigration in the Marquette Iron Range.

John and Patricia Stapleton November 25, 1989 The Stapleton's talk about their experiences at Northern as students in the mid 1960's. They discuss campus life, and the changing times of the '60's including the racial differences on campus and the effect of the Vietnam war on student protests.   
Fred Stenkamp  April 24, 1987  Fred Stenkamp talks about the history of some of the building on campus and the happenings of the 1960s and 1970s.   
Paul Suomi  March 27, 1992 Paul Suomi discusses his time at Northern in the late 50s, and 60s as a student. Details include his personal background growing up in Ishpeming, what brought him to Northern, and general student life surroding the school.   
Matt Surrell April 7, 1995 Matt Surrell discusses his experience being the secretary of the Board at NMU, and the process of selecting President Appleberry and President Vandament.  
Elda Tate 1995 Dr. Elda Tate discusses her time in NMU's music department as a professor and the head of the department. She gives her insights along with information and goals that the music department strives to achieve.   
Rollin Thoren December 1, 1995  Rollin Thoren talks about his time at as a student at Northern in the 1930s and working in the John D. Pierce school in the 40s and 50s. He dicusses his time working with Don Bottum, Mrs. Payne, Dr. West, Dr. Halverson, and Dr. Hunt. He also touches on the effects of WWII on Northern and the Great Depression along with athletics.   

George and Betey Tomasi

April 7, 2009

George and Betey Tomasi discuss the Barracks Boys program and life at Northern Michigan University in the 1950s.

Wilbert Treloar July 6, 1995 Former NMU student Wilbery Treloar talks about being a student in the 1920s including average student life, faculty members, President Tate, organizations, assemblies, and the academic programs offered.   
Dan Truckey October 5, 2009  Director of the Beaumier Heritage Center Dan Truckey gives his background and what brought him back to Northern after his time as an undergrad. He discusses the inception of the center, it's development, projects, and student involvement.   
Bruce Turner  March 22, 1996  Bruce Turner talks about th beginnings and development of the WNMU-TV station on campus.   
Emil Valda  No Date Given  Head of the NMU Department of Sociology from 1967-1975, Emil Valda discusses his career and the changes in the department.   
Danielle VanBeckum  November 9, 2009  Graduate student of biology, Danielle VanBeckum talks about her background and highlights the differences between going to school at Northern and attending UW-Green Bay.   
William and Margery Vandement  February 5, 1997  Former President Bill Vandement discusses his path and time at Northern. Along with his wife Margery, they talk about their various moves,  improvements to Northern, creating community, academic standards, and his overall impressions of the presidency.   
William Vandament  March 19, 1996 William Vandament former Northern Michigan University president opens up about his personal life and educational background and how that has influenced many of his decisions while being president at NMU. He also talks extensively about the goals he has brought to campus and his hopes for the future Northern.  
William Vandament June 23, 1997 William Vandament discusses his role as NMU president and the changes that he made to Northern's campus through his six years as university president. Dr. Vandament talks in depth about the university's budget and how decisions are made on improving the campus and where that money is coming from. The last topic discussed is what is Vandament's legacy and what the future holds for him as he heads into retirement.   
John Vandezande November 16, 1994 John Vandezande talks about his time at Northern in the late 1950's as a student and becoming a professor of English in 1964. He discusses the four course plan, physical changes to the campus, faculty student relations, other faculty members, academic community, and his overall observations.    
Mark Vassalo  No Date Given  Mark Vassalo discusses how his education at NMU prepared him for his career in Zoology.  
Kaye Wahtera  January 18, 1995 A student at the J.D Pierce school in the 1920s, Kate Wahtera describes his time there and how his family came to Marquette. Ha talks about faculty members, different presidents, being a Northern student, the development of the industrial tech program when he came back in the 1950s as a professor, and general changes in the university over the century.   
Gerald Waite March 30, 1995 Gerald Waite, a professor of English at NMU discusses the changes to the journalism minor program at Northern Michigan University.   
Jackie Walsh September 2, 2005 Jackie Walsh discusses her reasons for choosing Northern and some of her extra curricular activities she is involved in on campus.  
Kathryn Walters April 8, 1996 Kathryn Walters talks about the beginnings of the Writing Center, the Writing Proficiency exam, and general details of the Department of English.   

Andrew Wasilewski

July 28, 2009

Andrew Wasilewski discusses how Northern Michigan University has evolved since the early days and touches on many of the issues faced over the years.

Lilian Wasmuth-Coldren  June 21, 1994 Lilian Wasmuth-Coldren talks about her time at Northern in the early 1900s. Details include student life, the Heart of Northern, faculty members, the impacts of World War 1, and campus organizations. She also discusses her teaching job and her classmates.   
John West March 24, 1995  Grandson of Luther West, John West talks about his grandfather's personal life and career at Northern.  
Luther West  August 1, 1972 Dr. Luther West gives his personal story and discusses his career as a professor and member of the administration at NMU. He talks about faculty issues, presidents, the effects of World War 2, and general changes to the campus and courses.   
Eugene Whitehouse May 18, 1981 Eugene Whitehouse talks about his start at Northern in the history department, changes to campus, and his transition to being Associate Dean. He discusses the McClellan Controversy, the McGoff issues, and the general development of the department.   
Eugene Whitehouse April 6, 1995  Eugene Whitehouse gives details of the different positions he has held at Northern and the general development of the history department.   

Eugene Whitehouse

August 27, 2008

Eugene Whitehouse discusses Professor Andrei Lobanov-Rostovsky and provides his point of view on some of the polarizing controversies that have occurred during the growth of Northern Michigan University since the 1960's.

Eugene Whitehouse No Date Given Eugene talks about the general changes he has seen in his time at Northern.   

Frank Williamson

March 17, 2010

Frank Williamson discusses his days cheerleading and going to school at NMU in the mid-1960s. Topics include Williamson's personal background, his experiences in the NMU cheerleading program, what NMU was like in the 1960s and the changes that were happening there, Marquette in the 1960s, and his schooling in the Biology Department.


Les Wong

Multiple interviews - 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2012

In a series of five interviews NMU President Les Wong discusses significant events, decisions, and initiatives during his time as president.

Richard Wright  April 6, 1995 Richard Wright, a former NMU sociology professor discusses some of the changes to the campus since his arrival in the 1960's. Wright talks about the physical changes that happened on campus but also relationships among faculty and the shift to becoming a bigger university. 

Dedicated to capturing the stories and spirit of the region, one way the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal is recording the oral histories of the area's residents. Each interview is done in person, recorded and then transcribed for ease of use. On this page, find interviews discussing the history of mining and logging in the area. 




Barnes-Hecker Mining Disaster

No Date Given 

A collection of personal stories regarding the mining disaster details accounts of the lone survivor, anecdotes of the family members of those killed, and logistics of mining surrounding the Barnes-Hecker Mining Disaster of 1926 in Ispheming, Michigan. 

Eric Beinlick 

May 2, 2007

Employed by Cleveland Cliffs between 1952-1987, Eric Beinlick describes the development of the UP mining industry, changes in his job, and the relationship between labor and management within the company. 

John Berquist 1994 John Berquist is a folk singer and performer who shares songs from miners and ethnic groups from the Iron Range which include the Upper Peninsula, Northern Minnesota, and Canada. He sings their mining songs that he has collected and shares folklore stories from these areas.

Joy Han & Tom Waggoner

May 4, 2010

1930-2010 Chinese Communist Revolution, Christianity in China, immigration to the United States from China, family, Tsu Ming Han, geology, Cleveland Cliffs Mining Company, iron ore pelletizing, mineral extracting. 

Tsu Ming Han

December 7, 1993

Tsu Ming Han discusses his life and career; how he came to live in the Upper Peninsula and became involved with CCI and his work as a geologist.

Tsu-Ming Han Remembered

October 4, 2013

A variety of family, friends, and coworkers reminisce and share stories about Tsu-Ming Han, who worked at the Michigan Iron Industry Museum for many years.

Lowell Johnson

July 15, 2012

Johnson talks about his grandparents’ migration from Sweden to the Upper Peninsula; his family history; their work in mines and powder mills and logging; early Marquette; building old houses; his grandma cooking lutefisk; his schooling at John D. Pierce, Graverette, and Marquette Senior High School; working at Lakeshore; his interest in the woods and nature; land use and control; hunting; private property; tourism; and guns and gun control.

Nelson King

April 14, 1989

Nelson King served as the Unit Manager at Calahan Mining: Ropes Gold Mine.  In this interview, he discusses different positions in the mine, blasting, safety precautions, tunneling, transporting ore via hoist and truck, and the future of the Ropes Gold Mine.

William Krisch Date unknown William Krisch discusses what it was like growing up in Imperial Heights, Michigan and some of the stories surrounding the Imperial Mine. Some of his stories include Henry Ford coming to his farm house and Mr. Ford's semi-pro basketball team. Note that there was a third person during the interview that is believed to be Mr. Krisch's wife but her name is unknown at this time.

Louis LaJeunesse

April 9, 1994

Last Generation of Underground Miners on the Marquette Range.  Biographic. Born 1914 to B. R. St. Amour and Joe LaJeunesse, parents French, came from Canada. Chocolay Township, West Branch Township.  Cut and hauled timber destined for local mines.  Started at Cleveland Cliffs in 1942 at Negaunee and later at Mather A for three years. Hoisting timber, blasting, miner.  Eagle Mills for four years.  Mather B 1964 or `65, retired in 1975.  Immigrant miners, different languages spoken. 

Tape 2 begins with names of siblings, how he met his wife, Alice (Larson), both working in a logging camp, Skanee, Michigan. Daughter, Phyllis.  Typical Christmas celebration.  Discusses building houses, hauling block, or wood in addition to working at the mine.  Briefly discusses home life, faith and work on US-2 and Third Street, West Ishpeming. Double-eight steel, underground pump room.  Closes discussing Phyllis’ family.

Kaarina Lucas

July 18, 1994

Wife of William Lucas, a miner, Kaarina describes life in rural Ishpeming as the daughter of a miner at Barnum Mine, lgrowing up on a farm during the Depression, joining the Navy WAVES program in college, marrying William Lucas and being the wife of a miner, and general life in the mid twentieth century.

William Lucas

June 20, 1994

Last Generation of Underground Miners on the Marquette Range.  Interview of Mr. Lucas in Ishpeming, Michigan.  Mr. Lucas was born in 1911, in North Lake, Michigan.  Parents emigrated from Finland, via Sweden and Norway to Canada, thence to Ishpeming, Michigan.  Father worked for CCI as lead man in shaft work at Holmes, Lloyd Mine #1, Barnes-Hecker mine, and Greenwood mine. Mr. Lucas describes his career as an underground miner. 1934-1973 (ret.). Biographical. Underground mining terminology, iron ore mining, labor strike of 1946, Cliff’s Shaft, Mather B Mine. Finnish spoken at home growing up.

Robert Mahin  November 23, 2004 Prospector and explorer Robert Mahin discusses the discovery of rich zinc mineral deposits in Menominee County and gold prospecting in the Upper Peninsula. 

Ralph Maki

June 27, 1994

Last Generation of Underground Miners on the Marquette Range.  Biographic interview of Mr. Maki at his home, Ishpeming, Michigan.  Born 1915, Humboldt, Michigan.  His Father, a Finnish Immigrant, died in Barnes and Hecker cave-in. WPA employment, started working for CCI in 1935-36 at Lloyd mine.  Drift mining, Lloyd and Mather A mines. Underground iron mining, mining terminology, Finnish spoken at home growing up.

Corrected draft of interview with editor’s notes in margins.

John Marshall 

May 1st, 2007

Retired employee of Cleveland Cliffs and Kennecott mining companies, John Marshall discusses his career in iron ore mining at the Empire, Tilden, and Republic mines in the Upper Peninsula, the evolution of mining practices since the 1970's and the future of mining in area. 

Mining No Date Given  Four unidentified men involved in the mining industry share snippets of information regarding mine construction, the strike of 1946, blasting hazards, and tonnage. 
Sargent Henry No Date Given Henry Sargent discusses life in the logging community of Nahma, Michigan. Henry worked for the Bay de Noc lumber company that was headquartered out of Oconto, Wisconsin. Henry shares insight to how the town of Nahma changed over the years and personal stories within the camps including train wrecks and lumberjack tales.
Ernie Ronn  December 15, 1998 Ernie Ronn remembers his childhood growing up in the shadows of the mines in Negaunee, and tells about his experiences working in the mines, living in Negaunee with other miners, and his love of the mining lifestyle. 
Schulz Rose December 20, 1979 Rose Schultz currently works at the old headquarters of the Wisconsin Land & Lumber Co. based in Hermansville, Michigan. Rose gives a tour of the old building and explains some of the history that took place there through the years of operations. She also goes through some old records in the vault and how some of those documents allowed her to have a better understanding of the history of the Wisconsin Land & Lumber Co.

Lowell Smail

April 5, 1994

Last Generation of Underground Miners on the Marquette Range.  Interviewer’s Uncle discusses his employment history, beginning with the Breitung Hotel, truck driver for the WPA, Abe Wolfe, Ford Bomber Plant in Ypsilanti, pulp cutting for Joe Erickson.  Hired at Mather A in 1947 as common laborer, up to miner.  The dry, riding in the cage, mucking ditches, lagging, blasting, scraping, company count, footage, lunch pail, honey box, drilling, blasting, clearing, skip tender, hoist operator.

Charles Sprague Taylor October 12, 1966 Charles Sprague Taylor tells stories and explains the regional dialect of the early logging community in Newberry, Michigan. 
Dawn Tippett Smail April, 14 1994 Last Generation of Underground Miners on the Marquette Range. Dawn Smail describe the typical life of a miner's wife and the constant struggles she faced. Most of the time the family did not have the money but through some creativity and some thriftiness Dawn, with the help of her extended family, made the most of their time while being a mining family. 
Dewey Tippett  April 24, 1994 Dewey Tippet, a Cleveland Cliffs miner describes the life of a U.P. miner in the 1950's. The interview is conducted by his daughter who asks him to define different mining terms such as drifting, sublevel caving, lagging, dog drifts, caging, timbering, contract mining, and more. Much of the interview is Dewey discussing his jobs as a dispatcher and a timbering supervisor and describing his responsibilities for each of his jobs. 
Earl Steinhoff March 21, 2007  Retired logger Earl Steinhoff talks about logging in the UP in the second half of th 1900s including the development of mechanized logging, Cleveland Cliffs, and the overall methods used in the industry. 
Ron Wigren No Date Listed Ron Wigren gives a brief summary of his work history in the mines.
Anthony Wyszynski March 18, 1989 Anthony Wyszynski discusses his career in the Montreal Mine in Wisconsin. As a retired man, he recalls his jobs within the mine and the inner workings of the operations of the mine. 

Dedicated to capturing the stories and spirit of the region, one way the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal is recording the oral histories of the area's residents. Each interview is done in person, recorded and then transcribed for ease of use. On this page, find interviews surrounding Native Americans and their communities throughout the Upper Peninsula. 




William Boda

May 21, 1999

William Boda discusses teaching at Hannahville Indian School in Wilson, Michigan; faculty; curriculum; funding; school technologies; traditional Native American ceremonies; inclusion of Native American language; athletics; NMU's Center for Native American Studies; and working for the Board of Education (Orbis).

Shirley Brozzo

April 5, 2002

Shirley Brozzo discusses her career at Northern Michigan University working for Multicultural Student Services and working and teaching in the Native American Studies Department. Topics included are the changes the Native American Studies Department has gone through over the time that Brozzo has been at the university, the importance of the Native American Studies program, classes included in the program, and the process of creating a Native American Studies minor. 

Grace Chailler

No Date Given 

Grace Chailler discusses her academic origins and educational background and her motivation to teach Native American Studies, teaching Native American Women Gender Studies Class, teaching on the topic of Boarding/Residential Schools in U.S. and Canada, her own tribal affiliation, impact of Indian Boarding/Residential Schools on current Native communities, the Gathering of Nations Powwow, and the annual Learning to Walk Together Powwow.

Fred Dakota

January 30, 2012

1937-2012 Life and Times of Fred Dakota, Native Americans, Keweenaw Bay Indian Reservation and Community, Assinins Orphanage, Sault Sainte Marie, Marine Corps basic training stationed in Japan, employment in the Upper Peninsula, Urban Relocation program, Chicago, tribal politics, Michigan Inter tribal council, tribal law enforcement, jurisdiction, termination policies, Jondreau Decision, fishing rights, origin of casinos in the Upper Peninsula, gambling politics, casino management, legal issues, prison. 

Elizabeth Galer

April 18, 1999

Elizabeth Galer discusses her life on the Keweenaw Bay Indian Reservation, including growing up during the Depression, traditional Native medicine and food, and living part of her childhood in an orphanage.

Melissa Hearn

October 26, 2001

Melissa Hearn discusses growing up and schooling in Oklahoma, earning a BA, MA, and PhD. At University of Oklahoma. Origins of her teaching Native American Literature class at University of Louisiana, and coming to Northern Michigan University in 1988.  Describes getting Native American Studies Minor program and Ojibwa Language course started.

Lillian Heldreth

April 8, 2002

Lillian Heldreth discusses her involvement with the Native American Studies Department at NMU. Topics include the program's conception, Heldreth's teaching career, and the Native American community in the Upper Peninsula.

Garfield Hood

April 13, 1999

1945-1992 Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC), tribal court system, origins, tribal police, Tribal autonomy, Tribal Council, Campaign of Human Development of the United States Catholic Conference, KBIC legal relations with other tribes in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, legal jurisdiction, taxation, identity, American Indian Movement, Bishop Baraga Pageant, hunting and fishing rights, Fred Dakota, Jondreau family,  judges, Tribal constitution, tribal membership, tribal economics.

Helen Lindahl

April 18, 1999

1930- 1999 Growing up in Keweenaw Bay Indian Reservation L’Anse, Michigan, subsistence living fishing, gardening, game, casino wealth distribution, alcohol. 

April Lindela  October 8, 2009  Serving as Director for the Center for Native American Studies at Northern Michigan University, April Lindela talks about Native America Studies, policies between tribes and the government, school mascots, and pow wow culture. 

Joe and Andy LeBlanc, Mike Willis

No Date Given 

Three Bay Mills native discuss the tensions and issues surrounding being a native in the Upper Peninsula including prejudices, fishing rights, tribal management and relations with the state authority.  

Shirley McKasey October 9, 1998 Shirley McKasy, an NMU alum, discussions her experience going through the substance abuse counseling program at NMU as a Native American in the 1980's. Shirley also shares her thoughts on Native Americans and substance abuse and what she think will be the future of counseling. 

Traci Maday 

August 19, 1999

Northern Michigan University student Traci Maday discusses how being a native student has molded her life in the Upper Peninsula. Traci touches on her journey to the School of Education, opportunities for native students through Diversity Student Services, perceptions of natives, and her desire to student teach at the Nah Tah Wahsh school in Hannahville. 

Kristena Misegan September 27, 2018 Kristena Misegan discusses her role in the Native American Student Association (NASA) at Northern Michigan University. She describes their achievements, conflicts, and the various activities and events they host on campus and in the community.
Penny Olson August 23, 1998 Penny Olson talks about her studies of Native Americans and folklore in the Upper Peninsula. 

Martin Reinhardt

November 17, 2015

Dr. Martin Reinhart of NMU’s Center for Native American Studies discusses his tribal background, the importance of Indigenous education, the impact and future of a recent addition of a Native American Studies Major at Northern Michigan University, and the Decolonizing Diet Project’s year-long study involving indigenous food ways, cultural revitalization and community building.

Cornelius Sochay

September 19, 2008

Cornelius Sochay discusses his life story and growing up half Native American and half Caucasian in Nahma, MI. He also describes his experiences while attending Northern Michigan University, the military, and his subsequent professional life.

Margaret Elena White March 28, 1976 Elena White discusses growing up in a Native American and French Canadian family. She talks of early life living in the woods, fur trapping, her experience on reservations, and how life has changed for her as a Native American through the years. 

Dedicated to capturing the stories and spirit of the region, one way the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal is recording the oral histories of the area's residents. Each interview is done in person, recorded and then transcribed for ease of use. On this page, find interviews surrounding science and medicine. 




Pam Benton

April 22, 2009

Pam Benton discusses aspects of hospital organization and politics at Marquette General Hospital and how things have changed and modernized there over the years.

Adam Brish

October 16, 2009

Dr. Adam Brish discusses his medical career as a neurosurgeon beginning with medical training in Poland, then Isreal, and finally the United States. He lead the way for Marquette General Hospital's neurosurgery unit which was passed on to other surgeons after he retired in 1993.

L. Wallace (Wally) Bruce

June 22, 2009

L. Wallace (Wally) Bruce speaks about his role, in a financial capacity, on the board for Marquette General Hospital around the time of the merger of St. Luke's and St. Mary's. He also discusses his financial background and as a Marquette native, what brought him back to the area.

Mike Coyne

June 19, 2009

Mike Coyne discusses the trials and tribulations of starting a successful rehabilitation clinic in Marquette, Michigan in the '70s as well as how these aspects of hospital management were affected in wartime.

John Diddams

June 2, 2009

Dr. John Diddams discusses the development of health care in Marquette and it's role in the region, with special consideration to his area of study: ear, nose, and throat (otolaryngology).

Don Elzinga

September 11, 2009

Don Elzinga talks about the Crippled Children’s Clinic, orthopedics, medicine, and hospital care in Marquette, Michigan circa 1940-1960. Details include discussing Senator James Couzens, polio, iron lung, Rotary Club, St. Mary’s and St. Luke’s and Marquette General Hospitals, Bay Cliff, Dr. Eugene Elzinga, and descriptions of pictures of hospital and staff.   

David Engstrom

April 4, 2009

David Engstrom discusses St. Luke's and St. Mary's merger from the perspective of a board member at the time.

Carl Hammerstrom

September 10, 2009

Dr. Carl Hammerstrom discusses his medical history and the emergence and growth of the large medical community in Marquette.

Alma Hanson 

No Date Given 

Alma Hanson discusses blood-letting and similar at home medical techniques in the Cooper Country in the 1930s/40s. 

Allan Hunter

June 15, 2009

Allan Hunter give his family origins and talks about John Heidenreich M.D.’s practice in Daggett, Michigan. Other details include his Vietnam War military service, St. Luke’s Hospital, Marquette General Hospital’s Cardiology Program, and  the technological and scientific evolution of cardiology.   

Gary Koskiniemi

June 9, 2009

Gary Koskiniemi discusses his career in medicine and his experiences practicing in Marquette and Ishpeming, Michigan.

Jack Kublin

June 3, 2009

Dr. Jack Kublin discusses how he came to practice ophthalmology in Marquette, and some of the challenges he and others faced when St. Mary's and St. Luke's merged.

Jack Kublin

May 4, 2011

Dr. Jack Kublin discusses his career as an ophthalmologist, how he got started in the field, and some of the major advances that have been made and how these things relate to the Upper Peninsula community.

Warren Lambert No date Given Dr. Warren Lambert describes his time in the medical field in Marquette. It is discussed some of the changes that have been made to medicine over time as well as some of the things he would encounter as a doctor. 

John Lehtinen

May 29, 2009

Dr. John Lehtinen discusses how he became interested in medicine as a native of the Upper Peninsula and his career and community involvement that followed.

Eric Lincke

October 20, 2010

 Dr. Eric Lincke discusses medicine in Marquette. Topics include his background and schooling, how he decided to live in Marquette, his career in surgery, St. Luke's and St. Mary's hospitals, medicine in the U.P., and his work with clocks and watches after retirement.

Ed Litwin

October 1, 2009

Ed Litwin discusses how he came to live in the Upper Peninsula from the Detroit area and his career as a respiratory therapist. The St. Luke's and St. Mary's merger is also addressed.

Russell Magnaghi 

March 25, 2010

Russell Magnaghi’s March, 2010 interview focuses on his experiences with the famous Ishpeming born nuclear chemist, Dr. Glenn Seaborg. Magnaghi recalls visiting Seaborg and comments on his down to earth nature, and apparent enduring fondness for the Upper Peninsula. A significant portion of the interview also discusses how Northern Michigan University’s Archives came to possess many of Seaborg’s old photographs, and work related artifacts. Magnaghi also discusses the naming and construction of the Glenn T. Seaborg Science Center at Northern Michigan University.

Daniel Mazzuchi

January 29, 2003

Dr. Daniel Mazzuchi discusses his perspective on the evolution of the health care in the Upper Peninsula through the '60s, '70s, and '80s to its modern state. This interview is Part 1 in a series of three spaced three years apart.

Daniel Mazzuchi

February 6, 2006

Dr. Daniel Mazzuchi continues his discussion on the health care field in the Upper Peninsula with part 2. He speaks about the importance of having a small community when implementing a system that focuses on health care and education.

Daniel Mazzuchi

March 20, 2009

Dr. Daniel Mazzuchi finishes his discussion series about health care in the Upper Peninsula, the establishment of a specialty center, and its ties to local communities and the region.

Shirley McKasey October 9, 1998 Shirley McKasey discusses her life as an older Northern Michigan University student, her background as a Native American, and her career as a substance abuse counselor.

Thomas Mudge

June 16, 2009

Dr. Thomas Mudge discusses his life, career, and how he became interested in medicine. He offers his perspective as an Upper Peninsula native who moved to California and then came back in 1961. He speaks about the St. Mary / St. Luke merger and to some extent the role of religion in health care.

William Nemacheck

July 14, 2009

William Nemacheck discusses how his family came to live in the Upper Peninsula, his career in medicine in the Upper Peninsula, and his time as the CEO of Marquette General Hospital. He speaks about the challenges the area faced during the St. Mary's / St Luke's merger and how it has affected the area and the relationship with Northern Michigan University.

Margaret Olmstead

No Date Given 

In her interview with Thomas Katona, Margaret Olmstead sits down with her granddaughter and discusses her work history. Olmstead’s first jobs were babysitting, which she began at age 12. The majority of her career however Olmstead spent at as a nurse at ManorCare nursing home in the Chicago suburb Arlington Heights. After her 21 year career at ManorCare Olmstead retired and moved to Marquette, MI. A large part of her interview is also spent reminiscing about family matters with her granddaughter.

Wallace "Wally" Pearson

July 23, 2009

Dr. Wallace "Wally" Pearson discusses his experiences practicing medicine in Marquette during the time when both St. Mary's and St. Luke's were still in operation and then gives his perspective on the merger that took place.

James Richard

September 30, 2009

James Richard discusses the merger of St. Luke's and St. Mary's hospitals from an administrative standpoint and the challenges of developing an effective medical center in rural areas.

Charles Schwindt

September 21, 2009

Charles Schwindt discusses his education and career, what brought him to Marquette, and some of the challenges he and the medical community faced as it developed and became more established in the Upper Peninsula.

Submarine Research  July 25, 1986 In a Public Radio 90 radio spot, Captain Dan Schwartz of the Seward Johnson talks about the ongoing scientific submarine based research on the Great Lakes. Comments are also made by Dr. Bill Cooper of Michigan State University.  

Margaret Turner

March 20, 2009

Margaret Turner discusses what brought her to Marquette and her career in the medical field around the time of the St. Mary / St. Luke merger.

K. Charles Wright

March 19, 2009

K. Charles Wright discusses his education, career, and how he came to reside in Marquette, MI. He also speaks about the medical community in Marquette, the Upper Peninsula and the St. Luke's / St. Mary's merger.

Dedicated to capturing the stories and spirit of the region, one way the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal is recording the oral histories of the area's residents. Each interview is done in person, recorded and then transcribed for ease of use. On this page, find interviews discussing the Marquette Women's Center. 




Diane Betts

No Date Given 

Diane Betts discusses her personal experience with domestic violence; how she know about Women’s Center; Call from pastor; personal protection order; Michigan law; move to Marquette; Women’s Center Harbor House; the support she got; her parent’s visit; sharing her detailed experience with attorney; court date; meeting her husband at the court; advocacy supported services; team effort; Harbor House programs; being a positive model to other survivors; going to school at 43; how other people’s belief in her positively affected to her; the Sunshine Lady Foundation scholarship; judge’s approval of moving to Ohio; NMU women’s program’s reputation; history and impact of Marquette Women’s Center; important value of sustaining Women’s Center.

Priscilla Burnham

No Date Given 

Priscilla Burnham discusses her background; her law school experience; transcribing their own experience of being women at law school; her involvement with Women’s Center; the cycle of domestic violence; modeling jobs programs for women; how the board worked; different background of the Founding Mothers; community’s support; displaced homemaker program; the impact of the Women’s Center; volunteer lawyers; needs for the education about women’s issues;

Marian Carlton November 7, 2018

Marian Carlton was born in in 1937 and at a young age was moved to Marquette, Michigan as her father was selected for a job as the Bean of the Cathedral at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. She grew up in the polio epidemic and a time where mothers stayed at home, but when Marian became a mother she had to provide for her kids. She attend school and received her secondary education degree with a concentration in home economics. As a married wife and mother, she ran a laundromat with her husband and family. She then went back to school in order to ger her masters and further her working credentials. Then she worked as a social worker in nursing homes and hospitals.

James Collins

September 10, 2009

James Collins discusses the Rotary Club, their role in Marquette and abroad, and some of his experiences volunteering with them.

Jacqueline Dalt

No Date Given 

Jacqueline Dalt gives an overview of her experience as a client of the Marquette Women’s Center.  She came in contact with the Center as she began attended NMU in order to complete a degree program in Social Services.  She explains the importance of education, workshops, assertiveness training, and active listening.  She briefly discusses her twenty-eight career with the Department of Social Services, her involvement on the Pathways Board, and the infancy of the Spouse Abuse program.

Rosa Dittims

No Date Given 

Rosa Dittims discusses about her personal background; taking CPA class at Northern; what drew her to the Women’s Center; personal connection from her work to the mission and what the Women's Center are doing; the role she’s currently playing in there; financial challenges; their endeavors to deal with cut grants by grant writing; the philosophy of the board; their current priority; difficulties to make younger people interested in women's issues; their network principles to connect staffs with board.

Pryse Duerfeldt

January 27, 2010

Pryse Duerfeldt discusses his experiences with Rotary Club both in the Upper Peninsula and on the West coast.

June Easton

No Date Given 

June Easton discusses her background as a limited licensed psychologist; the consciousness raising groups; paraprofessional program; assertiveness training; her actual involvement as a counselor; how people notice and participate in those programs; to create the sense of community with the paraprofessionals through ongoing training; where does her source of teaching others come from; promoting and marketing programs such as radio interview, local paper articles; strength weld activity; the positive impacts of workshops and counseling to women; resistance and support from others; displaced homemaker program; the changes that have taken place in women’s lives; an ongoing issue related to women.

Norma Greenwood

May 6, 2014


Norma Greenwood discusses her personal background; death of her husband in young age; Women's Center's programs to help building her self-esteem; assertiveness training and other workshops; remarriage; graduation from Northern; instructor's suggestion to take off her women's center career from her resume; 25-year-working experience in CPA firm; her family member's lifestyle and features; daughter's effect to make her husband a voluntary feminist; story of first women working in mines; North Country, a film whose main theme is women’s movement; financial challenges of Women's Center; her hope for the Women's Center's future.

Holly Greer

January 14, 1981

Holly Greer discusses her role in founding the Women's Center. Also discussed are her teaching career and her time as mayor of Marquette.

Holly Greer

No Date Given 

Marquette Women’s Center Founding Mother Holly Greer describes the formation of the Women’s center as well as her experience as an early Director.  She discusses the importance and role of the Center’s training programs and education.  She describes the changes undergone following the Women’s Center leaving the campus of Northern Michigan University.

Gail Griffith

No Date Given 

Gail Griffith discusses her life, career, and involvement in the Marquette Women’s Center. Gail moved to Marquette after earning a PhD in Chemistry from Michigan State University in the early 1960’s. She worked as an adjunct professor at NMU for a number of years before becoming a tenured professor and ultimately retiring in 1989. As an advocate for women’s equality, Gail was a founding mother of the Women’s Center of Marquette and remained on its board through its departure from university affiliation.  Among her roles at the Women’s Center, Gail served as the first interim director.

Caroline Gutzman November 7, 2018

Ms. Caroline Gutzman recounts growing up in Marquette Michigan, Going to Peirce School, marrying and moving to rural Marquette County near Green Garden. She narrates her eighteen years working in the grocery business. She explains her jobs in the stores and how technology changed the business.

Ms. Gutzman, her husband David, and three daughters also worked the land to supplement their income. She recalls potato farming, raising turkeys, bailing hay, Christmas tree farming, and other farm necessities. She was and remains active in the local Baptist Church and explains her volunteer work and community outreach.

Carol Huntoon March 21, 1989 Former Recreation Director for the Marquette Job Corps, Carol Huntoon gives detail of the program that took place on NMU's campus for 3 years in the 1960s. She talks about the programs offered, the goals of the program, and gives her opinion on the successes that it had. 

Jean Louise Jakkola

November 18, 1987

Jean Louise Jakkola discusses her life at Holy Family Home Orphanage in Marquette, MI. She recollects her day-to-day experiences, the nuns, making friends, and how it has affected her life since.

Sue Kensington

No Date Given 

Women's Center Director during 90s, talks about development of Center, programs. Discusses career with UPS, return to Marquette, and involvement with Women's Center.

Heidi Kurz  February 2, 1989 A social work student at NMU, Heidi Kurz discusses her role at the Harbor House and Parent Aid as well as her general views on social work and services in Marquette. 
Raymond Henry Lakenen November 23, 1987 Raymond discusses the time in his childhood where he grew up at the Holy Family Orphanage and gave insight into his experiences while living there. 

Mary Pat Linck

No Date Given 

Mary Pat Linck discusses about her personal background; being a single mother; moving the Marquette; the Detroit Women’s coalition; first meeting with women from the Women’s Center; the consciousness raising group; sharing their story at high school; goal setting workshops; outreach and education to other communities; Marquette Food Co-op; young women’s roles; food issues; women’s movement.

Phyllis Loonsfoot

No Date Given 

Phyllis Loonsfoot discusses history of the Women's Center of Marquette and her role as director; Women's Center funding; social and legal issues attached to domestic violence; feminism and its connotations; recruiting young women for the cause.

Sally May

No Date Given 

Sally May discussed the process of establishing Women's Center in Marquette; how she decided to participate in all the processes; consciousness raising groups as a origin; the start of Women's Center as a volunteer organization at NMU campus; their various endeavors to raise funds; their own programs and some model program examples run by other Women's Centers; endeavors to transform Women's Center to a community-based organization; financial supports gotten by holding weekly bingo games; The spouse abuse shelter; their other movements to increase awareness about women's issues; current gender issues that women still suffer from; ‘How to Say No’ program for young people; some challenges and difficulties caused by change of funding structure; Equal Rights Amendment; Actual results that Women’s Center has achieved.

Sally May

July 6, 2010

Sally May discusses the life of Dorothy Lewis. Topics include Dorothy's early life and service in World War Two, her time spent living in Japan, her family, her work in Marquette on the Commission on Aging and with the Women's Center, her donation to the DeVos Art Museum, and her later life.

Carolyn McDonald

March 10, 2014

Carolyn McDonald discusses her works to protect women’s right; the origin of Women’s Center; the struggle against wearing mini-skirts as a waitress at Northland Hotel; what led her to consciousness-raising groups; a film project to argue women’s educational rights; a cleaner woman’s story; her involvement in the women’s center; vision for the women’s center; a gender issue she faced at Washington D.C.; supports from her family; passing petitions to allow pregnancy termination; personal talents and trainings for managing women’s center

Patricia Micklow

No Date Given 

Patricia Micklow discussed her childhood memories and background before she came to Marquette; consciousness-raising group; how they involve women outside the Marquette through word of mouth; a march with feminine sign; using political info got by standard-bearer Jenny; how she was interested in education through heroin issue; State board of education experience; her passion to protect feminism through literature and law degree; people's response when she decided to go to law school; death of her first husband; necessity of shelters for women who suffer from domestic violence; the first legal article that was published in United States on domestic violence; how Women's Center have tried to empower women; some men who help women's movements; domestic violence prevention and treatment board; shelters’ services; pilot programs for training judges with Maryland; resistance they faced with; conflicts about bringing strippers at annual bar banquet; difficulties as a women judge who works for women's organization; her endeavors to protect civil side as a judge; sexual assault between people who know each other; progress process of Women's Center with new board; Marquette community's help; her vision to develop center by drawing young dynamic board members.

Martha Parks

No Date Given 

Martha Parks describes becoming involved in the Women’s Center Displaced Homemaker program, her career as a Counselor, director, and social services technical assistant through various local agencies.  Various programs and agencies, training programs and employment programs and their connection to the Women’s Center are discussed.  How the Displaced Homemaker Program left the Intermediate School District and became a Women’s Center program.  Women in Work Department, Department of Social Services, Displaced Homemaker Program, Call to Action Conference, CETA program.  In closing mentions stigma regarding single-parent households.

Kathy Peters

No Date Given 

Kathy Peters describes coming to Marquette in 1963 and her later involvement with the Women’s Center’s Displaced Homemakers Program at Northern Michigan University.  She describes her roles in youth outreach and education, and the importance of Assertiveness Training.

Karlyn Rapport

No Date Given 

Karlyn Rapport discusses her background as a speech language pathologist; job shadowing and developing rehabilitation program; consciousness raising groups; holding conference on Women’s issues; her effort to help survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault; American Association University Women's support; connection with Women's Center; bingo game as a revenue source; the march for women's right; her view about the vision and mission of the Women’s Center; advocating legislation to protect vulnerable minority; constant connection with Northern; broad community support; law enforcement training; Women’s Center’s new building

Fred Rydholm No Date Given Fred Rydholm discusses his mother's involvement in Brook Ridge nursing home adn other early Marquette relationships she had. Fred describes how Brooke Ridge has changed over the years and how some early investments by Peter White kept Brooke Ridge around. For the second half of the tape Fred talks about the Air Force base and seeing and hearing the planes outside of his house. He discusses some of the missions he was involved in and provides some insight to how things were run on the base. He also mentions a tornado that occurred shortly before the interview was conducted. 

Peggy Schwemin

No Date Given 

Peggy Schwemin discusses her background; first contact with Women’s Center; starting volunteer work; works as a board; major shift in philosophy; coffee shop management; the uniqueness of the community; sports and women; media’s negative image of women; her ideas and visions for new generation; fundraising ways; PakRatz program.

Mary Selden March 27, 2010  L'Anse resident and ISD social worker shares her life story and the impact that she and Dorothy Lewis had on school psychology and social work in the area. 
Nick Smaby  November 22, 2009  President of the Rotary Club from 1999-2000, Nick Smaby discusses his duties, the accomplishments and mission of the club, medical programs, exchange programs, 

Mary Soper

No Date Given 

Mary Soper discusses her role in the women's rights movement both in Marquette and abroad, as well as specific issues and her opinions on them.

Rosanne Taylor November 15, 1987 Rosanne Taylor discuses the year she spent at the Marquette Holy Family Home Orphanage. Rosanne describes mostly the daily routine and chores she had to do during her stay as well as what the kids did for fun. She also mentions camp that she attended one week during the summer and some of the responsibilities she had with some of the younger kids.

Gary Walker

No Date Given 

Gary Walker, former Marquette County Prosecutor describes how the Prosecutor’s Office worked alongside with the Marquette Women’s Shelter-Harbor House.  He discusses his career as County Prosecutor, with a focus on how the Prosecutor’s Office assisted victims of domestic violence and modified how the office prosecuted these offenses.

Matt Weise

No Date Given 

Matt Weise discusses his role as the Marquette prosecuting attorney with relations to the Women's Center of Marquette; applying for grants; working with the Women's Center directors; Women's Center victim services; domestic violence and sexual assault legislation; and The Blueprint for Safety.

Dedicated to capturing the stories and spirit of the region, one way the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies achieves this goal is recording the oral histories of the area's residents. Each interview is done in person, recorded and then transcribed for ease of use. On this page, find interviews surrounding politics and government.


Name Date Summary
Greg Banks  No Date Given  Greg Banks, a member of the Green Party, describes some of the viewpoints of the Green Party. He also discusses the 10 Key Green Values that the party holds as well as some of its goals for the future
Bart Stupak October 7, 2017 Representative Bart Stupak tells about his time as a representative to congress, and also tells of his time in the Michigan State Police and growing up in the Upper Peninsula.
James Collins and John Marshall January 15, 1997 Judge James Collins and John Marshall discusses the Lake Superior Jobs Coalition in Marquette, Michigan in regard to county development and K.I Sawyer. They delve into the relationship between the county government and business advocacy groups. 
Jim Jamieson October 27, 1995 Jim describes his time serving in the Vietnam war, along with some of the struggles that he faced when he returned home. 
Gary Lark  February 1, 1987 Escanaba Public Safety Officer Gary Lark talks about the purposes and jobs of the department. 
Robert Pernaski  February 13, 2006  Lieutenant of the Negaunee Post of the Michigan State Police Robert Pernaski talks about crime spikes on the KI Sawyer Base and across the UP between 2003 and 2005.