Northern Michigan University requires all motor vehicles to be registered for use on the NMU campus. 

You can register your vehicle (including motorcycles and mopeds) online at:

You can register your bicycle free online at: 

Visitors coming to campus: Visitors to campus can obtain temporary permits free of charge through the Parking Portal by creating a guest account at:

Citations: All Parking citations must be paid in full within ten days at the Parking Services office located in the Services Building on Sugarloaf Avenue. After ten days, all fines will be transferred to the Student Service Center and assessed to your NMU account. Certain holds may apply. 

Parking citation appeals can be made through your NMU Parking Portal within ten days at:

If you are a visitor to campus and received a citation please contact Parking Services at (906) 227-1476 or by email to

REGISTRATION FEES (effective 7/1/23)

Permit Type




Commuter, Resident, University Apartments

$150 $100 $50



Faculty/Staff-Purchasing Student Pass









30 Day $35    
Transfer $5    
Replacement $30    

Adjunct Faculty/Graduate Assistants receive one parking pass at no charge. Any additional permits are half price.

Military Veterans receive 15% off the permit charge. This must be approved by the NMU Veteran Services / ASNMU office. 

NMU Retirees receive one free benefit permit. 

Temporary, Alternate, Handicap and Other Registrations

  • Five daily temporary permits can be issued to students, faculty/staff and visitors at no charge each semester. These permits are available through the Parking Portal:
  • Individuals requiring Handicap parking should contact the Disability Services Office to request a temporary Handicapped Parking Permit.  These permits are only valid on campus.  Handicap permits issued by a state are valid on campus.   
  • Individuals requiring special arrangements for vehicle registration may contact the Police Department Parking Services by phone at (906)227-1476 or by email at: 
  • Arrangements to store trailers on campus can be made by visiting the Police Department or calling (906) 227-2151.


  • Changes in license plate number and/or address must be updated online or reported to the Police Department Parking Services Office immediately.

Outdated Decals

  • Must be removed from the vehicle.

Transferring Permits

  • You may transfer your permit from one vehicle to another anytime through the parking portal.

Vehicle Ownership

  • Whenever there is a change of motor vehicle ownership, the registration permit must be removed and the remnants brought to the Police Department Parking Services Office. 

Damaged Permits

  • If for any reason a permit becomes damaged, the remnants of the damaged permit MUST be returned and a replacement permit must be obtained immediately from the Police Department Parking Services Office.

Registration Fee Refund

  • Students graduating at the end of the fall semester can be reimbursed one half of the amount paid during the fall semester for parking permit registration. Forms must be filed with the Police Department within 30 days from the last day of classes for a refund. All other registration fees are non-refundable.