Alec R. Lindsay


Contact Information:

2113 Weston Hall
Phone (906) 227-1834

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Ph.D. University of Michigan 2002
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

B.S. University of Wisconsin 1994
Zoology and Classical Humanities

Research Interests:

Dr. Lindsay’s research interests are broadly focused on studies of evolution, animal behavior and conservation, incorporating data gathered from molecular genetic methods and detailed field studies. He is interested in evolutionary theory and its application to animal behavior, molecular evolution and conservation. Dr. Lindsay’s research work has predominantly focused on studies of genetics and behavior of Holarctic birds, but students and collaborators work on varied taxa like deer, ticks, black flies and parasites.


Dr. Lindsay teaches introductory courses (Intro to Biology - Principles), mid-level courses for majors (Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology, Conservation Biology) and non-majors (Ecology of the Northern Forest), advanced courses for majors (Evolution, Genetics, Ornithology) and graduate students (Systematics, Conservation Genetics, Graduate Seminar). He also regularly mentors students in courses of individualized content (Field Experience, Lab Experience, Directed Studies, Research) and leads students on an intensive course in Africa (Field Studies of Zambia).

Selected Publications:

  • Larison, Brenda, Alec R. Lindsay, Christen Bossu, Michael D. Sorenson, Joseph D. Kaplan, David C. Evers, James Paruk, Jeffrey M. DaCosta, Thomas B. Smith, and Kristen Ruegg. (2021) Leveraging genomics to understand threats to migratory birds. Evolutionary Applications 14, no. 6: 1646-1658.
  • Gayk, Zach*, Diana Le Duc, Jeffrey Horn, Alec Lindsay. (2018) Genomic Insights into Natural Selection in the Common Loon (Gavia immer): Evidence for Aquatic Adaptation. BMC Evolutionary Biology 18, no. 1 64.
  • Neri, Christopher M., Nova MacKentley, Zach A. Dykema*, Emily M. Bertucci*, Alec R. Lindsay, (2018) Different Audiolures Lead to Different Sex-biases in Capture of Northern Saw-whet Owls (Aegolius acadicus). Journal of Raptor Research. 52(2): 245-249
  • Cerchio, Salvatore, Boris Andrianantenaina, Alec R. Lindsay, Melinda Rekdahl, Norbert Andrianarivelo, Tahina Rasoloarijao. 2015. Omura’s whales (Balaenoptera omurai) off northwest Madagascar: ecology, behaviour and conservation needs. Royal Society Open Science, 2, DOI: 10.1098/rsos.150301.
  • Debiak, Abigail L.*, Damon L. McCormick, Joseph D. Kaplan, Keren B. Tischler and Alec R. Lindsay. 2014. A molecular genetic assessment of sex ratios from breeding, migratory and overwintering common loons. Waterbirds 37: 6-15
  • Lindsay, Alec R. and C. Skye Haas*. 2013. DNA from feces and museum specimens confirms a first state record bird. University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, Occasional Papers Series. 742: 1-10
  • Weinandt, Meggin L.*, Michael Meyer, Mac Strand, Alec R. Lindsay. 2012. Cues used by the blackfly, Simulium annulus, for attraction to the common loon (Gavia immer). Journal of Vector Ecology. 37(2): 359-364
  • Gayk, Zachary* and Alec R. Lindsay. 2012. Winter Microhabitat Foraging Preferences of Sympatric Boreal and Black-capped chickadees in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Wilson Bulletin. 124 (4): 820-824

* denotes student author

Alec Lindsay