Brent Graves


Contact Information:

2007 Weston Hall
Phone 906-227-2218


BS Central Michigan University, 1981
MS University of Wyoming, 1983
PhD University of Wyoming, 1988

Research Interest:

I study the evolution of behavior. Most of the projects in my lab have concerned amphibians and reptiles. Recently, I have been considering sexual selection effects on life history evolution.


Evolution, Behavioral Ecology, Herpetology, Vertebrate Zoology, Conservation Biology

Selected Publications:

  • 2020  Graves, B.M. Administration of Graduate Studies at Public Master’s Institutions in the United States. Journal of Higher Education Management 35(3), 54-62.

  • 2018  Graves, B.M. and Kapla, D. Salary Compression among university faculty: a review and case study of remediation and prevention in a collective bargaining environment. Journal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy 10(article 3):1-18.

  • 2016  Rutherford, J.L, Casper, G.S. and Graves, B.M. Factors affecting predation on wood turtle (Glyptemys insculpta) nests in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Chelonian Conservation and Biology 15:181-186.

  • 2010  Graves, B.M. Ritualized combat as an indicator of intrasexual selection effects on male life history evolution. American Journal of Human Biology 22:45-49.

  • 2007  Graves, B.M. Sexual selection effects on the evolution of senescence. Evolutionary Ecology 21:663-668.

  • 2006  Graves, B.M., M. Strand, and A. Lindsay. A reassessment of sexual dimorphism in human senescence: theory, evidence, and causation. American Journal of Human Biology 18:161-168.

  • 2005  Gardner, E.A., and B.M. Graves. Responses of resident male Dendrobates pumilio to territory intruders. Journal of Herpetology 39:248-253.

  • 2005  Graves, B.M., K.A. Stanley, and E.A Gardner. Correlates of vocal display in a Costa Rican population of Strawberry Poison-dart Frogs, Dendrobates pumilio. Journal of Herpetology 39:101-107.

  • 2004  Nelson, G.L. and B.M. Graves. Anuran population monitoring: comparison of the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program�s calling index with mark-recapture estimates for Rana clamitans. Journal of Herpetology 38:14-18.

  • 2002 Placyk, J.S. and B.M. Graves. Prey detection by vomeronasal chemoreception in a plethodontid salamander. Journal of Chemical Ecology 28:1017-1036.

  • 2000 Graves, B.M. and V.S. Quinn. Temporal persistence of alarm pheromones in skin secretions of the salamander , Plethodon cinereus. Journal of Herpetology 34:287-291.

  • 1999 Graves, B.M. Diel activity patterns of the sympatric poison dart frogs, Dendrobates auratus and D. pumilio in Costa Rica. Journal of Herpetology 33:375-381.

  • 1999 Quinn, V.S. and  B.M. Graves. Space use in response to conspecifics by the red-backed salamander (Plethodon cinereus , Plethodontidae, Caudata). Ethology 105:993-1002.

Brent Graves portrait