In order to utilize NMU’s online tutoring, you need to use a Google Mail account (Gmail). Through Gmail, you can access Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google+: all of these services enable you to quickly create an account, upload your paper, schedule an appointment, and engage in a real-time voice-chat tutorial with an NMU Writing Center tutor. We strongly recommend that you set up your Gmail and Google+ account at least 24 hours in advance before scheduling an appointment. You will need a microphone to participate in a voice-chat tutorial. (Note: Thinkpads from the university have microphones built in to the mobile device.)

​Gmail Account

A Gmail account is necessary to use Google Drive and Google Calenda. Follow these simple instructions to set up your account.

​Google Calendar

You’ll need Google Calendar to create an appointment for an online tutorial. To create a calendar, simply click on the Calendar link and fill out the necessary information. After, you can make an appointment with English Smith, the alias of the Writing Center tutors.

To make an appointment, follow this link and find an available time.

If you have any difficulties or questions, follow this link for help.

Google Drive

To set up Google Drive, click on the Documents link on the Google toolbar. Once you are in Google Drive, upload your Word Document and share it with the NMU Writing Center (use this email address: Once you’ve shared your information with us, we can view it in your tutorial. 

If you have any difficulties or questions, follow on this link:

​Google Hangouts

Google hangouts is a chat feature available to all Gmail users that allows students to engage with NMU tutors. Basically, this means that tutors and students can interact via voice-chat, as well as access Google Drive right in the chat window. When a student isn’t on campus, online tutoring is the closest thing to visiting the Writing Center.