The University Safety Committee will serve as the central clearinghouse for all issues related to safety. The University Safety Committee, through the chair, will act as an advisory group to the Northern Michigan University administration, for apprising its members of potentially unsafe procedures, practices or conditions, violations; and developing and implementing recommendations for controlling or correcting them. The committee will meet on a regular basis to review compliance with current rules, codes and regulations, and to discuss accident prevention methods, safety education and training. The committee will also discuss, evaluate and implement recommendations on various safety related issues brought to the attention of committee members. Committee members have the responsibility to identify an alternate to attend meetings in his/her absence. Alternates will be sent monthly meeting minutes and will have voting rights.

University Safety Committee Members 2023-2024

Michael Bath, Chair

Chief of Police/Director of Police Services

Aaron Karlstrom

Associate Director of Plant Operations

Bethany Bergh

Associate Professor, School of Education

Cat Hardenbergh

Director - Housing and Residence Life

Paul Schoonveld

Director of Dining Services

Julie Rochester

Professor, Health and Human Performance

Renee Sheen

Associate Director, Human Resources

Lee Gould

Fire Marshall, Safety Department

Aaron Stoudt

Preventative Maintenance Technician, Plant Operations

Donald Sibilsky

Trades Specialist, Plant Operations

Thomas Helgren

Director of Auxiliary Services

Kim Hegmegee

Occupational/Environmental Specialist, Safety Department

Kathy Richards

Associate Vice President, Engineering and Planning

Tyler Thompson

Principal Administrative Assistant

Matt Franti

Director, Budget and FInance

Joseph Ombrello

Manager, Purchasing

Andrew Zerbel

Manager, Risk and Insurance

Michael Andary

Professor, Technology and Occupational Sciences