Click to access the new link to our eBinder on MSDSonline. There is now just one link for both the eBinder of MSDS' on campus and searching for new MSDS.

You will need to know NMU's ID and Password to sign in. This information has been sent to you but may also be obtained by contacting Kim Hegmegee, , ext. 1415; or Mike Bath,, ext. 2757. 

To obtain:

Searching for a product: 

Under the Simple Search, you may type in the Product name with or without a manufacturer name and click Search. You may also click on the "Products" tab to see all the products currently on campus. You may either search alphabetically by clicking the letter that the product name begins with or type in the product name (choose either full text, contains a math or starts with). You can also choose if you want to put in the manufacturer or not. Then click "Search" to the right. To look at the actual MSDS click the icon all the way to the left of the product in the "view" column.

To search for an MSDS not in the NMU eBinder: 

  • Use the second search box which is "Search MSDS Online"
  • This gives you the option to end a Product Identifier or Manufacturer Identifier
  • If you find a product you wish to add, click the box to the left of the product
  • Scroll to the top and click the button "Add to eBinder"
  • A message will appear that Public Safety will be notified of the MSDS selected
  • You are not required to select a location or reason
  • Once the request is saved, it will return to the previous search with a message at the top of the screen indicating the MSDS was successfully added

If you are searching for a product in a specific department:

  1. 1. Click on the "Locations" tab. Here it gives you a list of all the products by department (called "Facilities" here). The facilities have also been broken down by room.


  • There are several pages for each search you do, so make sure that you look at every page if you aren't finding what you're looking for
  • Every product is listed in alphabetical order. Some products have other information (such as numbers) in front of them that make them hard to find, so if you can't find a product, try changing the options of full text, contains a match or starts with.

Any questions, please contact Mike Bath at 227-2152 or Kim Hegmegee at 227-1415.