Physical Campus

Northern Michigan University's physical campus has more than 200 instructional rooms, each having a WiFi signal strong enough to accommodate not only the instructor but every student. Most are fitted with technology for projecting images and sound from a mobile device. This allows virtually every room to be a computer lab, reducing the need for scheduling time in a designated location.

Classrooms are a mix of tiered linear tables, desks, and laboratories. Specialized facilities are available for designated programs and described in departmental websites. Instructional Media Services is responsible for servicing classrooms.

Academic Mall

The academic mall at NMU consists of the Learning Resources Center and Olson Library, Jamrich Hall, the Seaborg Science Complex and the Hedgcock Student Service Center, which houses the Reynolds Recital Hall. The arts plaza includes Forest Roberts Theatre, Thomas Fine Arts, McClintock, and the Art and Design Building that includes the DeVos Art Museum. The other main academic facilities are Whitman Hall, Gries Hall, the Physical Education Instructional Facility (PEIF), Cohodas Hall, and the Jacobetti Complex. 


Campus parking is designated for faculty/staff, commuter student, resident student and open parking.

A parking sticker/tag must be displayed in vehicles that are registered with Public Safety

Mobile Device

Every member of the faculty and staff receives a mobile device, replaced every two years. Commonly used software, called the "computer image," is installed on the mobile device upon receipt. Additional instructional software is available for separate faculty and student installation.

Additional information on the TLC Program, available software, and repair policies on the Academic Computing Services website.