Workplace Violence

Northern Michigan University does not tolerate violence, intimidation or inappropriate aggression.

It is the policy of NMU that all acts of violence by employees, students or visitors will be taken seriously and will be dealt with appropriately. All violent acts or threats of violence should be reported. A single incident is sufficient grounds for investigation, and may result in disciplinary action including termination, and/or arrest and prosecution.

Workplace violence is defined as any physical assault, with or without weapons; behavior that a reasonable person would interpret as violent (e.g., throwing items, pounding on objects, or destroying property); and specific threats to inflict physical harm or damage property.

NMU Police Department is charged with investigating allegations and incidents of workplace violence, intimidation and aggression.  The department also oversees prevention mechanisms and periodic training to make the campus community aware of these issues.

If you are being subjected to or witness violence, intimidation or inappropriate aggressive behavior and acts on the NMU campus, please contact the Police Department (906-227-2151) or 911 immediately.

Read the full NMU Workplace Violence policy.