Incident Reporting

Northern Michigan University’s official “University Incident Reporting Policy for Accidents/Injuries/Illnesses” requires NMU campus residents and employees, as well as visitors, to inform their supervisors, persons of authority or NMU Public Safety whenever an incident takes place that requires more than self-administered first aid. These include accidents, on-the-job and on-campus injuries and serious illnesses.

A university incident report must be prepared by the supervisor, the Police Department or other persons of authority within 24 hours of the incident.

Read the full policy.

Report an Unsafe Condition or Near Miss

Unsafe Condition

The "Unsafe Condition/Near Miss Reporting Program" is a proactive way to help reduce future incidents, accidents or injuries. If you see something you think may be unsafe on the NMU campus or remote campus locations, please take time to fill out this report. Please do not wait for someone else to report a hazard. The NMU Safety Department would like to hear your concerns. If you come across a hazardous condition in your work area or around campus please let us know so we can help make campus a safer place for everyone. 

These incident are about fact finding, not fault finding. The objective is not to blame but to help keep us all safe at work. 

An Unsafe Act is any act that deviates from a generally recognized safe way or specified method of doing a job and which increases the probabilities for an accident. Examples of unsafe acts include choosing short cuts, using defective equipment, and lack of attention or lack of use of Personal Protective Equipment. 

An Unsafe Condition is an unsatisfactory physical condition existing in a workplace environment. It is a condition where something exists that varies from a normal accepted safe condition and can result in injury, death, or property damage, if not corrected properly. 

Unsafe Equipment includes any type of equipment, permanent or portable, electrical wiring or device, flammable liquid containers or other equipment or machinery on the premise or within the structure which is in such despair or condition that it is found to be a hazard to life, health, property or safety of the public or occupants of the premise or structure. 

Near Miss

A near miss is defined as an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or damage, but had the potential to do so. Only a fortunate break in the chain of events prevented an injury, fatality, or damage from occurring. 

We strongly encourage you to include your name and contact information. This information will allow for us to follow up in case there are additional questions regarding the condition you are reporting. Your concerns are important to us. While optional, if you provide us your name ane contact information, we'll let you know how we've addressed your concern. 

Filling out the Unsafe Condition & Near Miss Reporting form: 

  • Report unsafe conditions and hazards promptly! Submit the form as soon as possible by emailing it to
  • Complete all parts of the form clearly and completely. Be specific as to the location and the issue(s). The Safety Department will conduct an investigation of the site. 
  • If you have any questions while completing this form, call 227-1415. 

Do not use this form to report an emergency or an immediate life threatening hazard. For immediate emergencies call 911. 

Do not use this form to report unsafe ice/snow conditions on walkways/parking lots. Contact Facilities Services directly at 227-2292.