The Writing Center staff consists of NMU students who are all skilled writers. Many of our tutors are English, English Education, or Writing majors, but we also employ tutors studying other subjects, such as Accounting, Fisheries & Wildlife, Chemistry, and more. Their diverse educational backgrounds help us offer well-rounded tutoring services to NMU's students, faculty, and staff, because their expertise in different types of essays, formatting, and grammar complement each other. To provide the best possible Writing Center experience, all of our tutors take a class to learn how to effectively meet visitors where they're at, offer constructive feedback and useful writing tools, and create a professional, comfortable peer review setting. 

Get to know us!

Z. Z. Lehmberg, Director

Z. Z. Lehmberg came to NMU from China as a student in 1982. She earned a B.A. and M.A. from NMU and then a Ph.D. from Wayne State University in composition and applied linguistics. Dr. Lehmberg has been a full-time faculty at NMU since 2002. She teaches both English and Chinese courses, such as EN109, EN311Z, EN417/517, and CHN101 and CHN102. In her spare time, she plays racket sports, such as tennis, pickleball, and ping pong.

Dr. Lehmberg would like you to know that the Writing Center is a good place to find the first readers for your writing – tutors give constructive feedback and help you improve your writing skills. She says that she visited the Writing Center often when she was an undergraduate student. Then she worked as a tutor in a writing center when she was a graduate student, and she is now the Director of NMU’s Writing Center.


Rebecca Matteson, Assistant Director

Rebecca Matteson is an MFA candidate in NMU’s writing program and the current Assistant Director of the Writing Center. She received her undergraduate degree in English and Environmental Studies from Wellesley College. She has also spent some time working on an educational, historic Hudson River sailboat called Clearwater. Her short stories have been published in The Molotov Cocktail and Milk Candy Review. Her hobbies are playing tabletop games, baking bread, and crocheting needlessly complex blankets.

You can email her at