Fourth of July in Marquette

University Ordinances

Fireworks are great on the Fourth of July, displayed over a shimmering lake or a dusty vacant field. But they’re not good in your residence hall room or on the Quad lawn at 4 a.m. In fact, bringing fireworks anywhere on the Northern Michigan University campus – even on the Fourth of July – is against university policy.

NMU has a large number of university ordinances that range from use of alcoholic beverages to planting trees, from conducting disruptive university affairs to housing wildlife, and from skateboarding to hanging posters.

The NMU Police Department does not expect you to memorize all university ordinances. However, the department strongly encourages students, faculty, staff, and visitors to quickly peruse the list of ordinance titles to see which ones pertain to them and would impact their activities and/or behavior.

Ordinances, like policies, are put in place to keep Northern Michigan University a peaceful and safe place to live, learn, work, visit and play. The NMU Police Department is diligent about enforcing them for that reason.