Department of Biology Jobs

The table below lists student-held positions in the Department of Biology along with contact information for those who supervise these positions.  If you are interested in one of these positions you are encouraged to contact the appropriate supervisor to inquire about the duties of the position and its availability.  Each of these positions demands a high degree of professionalism and personal accountability as each plays a critical role in supporting the mission of the Department of Biology.

Position Contact
Student secretarial assistant - no current openings Ms. Janece Hanycz
Biology stockroom assistant Ms. Jingfang Niu
Aquatics laboratory assistant - no current openings Dr. Jill Leonard
Museum curatorial assistant Dr. Kurt Galbreath
Greenhouse assistant Dr. Donna Maki
Building monitor Mr. James VanOrman

Additional Job Resources

NMU BioJobs listserve:  Sign up to receive email announcements for research jobs, internships, graduate school positions, and other biology-related opportunities. Go to to subscribe and/or view the archive of recently posted announcements. You can subscribe to this listserve with any email address you find convenient.

NMU Career Services: This site offers access to various job boards and resume services, as well as postings for on and off-campus employment opportunities.

Texas A&M Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Job Board: This is an excellent resource for those interested in gaining experience in field biology, but postings cover a broad range of topics.

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