Northern Michigan University Student Trips to Off-Campus Locations: Clery Annual Security Report Form

Please complete and submit a separate form for each Clery reportable trip within 30 days following the trip.
Lodging Address:
Name and address of the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the lodging:
Is this a "Short-stay away trip" ?

Short-stay “away” trips
(Clery Handbook)

If your institution sponsors short-stay “away” trips of more than one night for its students, all locations used by students during the trip, controlled by the institution during the trip and used to support educational purposes should be treated as non-campus property. An example is a three-week marine biology study trip to Florida. Any classroom or housing space specified in the agreement between the institution and a third-party providing the space would be non-campus property. If your institution has entered into a written agreement with a third-party contractor to arrange housing and/or classroom space for a school-sponsored trip or study program (either domestic or foreign), it is assumed that the contractor is operating on behalf of the school as the school’s agent, putting the institution in control of this space. However, if your institution (or a contracted third party) does not have an agreement for the space used, your institution is not in control of the space and you are not required to count it. For example, there are some situations, such as sports tournaments, for which the host institution makes all of the housing arrangements for visiting students. In these situations, the visiting institutions do not have a written agreement for the use of space and are not required to disclose crime statistics for the housing in which their students are located.

Short-stay away trip (two or more nights away):

Was there a written agreement between Northern Michigan University and a third party provider for any classroom or additional lodging space?
Location Address
Name and address of the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the location: