The Northern Michigan University Board of Control has determined that ordinances for the protection, benefit, government and control of persons and property within the boundaries of lands under the jurisdiction of the Board of Control are essential to secure the successful operation of the University, maintain good order, promote the designed objectives of the University, and obviate unnecessary and improper interferences with University activities and the lawful activities of those coming upon such lands.  The Board of Control, therefore, adopts the following ordinances.


The following ordinances, and any amendments thereto hereafter adopted by the Board of Control, shall be effective upon publication in a newspaper regularly circulated within Marquette County, Michigan.


The following ordinances are adopted by the Board of Control pursuant to and in accordance with the authority granted to it by Michigan Public Act No. 222 of 1970, and as amended; MCL 390.591.


An official copy of these ordinances, and all subsequent amendments thereto, shall be maintained available for public inspection in the office of the Secretary of the Board of Control, the office of the Dean of Students, and the Department of Public Safety and Police Services.


Any person who shall refuse or fail to conform to the ordinances herein adopted shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, may be fined and/or imprisoned in jail, as provided by law.


1.   The singular number, as used in these ordinances, includes the plural and the plural includes the singular.

2.   The term "person" as used in these ordinances includes, unless a contrary intention appears, individual persons, groups of individuals, public and private corporations, partnerships, and unincorporated or voluntary associations.

3.   The term "campus" as used in these ordinances means all property wheresoever situated, owned, or held by the Board of Control in its capacity as the governing board of Northern Michigan University.


01.00 Alcoholic Beverages: Possession or Use of
02.00 Buildings: Use Of
03.00 Camping
04.00 Dangerous Materials
05.00 Disorderly Conduct
06.00 Conduct Disruptive Of University Affairs
07.00 Improper Use Of Electronic Devices
08.00 Fire
09.00 Building Evacuation
10.00 Fireworks
11.00 Fraudulent Receipt Of Goods Or Services
12.00 Gate-Crashing
13.00 Identification
14.00 Noise
15.00 Animals
16.00 Plants, Trees and Shrubs
17.00 Posting
18.00 Property, Lost, Found, or Abandoned
19.00 Snowmobiles, Model Airplanes (Motorized), All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
20.00 Soliciting, Selling, And Publicizing
21.00 Use Of Tobacco Products
22.00 Weapons And Explosives
23.00 Wildlife
24.00 Skateboarding And Rollerblading Or Skating
25.00 Crimes Against Property
26.00 Crimes Against Persons
Motor Vehicle Ordinances