Referral forms

The Writing Center referral form helps instructors, students, and tutors collaborate more effectively. If you want a student to focus on improving a specific area of writing, you can mark that area on the referral form. Then, simply have the student bring the form with them to the Writing Center and show it to the tutor on duty. The tutor will then focus the session on the area(s) you requested. 

The referral form is available here. If you have any questions regarding referrals, please contact the Writing Center Director, Z.Z. Lehmberg, at or the graduate assistant at

Tutoring reports

Each time a student visits the Writing Center and lists you as their instructor, you will receive an attendance report that includes the student's name and the date and time of their tutoring session. This way, you will know how long your student spent working with us and when they did so.

The Writing Center also stores a more comprehensive report for our own records that includes information on the student's level of engagement and behavior during the session, what areas of writing they worked on, and any helpful resources the tutor shared with them. We typically limit access to these parts of the report to the tutor, Director, and Assistant Director to add a level of confidentiality that helps students feel more comfortable working with us. However, we will share these parts of the report with you upon request if you have questions about a tutoring session. Questions that have come up occasionally in the past include:

  • My student says they went to the Writing Center, but I didn't receive an attendance report. Can you find it?
  • My student says they went to the Writing Center, but their paper doesn't seem to have improved. What did they work on? 
  • My student says their interaction with the tutor was not a positive one. What happened during the session? 

Our goal to provide both students and instructors with a positive experience and the resources they need. If you have these or any other questions about a student's tutoring session, please contact the Assistant Director at or Director Z.Z. Lehmberg at