Keys for NMU Facilities

To provide security for all Northern Michigan University facilities, both those owned and controlled by the university, Northern has a key control policy. The critical elements of this policy are:

  • That individual can get keys or electronic after-hours access to NMU facilities for work and/or research purposes, if approved by the proper authorities. 
  • The authorization process includes: department heads for individual offices, labs and classrooms within their department; deans and directors for access to exterior building doors within their divisions; and President’s Council members may approve the issuance of keys within the system for their respective division.  Once these approvals are met, the request goes through the key approval process at the next level, determined by what kind of access is being sought.
  • Residence hall and university housing keys for students are not covered by this policy but are controlled by the associate provost-Student Affairs and the director of Housing and Residence Life. Residence hall and university keys and cards for employee purposes are covered by the policy.
  • NMU reserves the right to recall, inspect or inventory all issued keys or bar-coded entry cards at any time.

The full key control policy includes details on the approval process beyond dean, department head or director, if any; how to return keys; what to do in the event of lost, stolen or broken keys; how to request building or key access for students and part-time employees; disciplinary action for unauthorized possession, transfer, loaning or duplication of keys and bar-code cards; and residence hall and university housing keys.